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Ron Rivera To Take Carolina Panthers Job


Does Rob Ryan stay now? Are we happy about it?

My Hometown Powerhouse College: UMU Is Pretty Awesome


NTN posted something on his old HS a little bit back and I'm very proud of my hometown college, so I figured it was okay to post. I think it'd be a good idea to take a try on Shorts and see if he becomes the next Garcon.

DA Snaps In Post Game Interview

Here it is. Compliments of Simmsinns. A few things I noticed when I saw it though. 1. DA has a very deep voice, holy crap. 2. DA got caught and tried to become the victim. 3. The reporter really should've quit asking though. 4. That polo, ughh.

8 - Year - Old Jets Fan's Family Offered Whole Shebang From Browns & Jets


The fact that they declined these gifts makes this an even more fictional story than first thought...

Zastudil Is Gone.


Hope Hodges isn't a fluke.

Mangini Knows Character: Delhomme Is No Whinny Dilfer


Delhomme pretty much understands that McCoy is better for the team and won't push the issue. This is the mentor we wanted Dilfer to be. Too bad we didn't have Mangini then.

McCoy Is Cleveland's New Hero


Fans turning out to see center Alex Mack at the Kamm's Corner Panini's Monday night say Mangini is just being a coach on the outside, but on the inside? "I think he's committed," said Greg Michalowicz of Cuyahoga Falls. "I mean you come off and you beat New Orleans like you do, then you come back and beat New England the way you did with McCoy directing the offense the way he did with the amount of points we put up? You've got to keep him in, no doubt." Mack sung the praises of both running back Peyton Hillis and McCoy in Sunday's win. "Colt's done a great job. I mean just to be able to pick up so much of the offense so quickly and work so well with everyone," Mack said, citing McCoy's ability to think on his feet and change the snap count to keep the defense on its toes. "A lot of quarterbacks don't really like changing the count because it's one extra thing to think about. Colt has no problem trying something new or mixing it up or doing whatever needs to be done," Mack said.

Polamolu Thinks The NFL Is A Dictatorship


I personally do not see a problem with what's going on. Oh, and I most certainly do care more about touchdowns than seeing people receive concussions.

Harrison Appeals Fine, Retracts Absolutely Everything He Said A Few Days Ago


"I will continue to play the game with the same passion, intensity and focus with which I have always played and let the chips fall where they may," Harrison said. "I have never give up, quit or walked away from anything in my life and I am not about to start now." "I feel the real reason for the fine was the statement I made after the game wherein I said that I try to hurt people, not injure them," Harrison said in the statement. "In the same sentence, I attempted to clarify my meaning. But I understand that my comments leave a lot open to interpretation. The statement was not well-thought out and I did not adequately convey my meaning. I apologize for making that statement and I want it to be known that I have never and would never intentionally try to injure any player." This man is one of the dumbest individuals I have ever seen.

NFL Is Selling Photos Of The Hits They Just Fined


MoMass's version looks particularly disturbing. I am really at a loss for words for how hypocritical this is.


So, I Have a Jersey Problem...

Do I want to invest in a Hillis Jersey or a Ward Jersey?! And on top of that, do I want to create it with their actual names or throw Boss Ward or Juggernaut on the jersey? These are two up and...

Yahoo! Sports' MJD is Trying to Give T.J. Ward a Bad Name


I mean, I understand the whole view of it being dirty (I suppose) from the casual fan, but he is extremely biased and hyperbolic to one side. But then again, MJD has always been considered a terrible writer, even for Blog standards.


How About A Hardesty Vent Thread?

This all kind of blows, like hard. What is his full injury history? It's reported he torn his ACL last night. I mean I was afraid to use him a lot last night but seriously? Just through training...

Arizona Is Being Way Too Andermistic


I thought hindsight was always 20/20. Then again, DA's sight never seemed too good...

Holmgren Says You Have To Be Nicer and Now Less Tailgating Time


$5 parking increase for 3 fewer hours. I like that logic.

NFL Preseason Power Rankings (A Look Back Before The First P.S. Game)


Look back at preseason rankings before the Packers game. Look and laugh at the ignorance!

Wow, Bengals Are Idiots. And Old People Should Not Play Video Games


"The plaintiffs argue that EA never compensated thousands of retired players whose likenesses were used to fill the rosters for the game's historic teams. The suit alleges that EA "knowingly and intentionally" included the stats, positions, height and weights of retired players, but removed player names and uniform numbers to avoid paying anyone." Wtf? They do it so they can introduce historic players in a fun way. Also, so they can incorporate rookies into the Franchise mode without having to randomize stats each time. And who the hell gave him to right to sue for 6,000 players? This dude just clearly wants money.

Ward Signs Four Year Deal


Only rookie left is Haden.

And Jurevicious Opens the Floodgates


This is gonna end up like that time everyone and their mother tried to sue McDonalds...

Bills' Wang Is Gaining Ground In China...


This is much less about the actual body of the article but more about the sexual innuendo of the title. If this is too OT, I can remove it. But I thought it was hilarious.

Lesson: If You Want To Be Drafted By Mangini, Herd Cows.


That dude's a stud. And he looks awesome in Brownie Orange. Also, he's taken #12. I don't think Steptoe is on the roster anymore, to finally end that debate...


I'm 99% Sure SBN Is Virus Ridden.

In the last two months, two of my computers have been infected. The first was about two months ago on my tower pc, which ran IE. I assumed it could have been SBN since the PC wigged out on DBN. I...

D.A. Is A Cardinal


The Cardinals are having one of the worst offseasons known to post - merger football.

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