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Four good things about the 2013 Schedule


The 2013 schedule has been released. Here are 4 things I think are beneficial to the team we haven't really gotten the last few seasons. 1. Balance: At first glance it looks like the strength of schedule features a good balance of strong/weak teams. 2. Open at home. 3. Close at home. 4. Late bye. Thoughts?

Rob Ryan not DC for the Rams. Difference in "Philosophy"


"After extensive conversations regarding defensive philosophy, the Rams and Rob Ryan agreed he was not the right fit for the club's defensive coordinator position," COO/Executive VP of Football Operations Kevin Demoff told the team website. "The Rams will continue the interview process with the club’s other candidates." "No details were given, but Ryan does prefer a 3-4 scheme to the Rams' 4-3. That could have been the difference in philosophy, but it's odd the team didn't deny reports last week that Ryan had been hired, now calling them premature. It appears something changed in the last five days."

NFLDraftScout finally admits Short is a 1st rounder


In their latest mock, they finally catch up to some of us at BTB and mock Short to the Boys at 18! Seeing that brings a smile to my face.

Can't wait for us to start winning ball games


As per usual the media still has ridiculous things to say about our team. This, perhaps, is more ridiculous than usual. "2) Jerry Jones will clean house after the season. I picked the Cowboys to go 7-9. If that happens, Jones' skin will crawl and he will fire Jason Garrett, who has had issues with game management and play selection in his short tenure coaching in Dallas. Jones wrongly believes he has a Super Bowl team. I like Tony Romo, but he gets blamed for everything in Dallas. If the Cowboys miss the playoffs again, Jerry wrongly will jettison the quarterback." So, we're going 7-9, firing JG and Romo... Can't wait for us to be a playoff contender early.

Dontari Poe also struggling


Another pre-draft 'favorite' struggling. Can't beat out a practice squad guy?


When Should The Cowboys Draft Romo's Heir?

If I were to work for a football team, I'd be in the front office, a personnel man. I find ssacquiring and evaluating players to be the funnest part of being an armchair GM type of fan. So,...


How Long Should Romo's New Contract Be?

As you might have heard, last week it came out that Romo is technically under contract for only this year and next, yikes! Heres the quote in case you missed it Technically, Tony Romo is signed...

Claiborne injured? It could be worse...


Kirkpatrick doesn't know how to backpedal? hahaha

Jenkins using shoulder injury as leverage?


Apparently Jenkins is not disclosing medical information regarding his shoulder injury to the team


There Have Been No 'All-In' Moves

Today, I read Tom's article about how certain language coming out of Jerry Jones could lead you to believe he's focused solely on winning now. Now, I was going to put a lengthy response over there...


Tyrone Crawford: Why he was #1

Some of us can pat ourselves on the back for knowing about Tyrone Crawford before he was picked. For those of you who read my post about DEs (which won FPOTW honors), you were well informed after...


Round 3 targets + rest of draft mock

Alrighty, so we lost our 2nd rounder. No Biggie! Here are the top targets for our next pick at #81. 1. Derek Wolfe (Oh please oh please oh please) 2. Mike Martin 3. Ryan Broyles 4. George Iloka 5....


Cowboy-Specific Big Board By Round

Cudos to Archie for compiling his annual top 50 big board. I never thought I'd be able to compile a big board of my own. Instead, I was interested in doing a community BTB big board, but the...


Offensive Line Help by Ranking and Round

In the land of the milk-eyes, skim is king Even as the Cowboys have signed two giant walking question marks to the guard position, BTB nation is hungry for an offensive linemen in the draft. I...


Bruce Irvin: "I've never been taught how to pass rush"

Bruce Irvin: "It doesn't matter to me. I feel like, to be honest with you, I've never been taught how to pass rush. The last two years, the 23 sacks that I got, it was all natural ability. Not...


Cornerback Help by Ranking and Round

In the land of the milk-eyes, skim is king Thanks to the Brandon Carr signing, we are not married to a CB in the 1st round, and thus are free to find value in later rounds. This is a good year to...


Outside Linebacker Help by Ranking and Round

In the land of the milk-eyes, skim is king As of this moment, Anthony Spencer is still only here for 1 more year. It would be very prudent to go ahead and draft his replacement if he will be...


Defensive End Help by Ranking and Round

In the land of the milk-eyes, skim is king Defensive End is probably the weakest part of this defense. Basically all you have are run-stopping JAGs on either side of the undersized Ratliff, and...

Dez restructuring deal


Dez is restructuring his deal to free up $1.435 million. Final cap number to come friday,


Specific's Definitive Guide To The Cowboys Offseason

The Combine is done, and free agency is at our doorstep. It is now high time to armchair GM our way back to glory. Last season the Cowboy's offensive line was decidedly middle of the pack at best,...


Here's a fun thought

How would everyone feel about having an all David interior OL? David DeCastro LG David Molk C David Arkin RG?

Brockers declares


Seems like this guy wasn't talked about at all... until he declared. Now he's one of the top rated guys apparently.


Pass Prevention Predicament

The Cowboys and almost all of the fans find themselves in a little predicament, how to fix this bad defense. There's a lot of finger pointing going on, almost as much as on the field with Ryan's...


2011 Season Statistics v. Projections et al

The 2011 season is in the books, now lets go back and check the results versus what I thought going in. I'll be posting what I wrote from preseason and midseason as a commentarial basis of...

Barkley to return for senior year


Just great... one less player pushed down to us


Standings Mulligan

Well if theres any bright spot out of this weekend, its that all four wildcard round teams lost together, our 4th seed spot is unaffected by this mind-boggling loss. But aren't all loses...


The Cowboys are on a collision course with GB

I took a look at the playoff picture and wondered if there was any way we could avoid playing the Packers in the divisional round of the playoffs. has the 'Boys as the 4th seed right now...


Midseason Statistics and Thoughts

What a weird season, huh? Nobody really knows who this team is. I don't even think they know who they are. The offense has been pretty mum except for the emergence of DeMarco Murray. The yuglies...

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