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Creator of The Utah Jazz Podcast and a life long Utah Jazz fan.

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  • MLB Atlanta Braves
  • NBA Utah Jazz
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User Blog

Girbaud Jeans and Utah Jazz Basketball

Hey everybody! We just recorded another podcast for your listening pleasure. This one is awesome! We talk about atrophy, braided belts, lawn mowing stories, turnovers, and poor people. This one is...

Jazz can't contain Houston's Parsons

Boxscore: Recap: Coach Corbin made some changes to the starting lineup replacing JLIII with Tinsley. It was obvious that Tinsley and Favors were running the pick and roll to get Dwight Howard...

Jazz Miss Key Chances Late and Fall to Thunder

Jazz Miss Key Chances Late and Fall to Thunder

It's that time of year.

It's that time of year.

Predict the Season and Win Free Stuff

Win Shirts, Hats, and Jerseys for Predicting the Upcoming Utah Jazz Season. Listen Below for Details.

Episode #184 Utah Jazz Podcast

Trey Burke Injury, Utah fans going after Locke, Favors in Foul Trouble, Karl Malone as a real coach? Preseason thus far? Jimmer? Jimmy, Mikey and Spencer talk Utah Jazz Basketball. Episode 184

The Downbeat #1168: The Reminder Edition

The Pick and Roll offense has been a part of Utah Jazz Basketball for as long as I remember. It morphed into the Flex and then Horns and the past couple of years wasn't used as much because of...

From a Fan's Perspective

A Visual Recap of the Utah Jazz Scrimmage

Episode #183 Utah Jazz Podcast

The Itunes Version Stitcher

The Downbeat # 1156: Maturity Smaturity

"This is Growing Up"

The Downbeat #1150 Friday Edition

Imagine the Conversation: "Coach. " Yeah Trey" " I know that Derrick, Enes and Jeremy have been working with Karl this summer and I really wanted to see if ummm..." "Well I wanted to ask if...

Downbeat# Friday the 1144th Edition

By Spencer Campbell Happy Friday the 13th. The Utah Jazz all time regular season record on Friday the 13th is 8-3. I probably could have figured this out the Rainman way, but I was tired. Anyway...

Synergy has some competition

Happy Birthday Ron!

Quick and Dirty

Quick and Dirty...

Technology and NBA Fandom

Technology and NBA Fandom

Devils Advocacy and Truth About "Youth" Movement

Downbeat #1108 Devils Advocacy and the Truth About "Youth" Movement.

Moni With Another Fantastic Find

Cognitive Biases and NBA Basketball/Movies/MMA from the Utah Jazz Doctor. In residency I was taught to always be aware of my own biases. A well received paper on cognitive biases talked all...

The Downbeat #1096

Neto staying put...Trolling...GH's midrange game.

The Downbeat #1090 An Honest Billionaire?

Goodbye Summer League. What are your overall thoughts on the Summer League? I know some people analyze and critique the SL to death, and other people are like eh...Summer League. My simple...

Paul Millsap Utah Jazz Career Video Tribute

Thank you Paul for your hard work and dedication to the Utah Jazz. Video Courtesy of Andrew (@prodigyJF)

Episode #182 Utah Jazz Podcast

The longest running Utah Jazz podcast on earth is back at it! We have a TON to discuss, namely: Jerry Sloan, the draft, the Warriors trade, Al-Paul-DMC walking away, and potential wins next year. I...

Downbeat #1084 The Big Al Edition

Al Jefferson has signed a contract with the Charlotte Bobcats (see here for the details). The Weezy, The Push Shot, The Up and Under, The Pump Fake, The Baby Hook, The Jump Shot, and The Tear...

Pick-and-Rolls and Pocket Squares You Say?

Huge Utah Jazz fan and menswear expert Dustin LaMarr sits down with me to discuss fashion, double-windsors, pocket squares, fittings, pick-and-rolls, basketball, and obviously the 2013 NBA Draft.

Episode #180 Utah Jazz Podcast

This is a great podcast! We take questions from Twitter about anything and everything under the sun. We also discuss the upcoming draft and sing the Silver Spoons theme song. Really though, this...

Welcome Back Everyone....

So the prodigy...the progid...the prdge..the Mailman returns. It was announced that Karl Malone will be working with the youngins. This podcast covers a multitude of crazy Jazz news that came out...

NBA Combine Utah Jazz Podcast

This podcast is epic! No really, we're being real here. Amar from SLCDunk.com attended the NBA combine and tells us all about it. He explains what drills were run, who was there (Jerry Sloan), what...

Episode #177 The Utah Jazz Podcast 5-5-13

Another season in the books. Pretty unimpressive as a whole, but once we get Chris Paul here next year, things will start to look up. We talk about the season grades for the front office, team, and...

It's not Ok! It's not Ok!

Oh them Utah Jazz! It all came down to one game, and our podcast is full of arguments about why we shouldn't blame this season on one game. Spencer gets a little upset (someone stole his CD player...

#Episode 175 Utah Jazz Podcast 4-15-13

So it comes down to one game. Game 82. At Memphis. Also, the Lakers have to lose, but we don't really need to worry about them. The Jazz can stick it to all the doubters and sneak into the...

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