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How I became a fan:
First off, born in Manhattan, KS; raised in Colorado. When I was in the 2nd grade everyone was all about the donkeys because they were on their way to lose a super-bowl. I was told by my teacher I was supposed to go for the donkeys because they were my home team. My reaction was f--- that, I was born in KS I'm a Chiefs fan. Even as a small child I knew better!

A Fan Of...

  • NFL Kansas City Chiefs
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There Can Be Only One


Sorry I suck at photoshop, but someone had to do it.

Chiefs Game Meetup in Denver


I'm heading to Park Tavern in Cap Hill again to watch the game, if any fellow fans in Denver want to meet up. 931 E 11th Ave Denver, CO 80218 I'll be there around 10:30 to get a table and dibs on a TV. The food is typical bar food and they have lots of specials and overall it's just not pricey. Lots of fans of different teams fans there.

Bill Williamson - ESPN


Anyone know why he is no longer covering the Broncos? He started at the Denver Post, so it seems odd. I'd rather him cover Denver and let someone less biased cover the rest of the AFC West.

NFL's five weakest rosters: Jacksonville Jaguars at top -


4 out of the 5 suggest Geno Smith as an option to help these teams.'s NFL pre-draft Power Rankings - NFL Nation Blog - ESPN


"New coach. New general manager. New quarterback. New hope. That all should be worth six more wins" BOOM! 6 more wins!


The history of No. 1 picks

From the FanPosts. This was a fun read. -Joel I started this research prior to "The Trade" when the #1 overall pick was a debate between OT and QB. I went back as far as the 1967 draft because...

NFLN - #1 Draft Pick


Scott Pioli is amongst the panel discussing the #1 pick. I don't see the video posted from when Andy Reid joined the show, but Pioli told him not to get hung up on the QB position. Solid advice man.


The Best Current LTs in the NFL

I have the feeling I am preaching to the choir on this, but recently the mock drafts have started popping up with the KC Chiefs selecting LT Luke Joeckel with the first over all pick. Now I don't...

2013 NFL Draft: Which team will have the No. 1 pick? -


Interesting look back at who "experts" thought would be picking top of the drat in 2013. Colts, Vikings & Browns seem to be the consensus. In real life though Andrew Luck has his team in the playoff hunt and AP bounced back big and is candidate for MVP & Come back Player of the year. No mentions of the Chiefs here.

Panthers, Browns, Buccaneers among teams set to rise in 2013 -


"Kansas City Chiefs: The Chiefs just don't have a quarterback in place, which, as we've seen, is a crucial element for any team hoping to have success."

Mock Draft: Underclassmen could dominate top 10 in April - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN


Taking an OT and seeing Geno Smith go to SD would piss me off beyond belief.

Twitter / AdamSchefter: Philadelphia Eagles announced ...


Eagles release Jason Babin

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