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How I became a fan:
First off, born in Manhattan, KS; raised in Colorado. When I was in the 2nd grade everyone was all about the donkeys because they were on their way to lose a super-bowl. I was told by my teacher I was supposed to go for the donkeys because they were my home team. My reaction was f--- that, I was born in KS I'm a Chiefs fan. Even as a small child I knew better!

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  • NFL Kansas City Chiefs
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Only a quarterback can change Browns' fate - AFC North Blog - ESPN


About the Browns but I think the Chiefs can relate too well to this

Peyton Manning is toast, and other NFL Truths - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN


Didn't see this posted, though I am not a huge Whitlock fan, his statement about Manning's accuracy over 20 yards is a huge topic here in Denver.

Uni Watch Power Rankings rates NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL uniforms from 1-122 - ESPN


The Chiefs have had essentially the same look throughout the franchise's entire existence, which may explain why an increasing number of Uni Watch readers have recently been clamoring for them to get a makeover. But you know what they say about something that ain't broke, and that definitely applies here. Just one request: Please don't go white-over-white ever again -- not when you have those gorgeous red pants available.

Coolest thing I found today going through old boxes


Coolest thing I found today going through old boxes


Mile High Chief Fans

The time has come to say goodbye to this west coast. My company is moving me back to my hometown of Denver in a few weeks. So any Mile High Chief fans going to be out and about watching the draft...

Twitter / @ArrowheadAddict: Scott Pioli has also dispa ...


Scott Pioli has also dispatched team personnel to a local park to start turning over rocks.Carthon found a dime, Clark Hunt took it from him BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Peyton Manning, Mario Williams top Peter King's list of best NFL free agents - Peter King -


Wow, a little hard to take King seriously with him putting Cortland Finnegan above Brandon Carr. How many fights has Carr started on the field?

'Madden' cover voting begins - AFC West Blog - ESPN


Okay, now I love my Chiefs but I don't know how much more evidence we need of this supposed curse. On the other hand, we lost 3 of our best guys by week 3. Any way, I'll likely hope Tebow lands the cover, I think he has the fans and I'd like to see if his god protects him from the curse.

Peyton Manning's, Matt Flynn's futures at forefront of NFL offseason issues - Don Banks -


"2. How will the fit be between Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and new Pittsburgh offensive coordinator Todd Haley?" Haley benches Big Ben for Tyler Palko.

2011 Reggie Bush Dolphins Highlights (via SportsAddict2324) Hoping our new OC can do the same for...


2011 Reggie Bush Dolphins Highlights (via SportsAddict2324) Hoping our new OC can do the same for our #22

Megatron may cause Lions mega headache


Reportedly facing significant salary cap problems, the Lions may have a dilemma on its hands with all-world wide receiver Calvin Johnson. Thanks to hitting most of the escalators in his current deal, Johnson has the largest 2012 cap number in the NFL at $21,081,946. Cap situation aside, trying to extend Johnson's contract was probably an off-season priority already since he's entering the final year of his rookie deal and is arguably the NFL's best wide receiver. Johnson will have a tremendous amount of leverage in negotiations with the Lions. ... Megatron's franchise number is so astronomical that the Lions might be forced to let him become an unrestricted free agent after next season if they can't agree on a new deal.

Body of Michael Philbin, Joe Philbin's Son, Found in Fox River | Green Bay Packers | Rant Sports


Not Chiefs related other than we interviewed Joe Philbin. Keep this family in your thoughts and prayers... heartbreaking thing for anyone to have to go through.

Jerry Angelo Fired as Bears' GM - ABC News


Not really surprising...this guy had it coming for a long time!

Pride & Prejudice


Hopefully this is not a duplicate post, I did not see this if it has already been posted. This is pretty close to how I feel. I really wish AP would automatically delete all new posts about how we are going to get Andrew Luck. Even if we do "Suck For Luck" how is the possibly next great QB going to turn around an entire team that just gave up it's will to win? I don't see it happening. I know this guy is supposed to be the next Peyton Manning but Peyton has just as many rings as Eli and I prefer the type of winning that a Tom Brady brings.


Bears vs Chiefs Game what to do & where to go

So this season I will be going to see my first game at Soldier Field. I am a Chiefs fan and will be taking my sister who is a Bears fan. Any advice as to where is the best place to sit? Anything...

Twitter / @phil_hellmuth: Playing in a 4 "Man" Chari ...


I bet he can throw the football over them mountains too!

Introducing your NFL Dream Team of Tomorrow - ESPN


I didn't see this posted already. Charles and Berry are on the list.

Who's the biggest d**khead in Sports


Disclaimer...this links to the online version of out magazine which is a gay magazine so you may not want to be clicking this. This is mostly a list of sports figures who have dropped the F bomb (3 letter one not the 4 letter one). 2.7 is on here and you can vote for who you think is the biggest d**khead.

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