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Beer question

Help! I've got a 6-pack of Crooked River Expansion Draft from 1999 that's followed me from DC to Philly and now to Boston, and I don't know what to do with it. I'm thinking this 15th anniversary...


Chudzinski or Pettine???

Really. Thinking only about the merits of Rob Chudzinski and Mike Pettine when each was hired as the new coach, which generated more confidence that he would succeed? Another way to think of it:...

Projecting Team Ceilings


Interesting to see the Browns get the ceiling of 10-6 and a wild card berth. A national writer with "high" expectations for the Browns??? Of course, this represents the "best" to expect...


Draft odds and the LAC pick

please help on the draft and the potential choices for the Cavs given that the team has LAC's pick

Three Ways to Make the 2011 NFL Draft the Most Exciting Ever


This blog post seems to speak to a lot of folks on the site here. I'm interested to hear what people think... (and no, I'm not Brant Cruz).

Cold Weather Super Bowls??? Not Only Wrong, But Deadly


"At the site of Sunday’s Super Bowl in Arlington, one person was critically injured and four others suffered minor injuries when ice fell from the stadium roof and hit them early Friday afternoon, authorities said..." And some people are even at risk of losing $12,500 per person for some of the package deals, as American has canceled flights into Dallas!


Is Baseball America's Game now???

  Google Ngram: Baseball vs Football   Google introduced a new app associated with Google Books, and besides tracking the usage of ketchup and catsup I decided to see which has been referenced...


Idle Thinking - Josh McDaniels???

It's a Monday after a Browns victory and we have a few days of idle thinking before talk of Buffalo heats up.  I want to avoid talk of playoff odds and the draft.  Instead, this unlikely scenario...

Should We Worry About Letdown?


The demolition of the Patriots has me worried that the team will come out flat this week. But, MK Cabot's article highlights some indications that the team is showing strong motivation for the game. I also sense the defense does not want to get shown up by Braylon - especially in front of the home crowd. I really hope the defense takes it to him and Sanchez. FTA... The practice week was so intense that linebacker Jason Trusnik and fullback Lawrence Vickers came to blows Friday and had to be separated. "It was just the heat of the moment," said Trusnik. Said Rob Ryan: "Our players are motivated, and they're excited. If they don't kill each other first, we're going to lay it on these Jets."


Team Unity?

Some may think this is about the team unity for the Browns.  Actually, this is an open question about the role/need for team unity among the DBN board when dealing with game-specific discussions...

From Bleacher Report review of ESPN Rankings... ESPN Rank: 28 Why They're Better Than That:...


From Bleacher Report review of ESPN Rankings... ESPN Rank: 28 Why They're Better Than That: Really, ESPN? Really? The 1-5 Cowboys are ranked higher than the 2-5 Browns? You know...the Cleveland Browns that play in one of the toughest divisions in the NFL? The Cleveland Browns that killed the New Orleans Saints? Please. I'm a Steelers fan, but I can still recognize the talent the Browns have in Peyton Hillis, Joshua Cribbs and even rookie quarterback Colt McCoy. And don't get me started on that D! Sometimes I think ESPN feels like they have to rank the Browns lower because "they're the Browns." Open your eyes, boys. The Brownies are a much better team than No. 28.

Victor Martinez' agent: two-year deal isn't what we want


It seems like a slap in the face from my POV. I suppose this is one step in the negotiating process... but I'm looking forward to Victor finding a team that will appreciate what he brings to his team (on the field and in the locker room).


NFL TV or ESPN - Which are you watching

Now that NFL Network is available on most systems and up to full speed, on which network are you watching the draft?


Should we end the draft?

Just a thought that has been in the back of my mind that I want to throw out there. As the only major league in the US without revenue sharing or a salary cap, is it time to reflect on the inequity...


Poll: How Much Time Does Holmgren Have (to reach SB)?

With all of the talk about keeping or firing Mangini, I would like to turn to more pleasant thoughts - the dream of a Super Bowl for Cleveland.  It's no secret why Holmgren was the top choice to...


A New Vent...

All of this "woe is me" crap is sickening.  A day of venting about the losses is fine.  Let it out, and then move on.  We've got a game on Sunday and it's against the stinkin' Ravens!  It's gotten...

Nate Silver Hits the Big Leagues


Did anyone catch Nate Silver on Baseball Tonight? He debuted last night. It was too painful for me to watch...


George Steinbrenner: A True Clevelander(!)

King George (Recent SI Article about George Steinbrenner) All of the talk about CC heading to NYC reminded me of this recent article.  I think it really hits the mark on what makes Cleveland so...

End of an Era: Mad Dog leaves Mike


For those of you who have ever listened to Mike and the Mad Dog on WFAN, you will likely feel great joy or great sadness by this news. In my book, they were the best. Sure, it was a lot of NY talk, but no other sports talk hosts spoke more about teams outside of their home market than these guys (my comp set is Philly, Boston, and Cleveland).


OT: Dreaming of Game 7

IT'S GAME 7!!!We have had just one other game 7 in Indians history.  Granted, the outcome was not in our favor, but it was against the Marlins- the first expansion team to be in the World Series;...


Let the Head Games Begin

Until the game begins we have no idea what to expect out of Schilling and Carmona tonight.  Fans of each team can look back on past performance, excluding Game 2, and pull out examples for why they...


What would you do if you were Francona

Looking for something to discuss and get my mind off a possible Indians World Series.  So, I now want to think about the Red Sox coming back.  How do they do it?  What would Francona need to do?If...


OT: John Adams' "Buddy"

So, my wife is sitting next to me and is fascinated by the the guy sitting next to John Adams for the past two games.  Does anyone know his story?  He is an older man with long bushy sideburns and...



Less than 700 comments in the game thread last night.  Only a smattering of comments this morning.  And no apparent excitement for tonight's game.  I feel like Ben Stein: There is a team from...


Tickets for Game 1

This might not be the best place to post this, but I've been a big fan of this site and the LGTers (I don't post much, but read it faithfully).  So, I wanted to give you folks the first chance at...

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