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I help run and am a huge Bulls fan.

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Open Trade Deadline Rumors Thread (Deadline at 3PM!)

It's trade deadline day on BaB

Bulls vs. Miami Heat: 2011-12 Open Game Thread #45 Overflow

Bulls 53 Heat 42 at the half


A Crazy Set of Trade Ideas That Won't Happen

Ok, I fully understand this is crazy and won't happen, but I'd like someone to explain to me why it shouldn't happen: Boston looks ready to rebuild. They're certainly not getting any further with...


Bulls-Pacers 2011 Playoff Game One Preview

Bulls-Pacers 2011 Playoff Game One Preview. The Pacers approach to the game

2010-2011 Game Thread #68: Chicago Bulls @ Indiana Pacers Overflow

Sorry, for the late overflow thread


2010-2011 Game Thread #68: Chicago Bulls @ Indiana Pacers

Tip off at 6:00pm central.


2010-2011 Open Game Thread #67: Chicago Bulls @ New Jersey Nets

Underway at 6:00PM Central time!


Happy Trade deadline morning: Lee, Mayo, Parker, still rumored SG additions

Your place for all Bulls NBA Trade Deadline Rumors

Postgame: Warriors 101 , Bulls 90

Update: Here's the four factors. And a few thoughts. ~S2 Four Factors PaceeFG%TOV%ORB%FT/FGAORtg CHI 89.9 .525 15.7 23.1 .075 100.1 GSW .519 7.3 14.3 .241 112.4 We came in second. Discuss. Well,...


Why Courtney Lee will be a Bull and other SGs won't

[From the FanPosts. Solid reasoning to me. The Bulls often preach flexibility but they also like their roster (as they should), so combining that, their current tradeable contracts, and a future...

Game #32 Cavs at Bulls Open Game Thread Overflow

Lots of commentary tonight


Game #32 Cavs at Bulls Open Game Thread

New thread later if we need one. Happy New Year!


2010-2011 Game Thread #31 Nets visit the Bulls

Talk about the Nets at Bulls


Wizards at Bulls Gamethread 1

Kurt vs. the Bulls. 

Blazers at Bulls Gamethread 3

Close it out!

Blazers at Bulls Gamethread 2

Wherein we find out if Luol Deng's soft, gumby-like, bendable bones are superior to Greg Oden's peanut brittle hard ones...


Blazers at Bulls Gamethread 1

Don't get too loud, the sound might break Greg Oden's bones...

Pistons @ Bulls Game Thread Overflow 2

Roaring back, Bulls by 4. 2 minutes to go, plus the letting it all out after the game. Update: Bulls win. Thoughts to sleep on: * Rose's 39 was nice * I truly hope JJ's defense puts an end to the...

Game Thread: Pistons at Bulls Overflow

Bulls down 19 heading into the half. Meh. 

Game #2 Preview/Game Thread: Pistons at Bulls

Thanks to me for tonight's preview, since the guy or gal who signed up shamefully hasn't posted anything yet. Boo! If you'd like to sign up to do a game preview and actually do it, go here. Anywho,...

Dampier to Houston

Maybe... it's Poopsworld. But several folks are tweeting that he's agreed in principle. Looking at our loss the other night, I'd still prefer 10 minutes of him to minutes for Scalabrine or Kurt Thomas, but I also guess he's out of shape and wanted to skip training camp.


Lessons from the Melo Non-Trade

I think big trades are interesting because whether they happen or not, they give big insights on why things happen in the NBA that we don't usually get to see. * Why don't we see these insights...

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