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Finals on the brink: Thoughts and observations


There's an air of optimism in the city of San Antonio right now. Cars roam around sporting Spurs flags, San Antonio jerseys are everywhere. It's Finals time, and the Spurs are one game away from...

It's a marathon, not a sprint


Why are the playoffs so much more intense than the regular season? How about close 4th quarters? It matters more, so guys play harder. But were they not playing hard before? The answer is: probably...

Why I can't stand Russell Westbrook

Every fan has a player that they simply cannot -- under any circumstances -- support. For me, that's Russell Westbrook.


I hate losing, yet I'm glad

I hate losing. I really hate it. Last year in the finals, I couldn't watch the games. If we won, I'd go watch a replay, and the soak in as much of the media as I could until the next game. If we...

Zach and Kevin say Spurs are the best Team in the NBA - "In a Vacuum"


Zach Lowe and Kevin Arnovitz talk about the Clippers as contenders, say that, "Spurs fans wanna say that we don't recognize them. That is, let's full stop right now, that's the best team in the NBA. Um, and the Clippers have a claim to that, just from sheer statistical dominance, especially since Paul came back, but they have some rotation uncertainty that is a little bit worrisome right now, whereas the Spurs have everyone, and they are humming. And, you know, they're predictable, and we know how they play and we know what they are going to do; we also know that Oklahoma City has over the last 3 years really won that matchup kinda handily which is the #1 reason I would pick the Thunder to come out of the West, because if that's 1-2 and that's the conference finals, I like the Thunder in that series. But sort of, in a vacuum, the Spurs right now are the best team in the NBA." Yep, they recognize, them, but spend all of their time talking about the Clippers instead, and then in the context of "recognizing them" as the best team in the NBA, spend the whole time talking about how the Thunder own them, are more athletic, and took them apart TWO YEARS AGO. These are the same talking heads that say that are quick to say that the regular season doesn't mean anything. It was guys like these, and maybe THESE guys that said that the Spurs couldn't beat Utah and Clippers two years ago because of the dominant bigs, that picked the Lakers last year, because, you know, Howard and Gasol. Picked the GSW because of youth, athleticism and shooting. Picked Memphis because of bigs again. You don't hear them saying how the Clippers have been owned by the Spurs in the regular season and especially the playoffs the last few years. Instead they look at current, relevant information. The double standard is frustrating - but they can't see it, probably because they are WATCHING Clips, Thunder, Heat, and even Pacer and GSW games, and looking at box scores for the Spurs. So yeah, we’re going to complain that ESPN doesn’t recognize the Spurs. I think Henry Abbot may be the only ESPN writer that actually watches Spurs games.


Secret recipe

And just like that, your Spurs, that too old, too fragile, oft injured, unheralded, "may not make it out of the first round", "might be able to snag a top four seed" team, is sitting pretty with...

FWTE: Spurs-Grizzlies preview

To truly understand your opponent, you must first know how to pronounce their head coach's name.

Who is the real LeBron Stopper?

Somebody finally found a way to stop LeBron James and the Heat. And it's not who you think.

Thoughts and Rants


All of the ire that has been building over the last week or so of indulging in multimedia narratives surrounding Spurs/Heat comes spewing out - along with some observations and opinions.

FwtE: Can Memphis crawl back into the series?

This is the eighth installment of an ongoing conversation with PtR's own SpursFanTN, & Kevin Lipe, who runs SBNation's Grizzlies Blog, Grizzly Bear Blues. This time they discuss flagrant fouls,...

FWTE: Is Hollins using mind games on the Spurs?

This is part of an ongoing conversation with PtR's own SpursFanTN, and Kevin Lipe, who runs SBNation's Grizzlies Blog, Grizzly Bear Blues. If you haven't read any of the previous posts, links to...

FwtE: Z-BO bounce back and game rituals discussed

This is part 4 of an ongoing conversation with PtR's SpursFanTN, and Kevin Lipe, who runs SBNation's Grizzlies Blog, Grizzly Bear Blues.

FwtE: Are the Grizzlies & Spurs athletic or not?

The latest installment of the ongoing conversation with PtR's own SpursFanTN, and Kevin Lipe, who runs SBNation's Grizzlies Blog, Grizzly Bear Blues.

A Conversation with Grizzly Bear Blues

SpursFanTN chats with Kevin Lipe. Hopefully, it's a conversation that lasts several weeks with some fantastic playoff games.

Fraternizing with the Enemy: Who's going to be #1?

SpursFanTN of Pounding the Rock talks with J.A. Sherman of Welcome to Loud City to get the opposition's view on tonight's contest between the Spurs and the Thunder.

Fraternizing: SFTN talks Grizzlies w/Kevin Lipe

As we put last night's Heat debacle behind us & look forward to tonight's game against the Grizzlies, what better way to re-familiarize ourselves with our foes in Memphis than with a Fraternizing...


Hey Mom, We're Number 1!!!

Boom, bam, bang, and Spurs are the number one team in the NBA. Except, there was no boom, no bam, no bang, no fuss. The Spurs quietly, "under the radar", moved up to the top team in the NBA. And...


Lakers' wonderland

I don't know about the rest of you, but any time the Lakers struggle, it makes me a little happy inside. They've been a thorn in our side for years. They get sooooo much media attention. The media...

State of the Spurs

With the Spurs through 25% of their regular season schedule, we're dusting off the ol' "State of the Spurs" section, to bring you a status update for everyone on the roster.


Popovich message to Stern?

I've read a lot of different articles on the issue of Popovich resting 4 players for the Miami game and Stern issuing sanctions. I thought I would offer my point of view. Much has been made about...


QUICK!!!! - Buy Stock in Kool-Aid!

I've been a Spurs fan for a long time. I have become rather accustomed to a certain pattern of media coverage for my Spurs - a diet if you will. I have never lived in San Antonio, so pretty much...


The Body Language Of The Spurs Tells Us Something

Want to know what somebody's thinking? Don't listen to their words, look at the way they carry themselves.


Stern's nightmare

So, many have said that Stern's nightmare would be the Pacers and Spurs in the finals. And the reason this would be a nightmare is because of ratings. I believe this to be true. What I'm wondering...


About that loss Monday night

What you say? We didn't lose? Well we deserved to. I have not once worried about the Spurs dropping a game in this series until two minutes left in the 4th Monday night. Where was our spread the...


I'm spoiled by the Spurs offense

I didn't know it. Maybe most spoiled people don't know they are spoiled. But I have seen the light. I'm spoiled. And maybe a little intransigent. I feel no compulsion to get over being spoiled....


Wishlist and fears for the first round and beyond

I find myself with mixed emotions regarding these playoffs. On one hand, I want a championship. That means, mishaps to other teams are a good thing. I never want to see an injury, but if it gives...


Reasons I like these Spurs SOOO much more than I do last years

I started this like a month or more ago, and have finally come back to finish it up. So, if some of the info is dated, that is why. I've been a Spurs fan for a long time, and i think this is the...


Media Finally Paying Attention

I saw the title of the video clip on ESPN, "East, West Predictions" and it had Michael Wilbon and Jon Barry. I love to hear what Wilbon has to say about everything, because the man pays attention...

Spurs making believers


Spurs getting some recognition for how crazy good they are playing right now.


Lakers' fans defend MWP elbow

I've been reading comments on ESPN and SilverScreenandRoll and I'm just shocked at the Lakers' fans reactions. Some of them are excited that Metta World War nearly killed James Harden. The reason?...

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