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McKelvin's Individual Effort

With all of the good things that happened this week (CJ, the o-line play, five sacks, pumpkin beer in stores) it seems like Leo's dazzling return hasn't gotten too much attention. I took a look at...

NFL Preseason Live for Fans Outside of Buffalo


For fans living outside of Buffalo, you can watch (and rewatch) all of the Bills preseason games for $20. I believe it's blacked out in the local markets, but good to go for everyone else. Might be old news for some, but as a fan not living in Buffalo I am always looking for ways to watch games and this is an easy one. Very excited for ~18 snaps on each side of the ball tonight!

Fitzpatrick leads Playbook’s all-unheralded team


Both Fitzy and Meatball get some love in this one.


Don't Sleep on CJ Spiller

“During the lockout, Spiller dedicated himself to watching each play that he was involved in, and it didn’t take long for the ninth pick of the 2010 draft to notice something. ‘I wasn’t being as...


Two number 1 picks?

God forbid our bills go winless this year and god forbid there is a lockout next year, what happens with the draft? Logically I know we wouldn't get consecutive number 1 picks, but is there any...

Watch Pre-Season Games on


It's not cheap, but for those of us outside of the Buffalo area, you can watch the preseason games on So far the video quality has been pretty good. 40 bucks for just about every pre-season game and most of them can be watched "on demand" as well.


Drayton Has Got Some Attitude...

I am sure it's all in good fun (well mostly good fun), but I love the attitude Drayton Florence has. He called out Mike Sims Walker and Ochocinco to the tune of $1,000 a catch this season. Per his...

Moats' award has promising history


There has been a lot of debate on how likely a small school guy is to make it in the NFL. I would pretty dang pleased if Moats lived up to this list of players...


Buddy Nix's Plan: Articulated and Executed

"We would like to fill the need, but if we can't, we want to make sure we don't compound the problem by putting another one in that position that can't play... If we can't get the guy that we know...

Spiller's priceless wisdom


I am all aboard the Spiller train. A couple of my favorite quotes from an ESPN profile last week: "When the Tigers struggled midway through the 2008 season, Spiller watched how Florida's All-America quarterback Tim Tebow rallied his own teammates to the national championship with a rousing postgame speech after a loss to Mississippi. Spiller wondered why he wasn't providing the same kind of inspiration to his own squad. A few weeks later, he was organizing the other leaders on the team to hold a players-only meeting and regain their focus." "My thing is that if you're a ballplayer, then you'll always be a ballplayer," said Spiller, who became the first member of his family to graduate from a four-year college. "But once this is done, I wanted something I could fall back on. And I didn't want to be some 30-year-old guy coming back here to finish up my classes." "I think I really grew in my pass protection. I wasn't responsible for a lot of that [earlier in college] because I had to get on the edge and catch passes. But I wanted to show people I could block. I didn't want anybody to have any questions about my game." So he is an elite talent and someone with a good head on his shoulders who wants to be a complete player. Yeah, I am allllllllllllll aboard the Spiller train.

Draft Chatter from Dolphins Beat Writer

"A scout says Derrick Morgan "100 percent" Dolphins pick, if available. A March 12 blog on team's interest in GTech LB .." Also FWIW from the same guy.... "Brian Biggane in Buffalo this w-end hears Bills front office plans to take NT Dan Williams at No. 9 to anchor the team's new 3-4 scheme."

Gaither for a second?

Buddy Nix has said from Day 1 that he is a proponent of building through the draft, but the Bills have shown that they are more than willing to test free agency to try to plug a couple of holes....

After the Buffalo Bills sniffed around Bill Cowher -- and learned he's likely not coming back in...

After the Buffalo Bills sniffed around Bill Cowher -- and learned he's likely not coming back in 2010 -- they may be looking West. Stanford coach and former NFL QB Jim Harbaugh might another leading candidate for the opening, after the Bills fired their entire coaching staff. Longtime NFL coaches Marty Schottenheimer and Brian Billick are also in the mix but, as the Buffalo News writes, a younger coach might be in order. It will be interesting to see if Harbaugh has interest in an NFL job. He certainly wasn't interested in the medium-profile collegiate jobs that came up, saying he was a "Stanford man." Plus, he just signed an extension with the Cardinal. But if he's offered the gig, it might be hard for him to turn down. Harbaugh is losing at least five assistant at Stanford, and he might want to join his older brother and Ravens coach John Harbaugh in the NFL. via ESPN

What to do with Marshawn...

  When you think about the 2009 Buffalo Bills, the phrase "enviable depth" probably is not the first thing that comes to mind. With the offensive line in tatters and more than a handful of key...


Turnovers and Penalties by the Numbers

Is winning football games really as easy winning the turnover and penalty battle? For the Bills, the answer is a pretty easy yes.

Mission Accomplished.


We wanted a chance to restore the luster of Bills fans... well, we got ourselves on the front page of, thanks to a huge assist from Clark Judge. He says it in the article... but I might as well say it again... awesome job Buffalo Rumblings. You guys are the best!


McKelvin Charity

Let's go above and beyond and show Leodis, the Bills Organization, and the country that we are a classy organization and classy fan base. One action is not representative of the bunch.

Trent Texting Red Sox


"Late Monday night, shortstop Jed Lowrie received a text message from Buffalo Bills quarterback Trent Edwards, a close friend from their days together as student-athletes at Stanford. The contents, according to Lowrie: "I hate playing the Patriots.’’ Don't we all..

Football Outsiders Perspective on Recent Bills Events


As usual, these guys do a great job of providing a fairly balanced opinion while throwing in a couple of great stats. Particularly interesting angle to the story given the quality of writing and information on this site.

Jets reportedly exploring trade for Brandon Marshall


"Per a report from Bob Glauber, the Jets are "seriously exploring" a possible trade for Marshall, who is currently suspended for the remainder of the preseason for conduct detrimental to the team." I know Dick has a lot of detractors on the site - but having depth in the defensive backfield looks like its going to be table stakes to competing in the AFC East this season. Also, as much of a nut job that Marshall clearly is, I'm hoping he lands in someone else's division...

Maybin Reading Buffalo Rumblings


Good thing you said nice things Brian...

For this weekend, Canton is South Buffalo


"Roger Staubach is no dummy. When he wanted to generate more applause for Bob Hayes' family, he announced they were from Buffalo. They aren't, but Staubach knew his audience."

TO in SI


"That whole Dallas deal blindsided him," Guy says. "It hurt him. I felt like this would be a good place to heal, and he did too. We don't have a team that's loaded with stars. I told him, 'You know, you have to take these guys where they want to go. They'll follow you, you just have to take them.' I think they will. I think he relishes that." Have to hand it to the Bills Front Office... not only have they brought in an outstanding player, but they seem to be making the extra effort to get the most out of him.

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