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The How Could We Trade For Justin Upton Fanpost

There's not a Justin Upton trade discussion fanpost, so I thought I'd make one, and toss out a couple of scenarios that have been knockin' around in the old duder's head over the last day or so. I...


Possible Acquisitions Not Named Beltre, Crawford, Werth, or Uggla

Obviously, most of us would like to see a Beltre, a Crawford, and a Werth in Oakland in 2011, but that isn't the way to bet it. Some ideas have been kicking around my head and I thought I'd lay a...


What about Tsuyoshi Nishioka?

I admit, I'm only thinking about this dude because SBN put a link to this Yahoo! article right in front of my face, but he looks like an interesting proposition, and apparently he's going to become...


A Couple of Things Beane Said

Billy's been talking to the media lately. It always sounds better when Billy talks, because he's better at, shall we say, "nuancing the truth" than Lew Wolff. But I thought there were a couple of...


The Rationale for Irrational Thinking

Recently there's been a lot of discussion and debate about the whole "throwing" the season to keep our protected draft pick vs. playing the season out "the right way" and winning as many games as...


Could a Small-Ball Team Win?

It seems to be generally accepted in the stat-oriented community that small-ball isn't a winning strategy. As fun as it can be to watch, and as exciting as Billy Martin's 1981 A's team was, it...


Should the New Ballpark Be a Pitcher's Park?`

Billy Beane and the A's got famous for finding the players with undervalued talents and putting them to work in crafting a winning ballclub. I'm wondering if it might be time to do the same with...

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