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We were lost.
We wandered, lonely and forlorn. Unsure of where to place our faith and scared for what the future might hold. When suddenly, as if as an answer to unprayed prayers, came a light from the void.

This heavenly creature descended upon us in our desolation and imparted on us the two commandments:

1) Win some shit.
2) Don’t give fucks.

And rightfully we placed this man, this Saint of MCM, at the head of our table and in the place of great respect at our feasts and our festivals.

-The Book of Pratt 7:28

by I Believe in Rusty Smith

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Thank you EastTennTitan for sending over the linkIn recent weeks, despite the amount of evidence and stats brought forward, people still choose to blame our O-line for everything under the sun....


Colts vs. Titans: 2nd Half Game Thread


Why the Titans are struggling so


Great article on our struggles as a team


Speaking of that Horrible O-line

In the comments to day, while searching for something irrelevant the interwebs graced me with a website called Advanced NFL I do not know how I have never come across it before, but I am...

Reynaud Named AFC Special Teams Player of the Month


Just one week after being named AFC Special Teams Player of the Week, Titans running back/kick returner Darius Reynaud has been named the AFC Special Teams Player of the Month for September, the NFL announced today.


Madden NFL 13 Roster Update #5 Details

Sorry guys for missing last week ladies and gentlemen, the cut was too deep. Nothing positive to say about nothin'. But this week! Let me tell ya!!!! UPGRAAAAADES ALL AROUND!That being said, I am...

Tennessee Titans' Chris Johnson's play examined by NFL analysts


"That swagger is not there," said former NFL running back Gerald Riggs, who rushed for 8,188 yards in 10 seasons and now hosts a talk show on 105.1 The Zone in Chattanooga. "Chris Johnson doesn’t look confident, and he doesn’t look very happy. "He is not playing with very much passion, he is not playing with very much heart, and to me there is something internally that’s going on that’s causing that. Something’s just not right." The three-time Pro Bowler managed only four yards on 11 carries against the Patriots last Sunday in a 34-13 defeat. Dating back to the final game of the 2010 season, he’s been held to less than 40 yards rushing in eight of his last 18 games. He failed to surpass 65 yards in 14 of those games. He has only four 100-yard games in that stretch. During his 2,006-yard season in 2009, he had a dozen 100-yard games.


Madden 13 Roster Update #3 Details

Hey all! Here are the Madden 13 Updates for week 1. As you know, this is not a good week for the Titans in ratings. Big week for a number of people around the league; Robert Griffin III, Julio...

Why Kenny Britt doesn't solve CJ's issue


I understand the general thinking. A big-play wide receiver who can take the top off a defense dictates coverage and dissuades a defense from adding an eighth man to the front to stop the run. But I just reviewed the coaches’ film of Johnson’s 11 runs against New England that produced 4 yards. On just two of those plays did the Patriots have more than seven men in the box. The first attempt against a front with an extra defender went for a 3-yard loss. The second was on a first-and-goal from the New England 1-yard line, a down that screamed run in a situation where there wasn’t space to leave safeties deep even if the Patriots wanted to. That produced a 5-yard loss. So against a stacked box, Johnson was two-for-minus-8. And against a box where an extra defender had no bearing on the play as Johnson got the ball and looked for room, he was nine-for-12.


Madden 13 Roster Update Details #1

Hey all! It's that time of year again, Madden updates time! This is the second roster update for Madden so far, but this one brings you up to current with all of the changes around the league. Does...

On mean, mad Marks and tackles for no gain


"It’s a lot slower to me playing from the noseguard position," Marks said. "For some odd reason now, I feel so comfortable at the noseguard, I just feel mean and mad every time I go out. Because I know what I can do and how mean I can get." Why meaner? "Playing over the center, he’s usually a smaller guy, you’re right over the ball," he said. "You can always be quicker. You see the ball. I feel like I’ve got a real good get-off. Usually if you’re in the middle and you cause a lot of disruption, everything happens right there. I feel real comfortable there. "If you’re a 3-technique, then usually your guard is a yard away from you, and half of the time they are two yards away from you when they can get away with it. So you’ve got a lot of distance to cover. I like getting off the ball and just attacking." *** Good news to hear from Marks. We've been waiting a long time for him to come along and it seems like he's finally getting it

Titans not interested in Koppen, Munchak says


"I think we’re real happy with our centers, so I’d say no, we’re not looking to really do anything right now with the center position," Munchak said. "Knowing (Koppen) he’s strictly a center, that’s where he’s comfortable and that’s really where he’s going to play. We’re happy with Fernando and the direction we’re heading with our first five. *** THOR SAYS STFU MCM-KOPPEN LOVERS!!!!1

Titans have to use Griffin at free safety


Michael Griffin will play near the line of scrimmage and collect tackles if that’s what the Tennessee Titans want him to do... ...To make that worth it, they need him where they’ve long talked about putting him, deep in the secondary playing the ball in the air. As a more traditional free safety, he can be a good player. As a more traditional strong safety, he’s simply not the same caliber. The Titans are deciding if they are better off with Griffin playing free and Jordan Babineaux playing strong, or with Robert Johnson playing free and Griffin playing strong. In the second scenario, they’d be accommodating Johnson more than they’d be accommodating Griffin. **Please, Please do this

The face of the enemy for the next decade. Learn it, study it, destroy him


The face of the enemy for the next decade. Learn it, study it, destroy him

What is the F?


The Colts and the Titans produced some confusion this week as it became clear their offenses feature an "F" position. It looks unconventional on the Colts’ depth chart, like a "B" is missing on a "FB." It sounds unconventional in Tennessee, as if it’s replacing one of the traditional receiver spots, "X," "Y," or "Z." ** For Super-H

Like a Bouss!


Like a Bouss!

.... and so it begins **Enters, Epic Music...


.... and so it begins **Enters, Epic Music...

Marc Mariani competes for receiver spot for Tennessee Titans


"He just makes plays," coach Mike Munchak said of Mariani’s play during offseason practices, which wrapped up last week. "In practice here, he’s one of the guys that when the ball went up, it seemed like he came down with it, or he found a way to get open. His routes were sharp, or he was getting out of his routes well. He was fun to watch. I think the quarterbacks had a lot of confidence in him." "I walked on at Montana and I was a seventh-round guy, so there was always some kind of adversity," Mariani said. "Kendall is a heck of a football player. But I can’t control that. What I can control is taking advantage of my opportunities, trying to go out there and make plays. It’s fun listening, though, to the reports and the opinions that are out there. "It’s fuel for me. It motivates me. But at the end of the day, I’m really focused on just getting better and really earning my spot and getting an opportunity to play wide receiver." ***MCM's favorite topic of argument as of late is really giving his all to stay on this team. I really hope he makes it.

Congratulations To Bleacher Report On Its $200 Million Acquisition: Slideshow


In honor of Turner's nearly finalized $200 million purchase of Bleacher Report, here's a congratulatory slideshow, featuring a bunch of pictures of burning money. Please click through. People familiar with both companies say they haven't agreed on final terms, but are now negotiating exclusively and have agreed on a price: If the transaction goes through, Time Warner's cable network unit is set to pay more than $200 million for the sports site. ***wut? - did Hal just hit it rich?! - Bleacher Report executives are working around the clock to get the deal done by the end of Q2. Not for tax purposes, but because their Microsoft Office Free Trial expires on July 1st.

CJ doesn't need to be NFL's best back


Johnson doesn’t need to be the league’s best back. He needs to be productive in the Titans’ offensive scheme, gaining good yards when the box isn’t stacked to bring defenses forward so that Matt Hasselbeck or Jake Locker have increased chances to make big plays over the top to Kenny Britt, Nate Washington and Kendall Wright. Let’s start there and leave the best-back conversation for later. *** I agree, talk about being the best when we are winning games. This isn't CJ and the Tenn. Titans.

Titans Practice Report June 7th, 2012


Good news MCM, I found something to write about! I'll be trying to follow the press conferences coming out of the practices as much as possible to give you the most up-to-date news I can give...

The Master Debaters: Pratt vs. Ron


Top of the morning to ya MCM!Ron Burgundy and I have decided we'd like to start a mulit-post topic called The Master Debaters: Pratt vs. Ron. It will mainly be in the format of us interviewing each...


NFL Draft Drinking Game

I will be in Vegas this weekend for one of my best friends bachelor party/Draft weekend madness and we've developed a drinking game to help make the experience X50 times better!Here are the rules;

Tennessee Titans, Jake Locker were right fit at right time


"Looking at it with 20-20 hindsight, they absolutely made the right move. It’s two thumbs up, and it is an easy answer, really,’’ said draft analyst Mike Detillier of M&D Draft Report. "You are not going to touch a quarterback of Locker’s ilk at 20 this year, it’s just not going to happen. "Last year there was a great debate because of the opportunity to pick a standout defensive lineman. And Nick Fairley may turn out to be a great player. But I know one thing: I can find a defensive lineman in Fairley’s zip code in this year’s draft at 20 a lot quicker than I can find a quarterback as talented as Locker." **Great read

David Thornton is the Colts new player development coordinator.


Good for him, glad he is able to find a career in football after playing. Seems like a good fit for him.

McCourty Ready to Take on Leadership Role


Titans cornerback Jason McCourty said he’s ready to take on a stronger leadership role following the departure of veteran Cortland Finnegan in free agency. ***Perfect. This is coming along nicely...

Hasselbeck Understands Titans' Chase of Manning


"I just sort of expected that because...who he was in the state. I get it. It wasn't a shock to me,'' Hasselbeck said. Hasselbeck said he has heard that Manning might reach out to some of the quarterbacks at the teams he met with during his whirlwind free agency tour. That's not necessary for Hasselbeck. "If the owner wants to make a change and pursue somebody in free agency, that could happen on any team at any time anywhere,'' Hasselbeck said. "I guess for me at the end of the day ... again I get it. I get it with the Peyton thing. "I'm excited that I get a chance to finish what we started here, and I'm very confident in my abilities to get it done as a quarterback and so I think bottom line, we're just happy to get to stay in Nashville.'' "If I had to make the choice this year like I did last year, I still would choose Tennessee,'' Hasselbeck said. "I like what we have going here. I really like the offensive line, the skill guys are very talented. I like the coaching staff. I like the division that we're in. "I like everything about it.'' ***Total Pro - I am really glad Hasselhoff is here to stay.

Colts have gone into Dumpster-Fire Mode


In addition to Andrew Luck taking over at quarterback and Peyton Manning playing elsewhere, the Colts will have a whole lot of holes to fill with the news that they have released Dallas Clark, Joseph Addai and Melvin Bullitt. That report came from Mike Chappell of the Indianapolis Star, just moments after the report that longtime defensive captain Gary Brackett had been cut. Also coming out today was news that the Colts would like to trade Dwight Freeney. Just as there’s been talk that Reggie Wayne and Manning could be a package deal, speculation can immediately commence that Clark or Addai could be targets of whatever team signs Manning. UPDATE: Quarterback Curtis Painter was also released. "These players all made tremendous contributions to the organization and will forever be members of the Colts family," owner Jim Irsay said in a team statement. "It’s always difficult to make these decisions which the nature of the salary cap requires. Their legacies with the Colts will be forever remembered by the organization, fans and Indianapolis community. We wish them all the best in their future endeavors." ****They're burning to the ground!!!

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