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We were lost.
We wandered, lonely and forlorn. Unsure of where to place our faith and scared for what the future might hold. When suddenly, as if as an answer to unprayed prayers, came a light from the void.

This heavenly creature descended upon us in our desolation and imparted on us the two commandments:

1) Win some shit.
2) Don’t give fucks.

And rightfully we placed this man, this Saint of MCM, at the head of our table and in the place of great respect at our feasts and our festivals.

-The Book of Pratt 7:28

by I Believe in Rusty Smith

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User Blog

Madden NFL 12 Roster Update #5 Details

The post-week three roster update for Madden NFL 12 is scheduled to arrive on Friday for both the Xbox 360 and PS3. The update includes nearly 400 roster and ratings adjustments and numerous...

Hasselbeck a flag bearer for Munchak


No offense to Sarah Hasselbeck, but in many ways when her husband decided to join the Tennessee Titans, he signed on for a second marriage. Matt Hasselbeck and Mike Munchak are an NFL couple.

CityProperties Boclair: Titans can't run from the reality of what they've become on offense


"Watching CJ run right now is like lighting a firecracker, tossing it a few feet away, covering your ears and then watching it fizzle harmlessly. You expect something that jangles your senses only to be left with numbing disappointment."

Munchak's stance on losing a job to injury


Even if Hope wasn’t back until the game at Pittsburgh a week later, Munchak’s answer told me the veteran safety will be reinstalled into the lineup. That doesn’t mean Babineaux won’t be able to challenge him or won’t get another chance to play. - welp, shit. I guess it's the right thing to do as a HC... but at least it's being talked about.


Madden NFL 12 Roster Update #4 Details

Going to start bringin' the details for you guys each week so we can discuss. Agree/disagree with these? The roster update for Madden NFL 12 incorporating events and performances through the first...

Tennessee Titans recall ugly game with Denver Broncos


"You always hear about how tough they are and all that stuff," Orton said after the game. "I don’t think they’re tough, I think they’re cheap. And it was one of the cheapest games I’ve ever seen out of some of those players. … If that’s the type of player Cortland Finnegan wants to be, well then he’s a cheap player, not a good player." - Funny he says not a good player because which one of the two is going to be bench for Tim Tebow by the end of the year?

!!!!!!!!!!MOTHER F-ING AMERICA!!!!!!!!!


!!!!!!!!!!MOTHER F-ING AMERICA!!!!!!!!!


Success of a rookie QB

This last weekend, Cam Newton threw for over 430 yards on an elite Green Bay defense. The weekend prior he threw for 422 yards against a very dismal Cardinals defense. This gives him 854 yards in 2...

Titans won despite Johnson's struggles


"Dating back to last year, Johnson’s now gone four regular-season games with 58 yards or fewer. It’s the longest streak of yardage totals that low in his career".... Ugh

QBR: Just how bad was Kerry Collins?


Something us Titans fans know all too well...

Johnson has sights set high, but not Manning $ high


Chris Johnson wants to be paid like one of the NFL’s "elite" players. That doesn’t mean, however, the Titans running back is looking to be compensated along the lines of quarterbacks like Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. Sure, he’d like the $18 million per year average of those guys. Who wouldn’t? But it’s not realistic. Johnson knows it, and you can be sure the Titans wouldn’t be willing to go down that road.

Video: Debating Chris Johnson's holdout


Video: Debating Chris Johnson's holdout

Eddie George: Titans should have paid Chris Johnson by now


Eddie George sayin' what's up: "I find it hard to believe they didn’t think about his contract during the lockout. I can’t believe they weren’t ready for this,’’ said George, who attended practice Wednesday. "Granted, they weren’t allowed to talk to Chris’ agent during the lockout, but let’s be realistic here. Once free agency hit, a lot of those deals were done fast. This should have been done first thing. "It is pretty uncalled for, if you ask me, for them to even be in the situation with Chris. Everyone knew this was coming. This deal should have been done weeks ago.’’


Titans - Madden 2012 Ratings!

For all those Madden nuts out there, the 2012 Pre-season Madden Titans ratings have been released. Again, these ratings are Pre-Pre-PRE season, so there are still some roster moves that haven't...

Chris Johnson’s Holdout Is Good News For Titans Fans; Eagles Fans Should Probably Worry About DeSean Jackson


Happy August 9th! It's a day you should have circled on your football calendar, because today's the day that players have to report to camp in order to accrue a year of service. As dictated by the new CBA, any players still holding out for reworked contracts will have to wait an extra year for their free agency. And lookee there, Chris Johnson still hasn't shown up to Titans camp. Uh-oh? No. Johnson's being paid a measly $800,000 this year and next, and is clearly due for a re-up. One option would have been to stay quiet, play it out, and become a very rich man in a free agency bidding war. But by continuing his holdout through today's deadline, he makes it clear that he's not willing or expecting to wait until free agency to get paid. In his mind, the Titans are going to give him a new deal; in his mind, he's going to be a Titan long-term. It's counterintuitive, but a player who doesn't care about reporting by the free agency cutoff date clearly isn't planning to go anywhere. So what about the counterpoint? Should fans worry if a disgruntled player makes a point to report just in time for the deadline? DeSean Jackson, upset over his own $600,000 paycheck, meekly showed up to Eagles camp yesterday. He said all the right things: he's here to play football, he doesn't want to be a distraction. But just the fact that he was there without a new deal should be cause for concern. Jackson deserves more money, but with the Eagles breaking the bank on some high-profile signings, the money may not be there. It's very unlike Philadelphia not to lock up their young cornerstones, and they might not see him as a cornerstone anyway. Does Jackson know this? It doesn't really matter: all he knows that if he wants to join another team come March, he had to be in Bethlehem yesterday. Those aren't the actions of a player who expects to be with Philadelphia for many years to come — Jackson is very aware of his impending free agency, and expects to take advantage of it.


Madden 2012 Raitings -Re-Updated!

For those of you that care about the Madden 12 ratings, here is the link: Madden 12 Pre-season Ratings  

Osi Umenyiora For Cortland Finnegan? Would You Do It?


This is one of the best comments on this: $3.8 million in a contract year?? and the guy is holding out? Isn’t this the year that he’s supposed to light the league up so his next contract is in the $7 to $10 mill per year game?? Unlike Osi who is two years out , this holdout makes no sense.


Madden 12 Ratings Discussion (Updated)

For those of you that care about the Madden 12 ratings, here is the link: Madden 12 Pre-season Ratings  

Even though this is the Velociraffe showing us all his mating call... this is a pretty cool...


Even though this is the Velociraffe showing us all his mating call... this is a pretty cool picture.

Screw Arian Foster, but this is pretty damn funny.


Screw Arian Foster, but this is pretty damn funny.

Chris Kluwe Responds: Can I Kick It? (Yes, I Can) - This.Is.Amazing.


Chris Kluwe — Dear Nate Jackson, It was with some dismay that I read your piece in Deadspin and immediately tried to wrap my head around why a player with a reasonable grasp of the English language who made no measurable impact upon the game (i.e. you) would stoop so low as to berate a National Football League player who has actually completed a full 16-game season (multiple times!), has broken every team record at his position, and above all has contributed to his team winning games (and occasionally losing them [i.e. myself (I love parenthetical asides)]). Raise your hand if you got lost at the end of that last sentence. Let's be honest here. Yes, I am a punter. Yes, I don't run routes, or zone block, or cover receivers. Apparently, though, neither did you, which is the only explanation for your total lack of statistics. You, more than anyone else, should know what goes on during special teams, and yet your description of a special teams practice, while venomously hilarious, is quite inaccurate (or maybe you guys had a really crappy punter and you're spot on, in which case, my condolences). You talk about me like I'm some kind of disease, like punters are some kind of infection that should be excised for the good of the game and how dare we raise our voices when our betters are talking. According to you, punters should be happy to sit in the corner and be treated like shit because we do something different, something that the other 54 members of the team can't do. Wait, let's parse that last clause for just a second — "something that the other 54 members of the team can't do." Huh. Would you look at that. Tell me, Nate, how well can you punt a football? What's that you say? You CAN'T punt a football? Then why in fuck would you think that, just because I can punt, my opinion is somehow less valid? I freely admit I'm not a receiver, or a lineman, or a DB, or a quarterback, but why should it matter what position I play? Have I not spent 16 years of my life honing my craft (just like you)? Have I not spent countless hours running sprints, lifting weights, trying to stay awake during boring-ass special teams meetings (just like you)? Have I not suited up for a game, gotten my clock cleaned by a blindside block on a punt return, tried and failed to tackle Devin Hester (just like a lot of people)? Tell me, when it comes to breaking down who gets to talk, what's the order? Should linebackers not be able to talk before safeties, or are they allowed to talk after the centers? When does the longsnapper get to chime in? Does the X go before the Z or after? Please, enlighten me with your wisdom, because the next time I have something to say I'd like to make sure it's OK with you that I say it and that I say it at the proper time. Oh, wait a minute. I don't really care what you or anyone else thinks about what I say or when I say it. If I see something greedy, hypocritical, or just plain stupid, I'm going to call out whoever the offending party happens to be. I've done it to the owners; I've done it to the NFL front office; and I'll certainly do it if I see it happen with the players. And make no mistake: trying to hold up the settlement of a CBA affecting almost 1,900 players just so four can get special treatment is pretty much the definition of greed. Whether it was instigated by their attorneys, agents, or whoever, it's still a douchebag move to make. And you know why it's a douchebag move to make? Because it makes ALL OF US look bad. It makes ALL OF US look like grasping, blackmailing, money-grubbing jerks whose only care is how much blood we can squeeze from the rock that is the fans — you know, the people who ultimately pay all of our wages. And I'm not a fan of that. (Owners, make sure you pay attention, too. Charging outrageous sums for drinks, seats, and seat licenses, while a great moneymaker now, is definitely counterproductive in the long run, especially with the advent of high-def TVs). You know how you grow the football pie? It's definitely not by shitting on the people who spend money on you. Maybe this is a small thing, but small things add up over time. I'll grant you that Mankins and Jackson got screwed by the CBA situation last year. They're entering the prime of their career and were counting on entering free agency. But at the same time, the franchise tag and restricted free agent tag aren't exactly the kiss of death. One year under the RFA offer would be as much money as a doctor earns in his/her ENTIRE LIFE. What. The. Fuck. You're telling me that having to go one year making "only" as much money as most people will earn their entire lives is such a hardship that you need an extra $10 million payout for putting your name on a lawsuit? I honestly don't know how to respond to that. Oh wait, yes I do. It's a douchebag move. Speaking of which, my favorite part of your entire rant is the following: "If it is his goal to slide into a post-punter career as a presumptuous and accusatory football analyst, then he has set himself up quite nicely. ..." Let's replace "punter" with "tight end" and see how that reads. Ooooh, it reads quite nicely. I like it. At least I had the grace to do it in 140 characters or less, not this meandering shitstorm that you felt compelled to vomit out at someone you've never met, don't know the first thing about, and likely might enjoy talking to if we ever met at a bar (someone who has written a meandering shitstorm of his own in rebuttal). So, Nate Jackson, while I respect your right to free speech (as apparently you don't respect mine), I also respect my right to tell you to go jam a tackling dummy up your ass sideways for being a snake-tongued, shit-talking Internet tough guy asshole who is so far out of touch with reality that you have no idea just how privileged we are to play this game for ridiculous amounts of money. You're not the only one who can craft a sentence, my friend. Sincerely, Chris Kluwe Punter P.S. I respect all four of the people I called douchebags (Manning, Brees, Mankins, and Jackson). That's why I used the word "douchebag" instead of "asshole" or "fuckwit." Someone acting like a douchebag can still be redeemed; generally it's a momentary lapse of judgment. There's no hope for asshole fuckwits. P.P.S. tl;dr — U mad bro? The previous article DB Nate Jackson wrote

DE Derrick Morgan cleared to "ball out"


It looks like defensive end Derrick Morgan’s recovery from last year’s season-ending knee injury is complete. Morgan tweeted on Friday he went to Birmingham to see Dr. James Andrews and "got officially "cleared" to ball out." Morgan, a first round pick by the Titans in 2010, tore his anterior cruciate ligament during the fourth game of his rookie season. He spent the rest of the season and this offseason working on getting his knee 100 percent for this fall and by June was pretty much been cleared to do everything — running, cutting and jumping. When the lockout is lifted, it will be up to the Titans training staff to determine if Morgan will be turned loose immediately, however. Ready, Set, GO!

The shopper's guide to free agency in the AFC


Tennessee Titans Money is no object: Given the length of the lockout, Kerry Collins' retirement and that rookie Jake Locker's head will be spinning, the need for a proven veteran quarterback is paramount. Donovan McNabb has to be the No. 1 target, then Matt Hasselbeck. Smart shopper: Depending on new collective bargaining agreement, Matt Leinart could be a free agent after the lockout. The Titans would be crazy not to give him a shot. If they can't re-sign Jason Babin, the Titans may be even better off if they go get Mathias Kiwanuka from the Giants. Also, rush end Antwan Barnes could be a steal. He made the most out of very few snaps in Baltimore. Matt F-ing Leinart?! please God do everything in your power to make sure this doesn't happen...

Even Rodney Harrison Thinks James Harrison Is An Angry Person


The money shot: On the NFL possibly targeting James Harrison: "It's no different than me Dan. I felt the same way as far as maybe the NFL is targeting me, but eventually you're gonna have to change the way you play and the Commissioner is doing a fabulous job of trying to get these jobs to understand that. The NFL is trying to protect themselves because 10 or 15 years down the line there are going to be guys that come back and say I can't remember this. I've got dementia and I'm going to sue the National Football League. He's trying to protect the best interest of the National Football League and he's going to have to change the way he plays. I looked at the comments and for me, very immature comments from James Harrsion. Obviously it's a senseless statement that he made calling Roger Goodell the devil. How do you make comments like that? That's flat out cruel and that's a little bit extreme. Let's flip it because there is a little bit of a double standard in my eyes. If Commissioner Goodell called him a devil or a ruthless thug, what would happen to the Commissioner? I think it's just a double standard. I think it's wrong, I think it's immature, I think it's ignorant and somebody needs to grab him by the coattails and tell this guy to shut up and grow up because it's bad. You can't make those type of statements about people. Furthermore, if you wanted to get to know Roger Goodell go to New York and spend time with the man. Don't make these comments if you haven't spent any time with him. I just think it's sad and somebody from the Pittsburgh organization needs to sit this guy down and say shut up and play football. Play football better. Like you said he's not even the best defensive player on his football team. He needs to focus on that."

Free-agency outlook: Titans


Thoughts? Who should we go after?

Top 50 free agents: New rules could fill up deep pool


Once the free agent market opens up, who should we make a run for?

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