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The Race for the Playoffs Starts Now

Not to detract from the incredible (and incredibly fun) start to the 2013-2014 Colorado Avalanche season, but, let's face it, none of the Avs' impressive 14 wins have come against anyone who...


Avalanche Quiz! Eric Lindross Trade Tree

Well, it's another Monday in the NHL off-season, and I happen to not have work today, and my rehearsal were cancelled. After watching 2 episodes of Breaking Bad and the season finale of the...

Adjectives Win the Off-Season


Parise and Suter sign with Minnesota: both deals worth $98M over 13 years.


NYC Avs Fans?

Hey MHHers.  I know there are a few of you in New York City, and having moved here myself at the end of last season, I haven't really found a good bar to go watch hockey.  Does anyone know of any...

Erhoff Rights Traded to Isles


Canucks not hanging onto Erhoff. They've traded his negotiating rights to NYI. If the Isles can't sign him (and I doubt they have a contract in place) the Avs might get a shot at him.

Hockey Players Prove to be Amazing People Again


Oiler Gilbert Brule picked up a hitchhiker outside of Vancouver...and it turned out to be Bono. Go figure.

Jibbles' Value of a Draft Pick


Great article here by Jibbles...a mathematical breakdown of draft pick value. Dater linked it.

Dater on S. Elliott


Not saying much that most of us don't already know, but it's nice to see Denver media taking note of future Avs.

Foote staying Put


Dater reports Foote going nowhere, neither is Stastny. JML still up in the air and Chicago may be interested in Radar or McClement.

New Opportunity for Elliott


Avs website paints Brian Elliott as another player who just needs a change of scenery to find success. So, he'll play great for 20 games, get us on the cusp of playoff contention, then sustain a career ending injury. The question is will we have already signed him to an extension?


Post of Positivity

I'm not a huge poster here on MHH, and I don't keep up with all the different threads as well as many of you, but from what I've seen, the mood on this board has gone down with the team's winning...


What to Do with Peter Forsberg?

(Written for Avalanche Breakaway but posted here, cuz I was too dumb to do a fanshot.) Apparently, some dude named Peter Forsberg has been practicing with the Colorado Avalanche.  A few years ago...

This is what's REALLY up with Peter Mueller


Apparently, he may just have been a figment of our imagination.

No Duke, Cody; Andy to start


Per the Avs website. Too bad, I was hoping Hejduk would come back. I'll expect him back and roaring after Christmas.


Game #34 Recap Drinking Game: Avs vs. Kings

if you weren't aware, Beachie, TheIncredibleEdibleYETI, and I all got together for the Avs-Kings game tonight and we set up some rules for a drinking game.  If you read through the re-cap, you'll...


The Lineup, if we ever get healthy

Now, I know it's never going to happen, but I got to thinking earlier today...what does our lineup look like when everone is healthy?  Here's what we'll have without any line combos predicated (and...


Shermanator Leaving His Mark

Avalanche Sophomore GM Greg "The Shermanator" Sherman is finally showing Avs fans that he is a man with a plan, other than "hurry up and wait" for our youth to take us to new heights.  Under...

John-Michael Norris?


Dunno if this has been part of any of the Bits and Links pieces, but NHL.com has JML listed as a runner-up in the quarter-season Norris race. If he keeps up his performance, is it unrealistic to put his name in that race?

Avs' top line ranked 10th in the league


The Bleacher Report ranks all 30 of the league's top lines, and the Avs come in 10th. Pretty fair ranking, IMO.

What to do with a healthy Defense?


ECA asks and answers the question on everyone's mind: what do we do with the young defensemen when the old guys get healthy?

Behind Enemy Bluelines: Flames


ECA will be featuring our divisional rivals in a feature called Behind Enemy Bluelines. We started with the Flames, written by yours truly. Check it out!


Specialty Hat Tricks

Even the common hockey observer knows that a Hat Trick is three goals, but only the enthusiasts know that a Gordie Howe Hat Trick is one goal, one assist, and one fight.  However, only the most...


Reasons to Be Excited for Friday's Game

It's October, and hockey fans across the continent are beaming with excitement for the young and budding NHL hockey season. Fans of both the Colorado Avalanche and New Jersey Devils have a lot to...

NHL + Stan Lee = Geek Out!


Has anyone else seen this? Stan Lee is coming up with a new project called the Guardian Project, which will feature super heroes based on each NHL team. Apparently, it's going to span a bunch of mediums. All the heroes will be revealed at this years ASG. So, what will the Avs super hero be? Cue sarcasm!

Carman, Shattenkirk Re-assigned


I certainly wasn't expecting Shatty to be sent down yet. Really bummed I won't see him in Vegas.


Avs re-acquire Wolski, but NHL nixes deal

DENVER - Avalanche beat writer and source of all hockey knowledge Adrian Dater reported in his critically acclaimed blog this morning that the NHL had indeed rejected a deal between the Colorado...


Some Thoughts on the Voting

Okay, so I'm too lazy to make a fancy schmancy attachment of the voting charts that Puck Daddy posted after the awards ceremony...but I'm not so lazy that I didn't look at them.  And you should,...

Avs to open season against Blackhawks


Somewhere lost in that article of NHL announcements shot out of a cannon, I happened across the tidbit that we'll be opening against Chicago.

Svats, Boods to play for Slovakia


Why? Because the off-season promises a lot of slow news days. Just remember guys, they aren't ex-Avs yet!

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