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The Zombie King, he calls his troops, Der Krieg is coming soon
The filthy fiend stand wall-to-wall, and this is a big room!
The creatures of the underworld ar an imposing bunch
But zombies are my sweetest slaves, as long as they get lunch

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Open thread for Ravens/Falcons game. We're all Falcons fans for tonight!! Go Dirty Birds!!!!


Open thread for Ravens/Falcons game.  We're all Falcons fans for tonight!! Go Dirty Birds!!!!


Pick Em!

Aaaahhhh.....Bengals week is over, and Pats* week is here.   I'm doing this post a day early because of the Ratbirds game tonight.   Winners in bold as always.   Atlanta over Baltimore - This game...


Pick Em!

It's Bengals week. Monday Night Football. Primetime. This is gonna be the game of the week.   Last week I was 10-3 at my pick em. Only the Niners, Chargers and Saints screwed me out of a perfect...


Pick Em!

Welcome, my friends, to another installment of "Who do you think will win this week?"   I'll begin. Winners in bold like always.   Miami over Cincinnati - The Queen City Kitties are dead in the...

Pro Bowl Voting Starts!


Clicky linky and vote for this years Bullshit Bowl. Like any of the players are going to show up anyway...Wait, is it back in Hawaii again?

Pittsburgh #1 Best City to Move to in America


Notice there's not a single city in Ohio on the list. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Joe Flacco: Jersey Shore Twink, or long lost brother of Andrea McNulty?


Joe Flacco: Jersey Shore Twink, or long lost brother of Andrea McNulty?


Pick 'Em!

Here we go Steelers, here we go! Winners, as always, in bold.   Atlanta over Cincinnati: Falcons are just too good to bow down for the Queen City Kitties.   Chicago over Washington: Much as I hate...


Pick 'Em!

I thought I would do a 'pick the winner' thread this week, as there seems to be a serious lack of traffic during the weekend. All of you must have desk jobs that let you comment like mad during the...

So godamn funny, I had to share it!


Justin Bieber calls out Tommy Boy Brady on his hair in a rap song. Yeah, seriously, WTF?


This Oughtta Be Fun...Q&A Time!

Here we are folks, heading into week 6 of the 2010 NFL season, and it's AFC North rivalry time.   You hate us, and we hate you. Our two clubs have one of the longest standing rivalry's of the last...


Power Rankings: How we stand up, and how our AFCN Rivals are Doing

ESPN has the AFC North as:   Us at #1 "With QB Ben Roethlisberger returning, Pittsburgh has a shot to be the NFL's only dominant team."   The Ravens at #2   "RB Ray Rice (133 yards, two touchdowns...

Ben's back


Allowed to return to the team today


Thanks to the Refs, You won

Ha ha! Gotcha!   Very good, hard fought win. We shot ourselves in the foot with mis-cues and penalties all game. These were not the undefeated Pittsburgh Steelers. This was a 2-2 squad out...


That's What I'm Talkinbout! (AKA: Q&A With BTSC and ME)

As you may be aware, our two teams face off this Sunday in the battle for 1st place in the AFC North. I have said numerous times in the past that the two (and sometimes three) games we play a year...


Are You Scared? You Will Be....

  This is a joint effort between EnglishSteelerGotBanned and I.  Somebody said about scary players in another poast so I thought it would be a good discussion between us all during these long pre...


It's that time of year again...Introduce Yourself!

We, the denizens of Behind The Steel Curtain, and loyal members of Steeler Nation around the globe are like Marines. Hear me out, please. Like Marines, as a Steeler fan, you know if you meet...


Take Your Mind Off It (Jokes Open Thread)

Here we are, boils and ghouls (boys and girls. Get the reference and win a prize), less than 24 hours before our Pittsburgh Steelers kick off the 2010 season.   But enough about that. This thread...


Donte' Stallworth out 8+ weeks with broken foot

http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/news;_ylt=AoD2VPDRBYGgjbZxRxRCJUJDubYF?slug=ap-ravens-stallworthinjured   According to this, Stallworth supposedly broke his foot on one of his 3 punt returns. I would...


Super Fun Football Time! (AKA: Ask a Steelers Fan)

Here we are boys and girls. Second pre-season weekend. I would say we're coming to invade the Meadowlands, but you guys have a new stadium, and I don't know the name.   As my team is coming to play...


Welcome Back Football!! (I.E.: Q&A With BTSC And Me)

I know it's only Monday, and we usually wait till Wednesday to do these, but I just can't wait.   I'm so excited for the first Steelers game of the season, as I'm sure you all are excited for the...

Shenannigans in Jets camp


Holmes and Sanchez getting cozy. My favorite line "If he doesn't show up to practice, don't be surprised"



Everyone panic! We all need to jump ship, and go be fans of another team(s)! There's no hope for the Steelers! It's all coming down around our ears! Kill yourselves now, and save the trouble of...


Boring Weekend Open Thread

It seems as though there's not very much traffic here over the weekend of late. Most likely because everyone else has a life. (sigh)   Anyway, I thought I would do my first original fanpost in 3...


Ask The Steelers - McFadden 1

If it's not obvious, I did not write this. I bit it directly from Steelers.com. Just thought it was pretty cool to hear from our returning #2 corner. Enjoy!   Linky-link:...


Non-Footyball Movies! (Drama)

I know, I know, it's Tuesday. I had a lot of crap to deal with yesterday, suffice to say, welcome back Dr. Del!   After a short hiatus from the site, he is back! Contributing as only he can with...


Non-Footyball Movies! (Comedy V. 2.0)

Sorry I missed last week, but I have been dealing with stuff and things. Anyway, I don't want to bore you with my crap, so I'll bore you with my favorite comedy movies!    1. Dodgeball  2. Be Kind...


Non-Footyball Movies (Zombie/Vampire)

Alright folks, here's some badly needed fun and distraction.    1. Underworld (all 3)  2. Van Helsing  3. Blade 1, 2 & 3  4. From Dusk Till Dawn  5. 28 Days Later (haven't seen 28 weeks later yet)  ...


Non-Footyball Movies (Animation)

Sorry it's so late, folks. Mother-in-law had knee surgery today, and my mom had to get dropped off at the freeway (don't ask). So, without further ado...   (As always, in no particular order)    1....


Time Wasting Open Thread

Couple things that have been on my mind lately:   1. Master and Commander Rooney said a while back that he would like to see the Steelers get back to running the ball better. What exactly does this...

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