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1st Mock of the year

I haven't done a mock in a long time and finally I feel comfortable enough to make a prediction of mine own. This is what I think the teams will do, not what fans want the team to do. There is...

Poe stock in the media is dropping


One thing to take away is Mayock sees a good motor from Poe

Free Agents You Meet in Hell


A little bit of FA advice including a cautionary tale about FAs fro mthe Steelers


NFL changes rules on violent hits.

Finally after last years all talk, no action on the subject of steeper penalties for illegal hits, the NFL has alterted the rules on what illigal hits will now cost. h...

May this end the Colon to guard talk!


I've always had a feeling that Colon would never be a gurad for the Steelers


MTD 7 round draft results

          Mocking the Draft has finally got around to doing a 7 round community Mock draft. Despite missing the 1st 3rd and 4th round I am very happy with how this draft turned out for us. So...

'Toxic differential'


This a playoff predictor used by Billick and Mora. I't accurate to say the least

Playoff Machine


ESPN has a Playoff simulator. There can be some pretty wack combinations, that are realistic. Check out the one I did

Ben Roethlisberger has a long way to go to earn the trust and respect of Pittsburgh Steelers fans,...


Ben Roethlisberger has a long way to go to earn the trust and respect of Pittsburgh Steelers fans, but the troubled quarterback did manage a very nice gesture roughly two weeks ago. Roethlisberger and his father ran into a 5-year-old boy and the boy’s dad at a golf course in suburban Pittsburgh. The boy had a Roethlisberger jersey on and the quarterback obliged by volunteering an autograph and took a picture with the boy. The father relayed the story on Steelernation.com and finished by writing: "He put a smile on my family’s face today and I’m pretty sure my son will never forget it. If he does, he’s always got a nice picture and autograph to remind him I should have never prejudged the guy like so many others. I’m going to share this story with as many as I can."

Ben's trying to fix his image

State of the Steelers

With the trade of Holmes everybody is thinking we need a WR in the first couple of rounds. Not so. We have been preparing for this for 2 years. 


Predict the pick brought back to live

The time has arrived. NFL.coms predict the pick is open for business. All who want to join now is the time.   

QB Guru Talking about Tebow mechanical breakdown


I know we don't care about Tebow, But this video does show Ben working under this guy. Plus it is a good video for youth FB coaches.


NFL Draft Predict the Pick

The SuperBowl is over. Saints won like I thought they would, now on to one of favorite times of the year: Draft Time 

Mock Draft .1

East-West Shrine game is passed, Senior Bowl week is over, the Super Bowl is in 2 days. Time a Mock Draft. Sorry multiple rounds. I'm not that much of a nut. yet. 

NFL.com Mock Draft


Bucky Brooks has published his first Mock of the year; and I got to say. I'm not impressed. The worst pick has to be Trent Williams at #4


7 round 32 Team Mock Draft

Hey Charger fans First I'd like to congratulate ya'll on a great season and wish you luck against the Jets this week. I know this is a busy time for ya'll, what with the playoffs and all; but...

Bengals Henry Dead


Sad story. In other news this might change who the Bengals pick, since Henry was the Bengals deep threat and since he's been on IR the've struggled deep

Potential Late Round QB

  Hey guys. I was watching the begining of Nevada Boise State and I'm wondering whats the word on Nevadas QB Colin Kaepernick.  

Ben to reconsider playing on Sunday make final decision Saturday


While the Ravens will be hard to beat with out Ben I would like to see Dixon

Curse of thew Terrible Towel


Now we know why the Titians won last week

After seeing this video


I know for a fact the Steelers won't draft Spikes.

Aaron Smith put on IR


Crap good think we got Ziggy

Tedy Bruschi retiring!!!


According to NBC Tedy Bruschi will announce his retirement tomorrow weakning a already suspect linebacking corp

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