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2013 NFL Draft: Inside linebackers available at 17

They're the tone-setters, the playcallers. The inside linebacker is the usually the quarterback of the defense. With the Steelers sitting on the 17th overall pick, it wouldn't be a shock to see them bring in an inside 'backer.


Going Inside: A First Look at the 2013 ILB Prospects

The inside linebacker is a very important role for any defense. Often times the ILB is the defensive playcaller, and the tone setter. Look at any of the great defenses in the history of the...


Second Look at the 2013 Draft: First Rankings and Analysis of the 3-4 OLBs

In my first post, I briefly mentioned just how many potential pass rushers that could be available in the 2013 NFL Draft. As the title of the post states this second installment is going to be a...


First Glance at 2013 NFL Draft: Saturated with Pass Rushers

Last year in my opinion was a bad year to try and draft a pass rusher. Though there were some quality players available none came with out their share of question marks. The "elite" player last...


Three Year Cycle: A Common Theme in the Colbert Era, the Blessing and Curse

In the comments section of another fan post the idea that the current 2012 Steelers could be in another drought before the beginning of a new dominant era. I decided to take this idea, use my rare...


Defending Kevin Kolb: Challenge Accepted Edition

For those of you that weren't here last season I had three Fan Posts with the similar topic of defending Kevin Kolb after his sub par play to start the year. Here is the link to the second post a...


In the Trenches: Offensive Line Grades for Preseason Game #2

This will be my second post on grading the offensive line play. After reviewing my first notes I notice some inconsistencies in my grading from the first preseason game. While I stand by the order...


What was Learned after the Cardinals 3rd Pre-Season Game?

For those of you that do not know, I am a Steelers fan who lives in Arizona and therefore also root for the Cardinals. Even more so now that they have so many ties to the Steelers. I try to watch...


Expression of my Appreciation for the BTSC Community.

As I sit here in front of my computer I am enrage, infuriated and extremely irritated about events that occurred earlier in the evening. I had the unfortunate pleasure of nothing being on the...


Curtis Brown and the Lie the Stats Told You

Many fans in Steelers Nation finished watching the first preseason game and came away with a negative conclusion about second year cornerback Curtis Brown. It wasn't just the fans either. Steelers...


Ryan Lee: From Unknown to Potential Roster Sleeper Overnight

After breaking down the offensive line play of the Steelers in the first preseason game against the Philadelphia Eagles. Late in the game one player caught my eye, the offensive guard #69. This...


In the Trenches: Offensive Line Grades for Steelers at Eagles Preseason Week 1

We rate out the Steelers' offensive linemen during a rough preseason opener at Philadelphia


Pittsburgh Steelers v. Philadelphia Eagles: Ten Players to Watch

Tomorrow is the first game action the for the 2012 Pittsburgh Steelers. I know many of us have followed the tweets and reports out of training camp almost religiously but haven't been able to...


Second Week of Training Camp Recap: Risers and the Falling

Monday August 6 is the complete day of rest for the Steelers as stated by the CBA. It also brings to end the second week of the Steelers training camp. This posting will attempt to bring together...


First Week of Training Camp: Who is Shining and Who Should be Packing?

Well after five days of training camp Monday is the Steelers first complete day off as stipulated by the new CBA signed last summer. I thought this would be a good time to address all the reports...


My Prior to Training Camp Roster Prediction

Okay so we are extremely close to the Steelers training camp date. I thought that I might throw my predictions in for how I think the roster will look come week one in Denver. Without further delay...


Kevin Zeitler or David Decastro: History Shows They Both Should Succeed

In the 2012 NFL Draft the Cincinnati Bengals were put in a very interesting position. With a need at offensive guard and the player that was called "the best guard in the draft" still on the board...


Ranking the AFC North Offensive Lines: Preseason Edition

A BTSC reader goes through the offensive linemen of the AFC North in an effort to determine which one is the best overall.


Three More Predictions: A Little More Extreme This Time

Recently I did a post on five on my prediction based on rumors and discussions this off season. The result was that a majority of the predictions were almost expected and hardly any really was...


Five Early Predictions: Based on Off-Season Murmurs

As fans of the NFL we have now enter the dull void of no football relevant events from now till the start of training came. After searching through and viewing many different articles about the...


The Move from Tackle to Guard: How Others Dealt with the Mid-Career Switch

The recent news about Willie Colon switch from right tackle to left guard has the majority of Steeler Nation excited about the prospects of the Steelers 2012 interior line. I am one of those who...


I need BTSC Nation's help with this

Usually I am opposed to asking for favors but in this I need the help of Steeler Nation. My brothers girlfriend is in a Snow White and the Huntsman photo competition through the Billare...


Steelers in the PFF Top 101

Pro Football Focus released it's top 101 list last week and there were several Steelers who cracked the list. Here is what PFF said;


David DeCastro: The Ideal Steelers Player Becomes a Steeler

Well ladies and gentleman Colbert does it again. However in all Colbert's years in the draft I don't believe he has ever chosen a player that legitimately is the best player available and one of...


Steelers Mock Draft v. 11.0: Your Gonna Hate This Edition

So this off-season I put in a lot of time watching prospects, creating mock drafts and it has been fun. On April 26th I will find out just how wrong I actually am but before that this is my Final...


Pre-Draft Visits: Why You Should Pay Attention (2012 Edition)

If you guys weren't here last year I did post on Pre-Draft visits and why you should pay attention to the later round guys. I correctly predicted that Marcus Gilbert and Cortez Allen would be...


Steelers Mock Draft v. 10.0: Having Their Cake and Eating It Too Edition

Okay it has been a while since I have done a Steelers mock draft and this will more than likely be my last one if not second to last one. Again I will state the pick, the player, and give a brief...


A Storm has Pass: Baron Batch Medically Cleared from Injury

After reading an entry from Baron Batch Blog I learned that the rookie who captured the backing of Steeler Nation with his now famous 'Back on 'Backers drill against James Harrison is cleared from...

The Prospects You Haven't Heard Of: Looking at the the Relatively Unknown (3/30/12 Update)

Every Year in the preseason there seems to be a few guys throughout the league that seemingly came out of no where. The best examples of this phenomena would be Victor Cruz, Arian Foster and even...


The Prospects You Haven't Heard Of: Looking at the the Relatively Unknown (3/30/12 Update)

Every Year in the preseason there seems to be a few guys throughout the league that seemingly came out of no where. The best examples of this phenomena would be Victor Cruz, Arian Foster and even...

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