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#11 Jiri Sekac

A new face to the organization, Jiri Sekac's skill, experience and offensive prowess gives him the edge to debut rather high on the Top 25 Under 25 project.

#20 Daniel Audette

A newcomer to the Habs organization, Daniel Audette is a promising offensive player hoped to be another Timmins late round steal. He begins his stay in the Top 25 as #20.

Sweden advances over Slovenia

The plucky and surpring Slovenes look like they may be at the end of the line in their quarter final match against the powerful Swedes.

Can Plekanec lead the Czechs to victory?

Heading into the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic games, we'll be previewing the main competitors for gold in both men's and women's hockey. Our first stop is the Czech Republic.

Outplayed again

Boring early game goes to over-time. Injured team is much better than a pretty healthy Montreal. Therrien must be destroyed.

The Players Stage a Sit-In-Strike

Yeah, they're still in the playoffs, so everything is fine.

Top Six Minutes: Big Bird Edition

Habs seemed to be playing relatively well but ran into a top team playing to the best of their abilities. Beyond their talent, San Jose plays such a well structured and disciplined game. But they...

Top Six Minutes - Zebra Safari

After confering, assessment made by the readership in the thread stands. No video evidence that the officiating wasn't bogus.

Canadiens vs Blue Jackets - Third Period Thread

The Subban giveth and taketh away. Goals against on Subban's elbowing penalty and a bad pinch lead to two Jackets goals, making the game tighter than expected going into the third.

Second Period Thread - Habs vs Blue Jackets

Its the PK Subban show at the Bell Center tonight. Montreal's top pairng puts the team in control of the match through 20 minutes.

2013 Habs Top 25 Under 25: #1 P.K. Subban

P.K. Subban once again tops the Habs Top 25 Under 25, who else did you think it could be?

2013 Habs Top 25 Under 25: #8 Sebastian Collberg

The Swedish sniper Sebastian Collberg is considered to be one of the Habs most offensively gifted forwards prospect, which has earned him the 8th spot in our rankings.

2013 Habs Top 25 Under 25: #12 Michael Bournival

Bournival was one of the main AHL rookie forwards in Hamilton in 2012-13 after a strong CHL career. He's fast, smart and hard working, but does that add up to an NHL career of any significance?

2013 Habs Top 25 Under 25: #20 Gabriel Dumont

The 5th round pick from 2009, Gabriel has flitted about the bottom quarter of the EOTP top 25 under 25 since he was drafted 4 years ago, through one junior and three American League campaigns.

Meet the new Atlantic Division

The neighbourhood is going to get crowded next season. 3 new teams join the existing Northeast teams to form a mammoth 8 team division to compete for 4 playoff spots.

How Good is a Parity Era Cup Winner?

There seems to be a continual debate in hockey circles about whether and which teams are actual "contenders" for the Stanley Cup.

Mid-day Musings: Sunday Sermon


It is time for you here to go to temple to hear the words of wisdom. For your faith in our glorious cause has been lacking.

Mid-day Musings: Safety Starts with You


The Gryba hit has sparked tons of debate about whether it was dirty and/or suspension worthy. What I think it really showed though is there are a bunch of attitudes running around about player...

Fancy Stat Scouting: The Senators at even strength

By going over video and the numbers, I'll be giving you my best assessment of how the lineup of the Ottawa Senators will function in their series against the Montreal Canadians.

Karlsson vs Subban

Who is really the better defenseman?

Game 37: Third Period Thread

To maintain its iron fisted hold on power benevolent rule, the new regime has elected to institute a new religion as a opiate to the masses comfort to the citizenry. The Imperial Cult of the Chosen...

Game 37: 2nd Period Thread

Andrew's absence has resulted in a deplorable power vacuum and threatens to plunge peaceful EOTP land into chaos. I'm unilaterally appointing myself responsible for 2nd and 3rd period threads in...

How do the Habs' forward lines work?

Studying the puck possession and usage of the Canadiens forward lines which lead to their Eastern Conference leading 2013 half season.

Third Period Thread

Absolutely terrific hockey game so far. Two eastern conference powerhouses have been essentially equal to each other through 40 minutes in balance of play and goals.

Know Your Opponent: Pittsburgh Penguins

Pittsburgh has a legit claim of being the best team in the Eastern Conference. Lead by a pair of the best offensive centers in the league, a deep defense and very strong coaching, they are an...

Fancy Stat Scouting - The New York Rangers

The Habs take on the Rangers for the second time in a week, so make sure to read some fancy stat scouting.

Know Your Opponent: Islanders

The Islanders lack of recent success is so extensive it’s become proverbial. How are they looking this year? Is their 13th position in the standings and -11 goal differential earned by bad play or...

Fancystat Scouting - The Carolina Hurricanes

The Carolina Hurricanes had a monster off-season last year, adding a pair of impact players in Jordan Staal and Alex Semin. Now this year they've rocketed up to the top of the South East division....

TOP SIX Minutes

Habs take on the tired Flyers and prove to be much better at playing hockey.

Game 14: Third Period Thread

Habs have been stealing the Flyers lunch money, but the puck luck hasn't been in their favour. 2-1 after that dominance is frustrating.

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