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The NBA, musical theater, and Dork Elvis?

I know that this is pretty off topic. But as a former manager of an SBN blog (The Crawfish Boxes), I know how powerful of a platform SBN communities are. A old friend of mine from high school, a...

Jim Crane fires Ed Wade and Tal Smith


The real question in all of this: how does this affect Bobby Heck?

What is the good word about the 2011 Astros?


2011 will be an interesting year for the Astros, but is that a good thing?

Can Bagwell's accusers meet their burden of persuasion?


Jeff Bagwell is being subjected to the old "cheater, cheater, pumpkin-eater" attack. But does that accusation hold any weight?

Gammons backs Bagwell for the HOF


A very nice, very well rounded piece from Gammons. Hopefully baseball writers across America are swayed.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays



Just how great are the Astros payroll concerns?


When you trade a flame throwing late-inning reliever for scrap two days before Christmas, the trade reeks of desperation. In the Astros case, the desperation reeks of payroll concerns.

Astros trade Lindstrom to the Rockies


It seems as though the deal is nearly done, but there's no word on what is coming back our way. While we await word, we can play the speculation game...BEGIN

What was THE moment you knew the Astros were headed towards disaster?


It's a morose conversation, but a conversation worth having nonetheless.

Looking to 2011: The enigmatic Chris Johnson


Although the availability of Bill James' projections on FanGraphs seems to have generated little excitement here at a TCB, projections season always excites me. Whether I wholly disagree with them,...

How TCB Follows the Astros (The Truth Is Out There)


Waxing philosophic before the hotstove muckraking heats up.

Ed Wade will get creative with free agents


Could be fun...Apparently offense will be the area Wade addresses with his creativity.

McTaggart publicizes Fielding Bible Awards


Don't get me wrong, it's cool that Michael Bourn won the Fielding Bible Award for CF, but it's a lot cooler that McTaggart is talking about the award on

Looking forwards by looking backwards: The Astros payroll efficiency in 2010


The Astros have needs, and how much bang the Astros got for their pitching and batting buck in 2010 tells us a lot about what those needs are—and how they should be pursued.

Did the Astros get any bang for their batting-buck?


The answer is less than surprising, but not without nuance.

Did the Astros get any bang for their pitching-buck?


Part I of a three part series exploring the relative value the Astros got from their players in 2010.

For the strong of stomach only


Zach Levine went through and pulled the five most costly sequences of the 2010 Astros, as defined by WPA, and combined them with the video of those moments. It's horrific, but also like a train wreck in terms of watchability.

Finding the grain of truth in Chris Johnson's BABIP-fueled season


Astros fans: Chris Johnson's season is either luck, skill, or something in between. But which of those three is it?

Finding A Silver Lining In An Astros Nightmare


If you had been told six months ago that the Astros would be playing without Lance Berkman and Roy Oswalt, yet be far more watchable, would you have believed it?

The 2010 Astros: The Most Unwatchable Team in Baseball


To date, at least, according to Carson Cistuli's new Team NERD score.


Pirates @ 'Stros

Current Series Astros lead the series 2-0 by Stephen Higdon, The Crawfish Boxes Aug 1 2010, 6:04p

With as much as things have changed for the Astros over the last few days, making sense of Brett Myers' extension is not an easy task.

Myers' extension is official: 2yrs, $21 million with a 2013 option that could raise the total to $29.5 million


Analysis of the contract extension to come after today's game.

Source: Myers deal with Astros will be two-yr extension through 2012 with club option for '13....


Source: Myers deal with Astros will be two-yr extension through 2012 with club option for '13. Option also will have vesting element.

Ken Rosenthal via Twitter - take this with a grain of salt, but it is the first actual bit of news we've gotten on the extension. McTaggart just tweeted that Myers is looking for a third year as a guarantee. I think these two reports explain why there has been no news, officially, on the deal since 2:30 PM.

Baby 'Stros continue to roll right along: Brewers 0 - Astros 6


Starting with a line up that had an average age of 27, four rookies, and a first baseman playing in his first major league game, the presumable Astros the future did their best to make us forget...

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