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Showing up - an open letter to Vernon Davis

Dear Vernon, Let me open this letter by stating that I am a lifelong 49er fan and a true admirer of your work with the team. When I started cheering for the 49ers, I was 8 years old and Joe...

37 Cam Newton doesn't want a deal like Kaepernick

As all of us here at Niners Nation already know (as does most of the free world and a good chunk of the less-than-free world) 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick recently signed a 6-year extension worth up...

Understanding the Wonderlic and psychometrics

The NFL Draft is upon us and thus ends this year's cycle of talent evaluation for 32 teams and thousands of college prospects. Decisions will be made this week about who to pick, what players to...

Earl Thomas gets big contract extension

Fooch's Note: Given the size of the contract for the 49ers chief rival, I figured I'd move this FanPost to the front page Latebreaking news: Earl Thomas is now the highest paid safety in the NFL...


One favor deserves another. Report: DICK Sherman to command $12MM/year

In a cross-blog post with Field Gulls earlier today, our favorite (least favorite?) rivals to the North posed the thought that we 49ers fans should be thankful to the Seahawks because without their...


How not to get your A** kicked by the police! (An open letter to athletes in the off-season (or any time for that matter))

Dear Athletes - Let me preface this by stating that most of us fans out in the general public understand that you're not a role model, it's not right for any of us to view you as a role model, and...

Joe losing big on QB Bracket


Guessing all the haters are voting against Joe big time. Get over there and vote vote vote!! Currently 26% Joe, 74% Unitas

How many Utz's Pork Rinds for Anquan Boldin?

A Niners Nation commenter considers alternative payment for various members of the 49ers.

Joe Looney needs to be disciplined for this cheap shot!


I'm a lifelong 49er fan, but the team better get ahead of this and do something to discipline Joe Looney for his cheap shot on Kevin William!! Total crap if they don't!


NN #7 Fantasy Football League - open for biz.

Hello all! There has been a lot of confusion/issues around getting our NN FFB leagues started, so I thought I would post a fanpost here to let others know how to get into the league I set up. I...


The Crabtree Debate - what happens with his contract?

There has been a lot of discussion here on NN about what happens with contract extensions/free agency over the next few years. Props to Brother Girth for having a very detailed FanPost about the...


Dwight Freeny: NFL Owners Conspired to not pay Free Agents

Hello NN! It's been a while since I threw down a Fanpost, but this topic is of great interest to me. As the headline indicates, a story over on reports that Dwight Freeny - the 7-time...

The Brady 6


With all this talk about the NFL Draft, I've seen a ton of comments about "so-and-so will be a beast in the NFL" or "so-and-so will never amount to anything in the NFL." To all of that I say - NO ONE KNOWS. Joe Cool was a 3rd Rounder. And Tom Brady was a 6th rounder... with 6th other QBs taken before him....most of whom barely lasted a couple years in the league. GREAT video if you have the time (and the inclination to realize we really know nothing about what makes someone successful or not in the NFL).


NFL Pressures a fan to abandon "Harbowl" Trademarks

Interesting and related to the discussion of the trademarks filed by Colin Kaepernick in recent days (See Also: Colin Kaepernick post-Packers week included six trademark applications), apparently a...


Help finding 4T size Jersey?

Hey everyone - I've been looking all over the web for a size 4T jersey for my son - preferably Kaepernick, Willis, or Gore (in that order), but I can't seem to find anything. All the sizes are...

Deadspin - Why Your Team Sucks 2012: San Francisco 49ers


I vehemently disagree with just about every word this guy wrote, but if you read it from a humorist's perspective it's pretty funny.


49ers ranked #3 in the NFL Power Rankings after Pre-Season Week 1

Holy $CH!TT what a difference a year makes!!! Simply typing the headline for this FanPost makes me want to "go tell it on the mountain." After a decade of sitting on the sidelines in January, our...


NFL Yearbook - The 2011 San Francisco 49ers

I'm one of those 49er fans who struggle immensely with the off-season. Being that I am only a fan of NFL football (and the 49ers specifically), I really have a hard time between January and July. ...


RIP Junior Seau - 8th Member of 1994 Chargers to pass

An open thread for discussion about Junior Seau's passing.

Great video from NFL films about the Alex Smith / Aaron Rodgers selection in the 2005 draft.


Great video from NFL films about the Alex Smith / Aaron Rodgers selection in the 2005 draft.


Discussing the use of the franchise tag

In the pre-offseason doldrums, we're really left to scratch our heads, pontificate, prognosticate, and fume over the woulda/coulda/shoulda of last season. The good news is that we're not far from...


Will the 49ers be first to clinch a playoff berth?

I posted a comment on the "pick one thing to improve" thread that really took me back...  In making the comment, I realized that I had inherently ASSUMED that the 9ers ARE going to the playoffs. ...


We've Entered BizzaroWorld - front pg:"Get Alex Smith onto your team now"

That's right folks, "Get Alex Smith onto your team now" is what the front page of says.  On top of that, they've got Frank Gore prominently displayed just below that headline...  And an...


T.O. to sign with Bengals

Breaking news from - " T.O. joining Bengals Terrell Owens has agreed to a one-year deal with the Bengals, a team source told NFL Network's Michael Lombardi." So it looks like the answer to...


UPDATED 7/26 - Dez Bryant signs 5 year deal: State of the Draft Pick Signings - 9 days till camp!

Dez Bryant signs 5 year deal worth $11.8 million


Nate Montana arrested among 8 Notre Dame athletes...

Here's the short of it: "Early Saturday morning police from South Bend, Indiana discovered a party that ultimately sent 44 people to the St. Joseph County Jail. The NBC affiliate, WNDU, reports...


State of the Draft Pick Signings - and the Cost of Iupati, Davis, and Mays

In his morning post about Nate Byham, Fooch got us up-to-date on the 49er draft signings thus far.  A few weeks ago, I posted a question about where to find a tracker for draft signings.  Several...


Another Fantasy Look - 9ers Rank in all but 1 Top 20 list

In my previous post about the 49ers getting some fantasy respect, I looked at the fantasy rankings of a number of 49ers.  This post is basically an update from's fantasy section that shows...


Quarterbacks or Cornerbacks...THAT is the question!

We've seen a lot of FanPosts (and even front page articles) here about the 49ers Quarterback situation.  I believe the consensus around here - and correct me if I am wrong - is that the majority of...


Fan Support and Player Performance - chicken or egg?

I just saw another FanPost asking which niners jersey someone should buy.  In that post they explain some of the obvious choices "Patrick Willis is the obvious choice, but he's not my favorite...

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