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Jackson signs with Redskins


DeSean Jackson's signed with the Redskins. I didn't think we were serious contenders.


Super Bowl Poll: Who Will Win?

So a lot of mock drafts and the like have been going up over the past few weeks, and I usually get sick of those things by about the fourth one. Since there's still this season's football being...

Chris Kluwe's Article on being Released last May


I would love to have brought him in for competition. I'm confident he can still punt with the best of them.

Love for Alonso


Some NFL analysts and reporters share some love for Alonso for Defensive Rookie of the Year.


An Exploration of Kevin Kolb's TDs and INTs

Last offseason, I compiled some statistics about the timing of Ryan Fitzpatrick's TDs and INTs and wrote a brief post reporting and analyzing them. Given that it's the boring part of the offseason...

Bills' Analytics Department Doesn't Exist Yet


For those of you claiming that the BIlls were making decisions based on their Analytics Department's results, they're not. That is, at least, according to Russ Brandon.

Byrd is so good he has supernatural powers in Madden.


Byrd is so good he has supernatural powers in Madden.


Stetz's Statistic of the Week (Week 1): Sanchez the Wunderkind

Welcome to the first installment of Stetz's Statistics. After each weekend this season, I am going to try to put together a post about a statistic that stood out to me about the Bills game the...


An Exploration of Ryan Fitzpatrick's TDs and INTs

Ed. Note: Bumped from the FanPost section. - BG It's a pretty boring time of year for NFL fans. We've had an exciting offseason to say the least, and all of us are dying to get to the season. I am...

Just lost a LOT of respect for Michael Silver


I used to read him and think he was one of the better writers in sports media. Now, I just dislike him. Yes, I'm fickle.


Mocking the Worst Possible Drafts

I don't do mock drafts. I don't watch college football, and have no idea who most you are talking about when you do post your mocks. However, I thought this might be an interesting idea, since it...


Spectrum of Fandom: Why We're All Here

After a long and drawn out discussion with a fellow Rumbler, I've come to the conclusion that we, as a fan base, tend to categorize each other, and do so wrongly. I've seen a lot of talk on this...


Another Historic Victory

Last week's win against Kansas City was historic for a multitude of ways, which have been laid out quite a bit on this site, so I won't repeat them here. But today's victory also set an interesting...

Bills "Underrated" in ESPN Power Rankings


A little bit more love for the Bills from ESPN...but only a little bit.

Can't believe I'm saying this: Belichick has a good idea.


"Philosophically, plays that are non-plays shouldn't be in the game. I don't think it is good for the game. Extra points, when the odds are 99 percent range in extra points it is not a play. Let's move the ball back to the 15-20 yard line and not make it a tap in. Let them kick it. Same thing with the kickoff return, if you're just going to put the ball on the 20, put the ball on the 20." Can't say I disagree...his logic is pretty sound.

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