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Skinny Post sits down with Shannon Sharpe

Hello MHR, It's been a while since I've had the time to contribute on here, about 4 years or so and it's nice to have the time to visit in the heart of Bronco Country. A year or so ago, I did a...

Video chat with Davone Bess


Hey Dolfans! I had an interview with Davone Bess the other night, thought you might enjoy it! Great person to have on your roster!

Stanford Routt Interview


Hey everyone, I recently had a Skype interview with Stanford Routt that I thought you might enjoy. Thanks!

A Chat With Amobi Okoye


Here is an interview I did with Amobi Okoye last night. We chat about his Foundation work, his chat with Wade Phillips, the switch to the 3-4 Defense and if he was in the war room who he would draft for the Texans.


Wildcat Sack? Is it a sack or tackle for a loss? Intent is the key!

Yesterday on Twitter, I noticed an MHR member ask "Is a tackle on the runningback out the of the Wildcat formation considered a sack." Very good question and not just a simple answer... the answer...


Determined to Ride - The Cadillac Williams Story

Hey guys, I wrote this article for my website over at and I wanted to get some honest insight from Bucs fans about you feel about it. I would really appreciate any comments or...


Michael Vick - The Broncos could fit

I know, I know, I know...but hear me out.


Julius Peppers

 Hello Bronco Country, The offseason of boardom is winding down and we are weeks away from Training Camp and some recent news has caught my attention.


Knowshon Moreno, why he will be the Rookie of the Year!

Scouting Knowshon Moreno by (via DeanLegge) Knowshon Moreno is in a great place for his career.  Recently Mike Beacom did an article for Sports Illustrated, Rookie Watch: Run...

Knowshon Moreno


Cool Knowshon Moreno video, then and now.


30 Rushing TD's? - It's possible!

In 1983 Eric Dickerson put his mark on the NFL with 1808 yards in his rookie season. Dickerson was given the ball 390 times that season and was clearly the work horse that L.A. Rams needed....


The Broncos hit a home run!

Wow, McDaniels has gone crazy?! Not really, he just has a plan. Back in January, my post Draft a 1st Round Running Back with a terrible defense? You Betcha! had generated a great discussion. Before...


Who's the one guy?

Well the draft is now less than a day away and I am really curious to ask you guys and gals, the best fans in all of sports, who do you want? Just one guy - I don't want the realistic answer, I...


Running back to watch out for - Bernard Scott

I came across some good film study of a running back that caught my attention. Bernard Scott (5-10, 220)  attended the Division II school, Abiline Christian University.  Bernard was the 2008 Harlon...


Steve O's Official Contest(s) Mock

1. Lions - Jason Smith - I think they already gave him the pen 2. Rams - Eugene Monroe - The Rams are torn, Oher's a better run blocker, Monroe a better pass blocker? They go with the better feet. ...


Tale of Two Systems

This post is intended to show some very basic differences between the Erhardt - Perkins offensive philosophy base that Josh McDaniels used in New England and compare it what we are familiar with in...

Pat Bowlen Speaks


Here is the link to the interview with Pat Bowlen and Bus Cook. He discusses the Cutler - McDaniels rift.

Point of No Return - Styg getting the recognition he deserves


On the front page article on, Gregg Rosenthal uses Styg's piece on Bus Cook as a link. MHR, you always get it here first!


Running for a Ring

In 1999 something happened that hasn't happened again since. A team won the Super Bowl without running the ball better than their opponent. The St. Louis Rams passed the ball 46 times with 24...


Steve O's 1st Mock Draft

Welcome Bronco fans to my first 2009 NFL Mock Draft. Now that Free Agency has given us a little direction I decided to put together a mock to give an idea of where players may fall. I look forward...


Getting Defensive - Breaking down the prospects

This piece is dedicated to the defensive prospects for the upcoming 2009 draft. I want to make sure that everyone has a chance to see some of the guys that will be discussed frequently in the...

Peppers chooses four teams; only names one


The Dallas Cowboys are mentioned as a destination that Peppers would like to land. A source tells the associated press that Dallas is one of four teams that Peppers would like to play for. Two other teams are NFC squads and one is an AFC team. The names of those teams are not yet available.

Haynesworth to test Free Agency


Espn is reporting that A. Haynesworth will not resign with Tennessee and will test the Free Agent market.


Follow The Leader

One of the things that we often have talked about in Broncoland is the lack of an identity on defense. In particular, a lack of leadership. I understand that we will be bringing in some new faces...


Why the Houston Texans scare me

Everyone in Broncoland now knows what time it is. Bowlen grabbed his team back, gone is Bronco football as we know it.  So by all accounts, we are rebuilding. We haven't admitted that in decades so...


Shadow Boxing

The term "Shadowboxing" is used in combat training, especially boxing, as way to train your muscles to move and react in a certain way. Typically this exercise is done alone, hence the term...


A Time of Transition

A sincere thanks to Broncobear who edited this post and to HT, thank you both for your insight and knowledge. 20 years ago, the 1988 Denver Broncos defense was a much-maligned unit. The '88 team...


Sports Illustrated's Recap of the Senior Bowl practices

Here is what SI had to say about the Senior bowl practices. It seems there is a collective agreement  that Raji was the biggest riser. It is looking more and more apparent that he may be too good...

Reeves wants to be SF OC!! What is the plan, hand off left, hand off right?


Reeves wants to be SF OC!! What is the plan, hand off left, hand off right?

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