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In the midst of a semi-successful career in the technology industry, after a particularly grueling IPO followed by a popping noise that turned out not to be his last healthy Achilles tendon but rather the bursting of the tech bubble, ClipperSteve decided to take a couple months off to spend some time with his kids, ClipperMax and ClipperZoe. Finding that a life of leisure appealed to him (particularly the shall we say more flexible rules concerning personal hygiene), the brief sabbatical has now stretched into many years. To pass the time between coaching youth soccer, Brownie troop meetings and elementary school field trips, he would often bore / harass / terrorize his ever-shrinking circle of friends with endless emails about the NBA, and more specifically, his beloved Clippers. Needing a more efficient format for disseminating his brilliance, the blogosphere serendipitously appeared, perhaps through the intervention of benevolent pixies. Why should you care what ClipperSteve has to say about anything? Because he has a lot of time on his hands. Why is ClipperSteve a Clipper fan? We don't have that much time.

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User Blog

Handle available, inquire within


Who is the real Clipper Steve? My first interaction with new Clippers owner Steve Ballmer turned out to be a memorable one.

Let's get ClipCast on KFWB


The radio home of the Clippers, KFWB, is switching to a sports talk format in the near future. If they want a Clippers show by and for real Clippers fans, it has to be ClipCast.


ClipCast episode 85: BALLMER!

Who's more excited about the Clippers? The ClipCast crew or Steve Ballmer? It's a trick question, and the answer is Ballmer.

Sterling to Ballmer -- rags to riches for fans


The new owner of the Los Angeles Clippers greeted the fans for the first time today and it's a match made in heaven.

USA opens World Cup tuneups with win over Brazil


In their first exhibition game, Team USA beat Brazil in Chicago behind an impressive performance by Anthony Davis. The FIBA World Cup begins in Spain in two weeks.

Paul, Griffin in top 5 MVP candidates on ESPN


Chris Paul and Blake Griffin round out the top 5 in ESPN Forecast's poll of MVP candidates for the coming season, trailing only three former MVPs.

Voice of the Clipper fan in the paper of record


For the second time this year, your fearless leader has been quoted in the New York Times.

The Clippers 2014-15 schedule -- let's dive in


The Clippers schedule was released yesterday. Let's take an in depth look at what it holds for the team.

ClipCast episode 84 -- Happy Schedule Day!


The release of the NBA schedule has Chris Wylde and Mike Jaglin doing what they do best -- talking about the Clippers.

Where will the Clippers be in 12 months?


As part of the latest SB Nation NBA Theme Day, let's look at where the Clippers will be 12 months from now.

Clippers sale official -- Sterling out, Ballmer in


The chain of events kicked off in April when a tape of Donald Sterling's racial insensitivity was released has come to its logical conclusion, as the California courts and the NBA have both agreed...

Clippers open pre-season against Warriors


The Clippers open the NBA pre-season against their new rivals, the Golden State Warriors, on October 7. The regular season schedule will be released next week.

ClipCast episode 83: The Two Billion Dollar Team


Finally! A new ClipCast! Mike Jaglin talked Chris Wylde off the ledge after the end of the season, and they're back in front of the microphone for the first ClipCast podcast since the end of the...

A very different Team USA will take on the World


With Kevin Durant's decision to withdraw from the World Cup on the heels of various injuries and other departures, Team USA is suddenly a much different looking team.

Paul George's leg reignites USA Basketball debate


The fact that Paul George injured himself playing for Team USA doesn't mean that international competition is a bad idea.

Sam Cassell expected to join Clippers staff


Washington assistant coach and former Clipper point guard Sam Cassell has been let out of his Wizards contract, a pre-cursor to joining Doc Rivers' Clippers coaching staff in L.A.

Minor back injury kept Griffin off Team USA


A small fracture in his back is the reason that Blake Griffin has opted against playing in the World Cup this summer.

Sterling v. Sterling closing arguments open thread


The probate trial to determine whether Shelly Sterling properly sold the Clippers is in closing arguments today, and the judge expects to make a tentative ruling this afternoon.

Griffin declines Team USA invite


For the third time in three biannual competitions, Blake Griffin will not compete for Team USA.

The Clippers, falling dominoes and settling dust


The dust is beginning to settle from a flurry of free agency activity, and the Clippers have some roster holes to fill, and relatively few assets with which to will them.

World Cup Final, Germany-Argentina, Open thread


After a month of one of the most entertaining World Cups in memory, it comes down to two pre-tournament favorites, Germany and Argentina.

LeBron goes to Cleveland and free agency goes wild


The first ten days of free agency were quiet as everyone waited to see what LeBron would do. That all changed today.

The South Seattle Clippers -- LA is Seattle's team


Over the last few seasons, through similarities in play and the addition of several players from the Pacific Northwest, the Clippers have become the logical choice for Seattle fans looking for an...

If Seinfeld cross examined Donald Sterling


Donald Sterling is hilarious. Maybe some day it will be revealed that in fact he is a performance artist who has been playing a role this entire time. But the current trial is dangerously close to...

NBA Free Agency: Hawes and Farmar on the Clippers


The Clippers' first two moves of the off-season have been to plug big holes at the backup point guard and third big with Jordan Farmar and Spencer Hawes. Does that make them a better team than last...

NBA Free Agency -- the Clippers lose Collison


Darren Collison will receive the full mid-level exception in his free agent contract in Sacramento, a sum the Clippers were not going to pay for a backup point guard. Prices this summer don't bode...

Collison & Ballmer: the potential of deep pockets


Darren Collison is opting out of his deal, making him a free agent, but that doesn't mean he won't be a Clipper going forward. A new ownership group is a big plus for the Clippers as Collison...

Sterling probate showdown set for July 7


The hearing to determine if Shelly Sterling had the authority to sell the Clippers acting as sole trustee of the trust that owns the team has been set for July 7 -- several days into the crucial...

Sterling makes a statement that is so Sterling


We just didn't understand Donald Sterling before -- it turns out, he's a freedom fighter, taking a stand to protect the rights of citizens like you and m.

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