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Steve Slowinski is a baseball writer, specializing in objective analysis, advanced statistics, and the Tampa Bay Rays.

Steve started blogging at DRaysBay during the spring of 2009, and took over the day-to-day operation of the site in August 2010. Since then, he’s also run a general sports news website for a year – SB Nation Tampa Bay – and contributed pieces to ESPN.com and the St. Petersburg Times.

After stepping down from DRB in 2013, he currently runs the sabermetric glossary at FanGraphs.com.

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Rays, White Sox Game 3 Lineups


The Tampa Bay Rays and White Sox kick off against at 4pm today, and the lineups for both sides have been released. While the White Sox keep their lineup essentially unchanged from yesterday --...

Matt Moore vs. Chris Sale: Rays need a win

Matt Moore and Chris Sale face off this afternoon at 4pm EST in a game the Rays desperately need to win.

GRAPHIC: Remembering Game 162


The anniversary of Game 162 was last night, and the Tampa Bay Times put together a graphic recapping the glorious action from that night. Even a year later, I'm still blown away that I didn't dream it all.

Not To Be A Downer, But...

This weekend's five-game win streak notwithstanding, the Rays face daunting odds if they hope to make the playoffs.

The Rays Tank: The Win Streak Starts Today, Right?

Joe Maddon has no idea why the Rays continue to lose; David Price wins the team-level Clemente Award; and Ike Davis is on the trade block.

When Things Fall Apart: Alex Cobb Starts Strong; Rays Lose To Red Sox, 5-2

Tonight, the Rays made quite the statement: the season is over. I've been loathe to come out and say it, especially since we always want to hang on to hope as fans and root for the impossible, but...

9/17 Post-Game Thread: The End is Nigh

This is what it feels like to see an entire season go down the drain, and be utterly powerless to do anything about it. Source: FanGraphs

The Rays Tank: When Playoff Odds Nosedive

This season wasn't supposed to turn out this way. Outside of the Yankees, every team in the AL East can express that sentiment and get away with it. The Red Sox were supposed to be challenging for...

The Rays Tank: Stop Being So Damn Magical, Orioles

Here's the thing: I normally like the Orioles. Their 14-year run of futility has caused me to sympathize with their team and fans, as I know how rough that can be from first hand experience....


Interested in Writing About the Rays?

Are you a passionate baseball fan? Interested in writing about the Rays? We're looking for some extra help around these parts, particularly with Rays Tanks, Series Previews, and other daily pieces. ...

Question About Dave Eiland


This question comes from Jeff Zimmerman (of FanGraphs and Royals Review fame): Back when he was with the Devil Rays in 1998-2000, does anyone remember why he had two surgeries? How fast did he come back from Tommy John? Was his recovery rushed at all? Any longtime fans out there care to chime in?

The Rays Tank: AL Playoff Race Updates

Over the weekend, there were a number of bumps and changes in the outlook for the AL East and the AL Wild Card spots. Before Mr. Neg's Monday Morning recap talk about the Rays, let's run through...


9/9/12 GDT: Footbawl? Footbawl?? Psh!

It's still baseball season.


9/8/12 GDT: The Return Of Chris Archer

Bring it on, Rangers.

SB Nation United: New Logo For DRaysBay

In case you haven't heard any of the rumors or caught any whiffs of it, there are some big changes brewing below the surface at SB Nation. Courtesy of SB Nation, I bring you our upcoming, new look: ...

The Rays Tank: Bobby Valentine Has A Meltdown

Instead of focusing on the Rays' frustrating loss last night -- I swear, EJ, that's the last straw -- I want to talk about something a little bit...happier. Yesterday afternoon, Red Sox manager...

The Rays Tank: The Orioles In Flight

With the Rays win over the Yankees last night, coupled with the Orioles win over the Blue Jays, something remarkable has happened: the Baltimore Orioles are actually sitting in first place in the...

Rays Pull Out Win In The Eighth; Chris Gimenez Has Game Of His Life

At its best, baseball is a game of suspense. When it happens, the action on the field moves quickly: pitches are thrown at 90+ MPH, double plays are turned in the blink of an eye, and game-changing...


9/3/12 GDT: Happy Labor Day!

Relax, kick back, and enjoy some baseball! Yankees: Jeter 6, Swisher 3, Cano 4, Rodriguez DH, Chavez 5, Ibanez 7, Martin 2, Ichiro 9, Dickerson 8 Rays: Jennings LF, Upton CF, Zobrist DH, Longoria...


9/2/12 GDT:

Niemann Leaves Early With 'Tightness'; Rays Hang On To Win, 5-4

The first seven innings of today's game were an incredibly enjoyable experience. With no home broadcast, I was forced to put on the Blue Jays television feed with the Rays radio crew, and the...

9/1/12: The Big Nyquil Returns

Put 'em to sleep, Niemann.

The Rays Tank: This Stretch Run Is Going To Be Nuts

It's amazing how a few weeks can change so much. After riding high through the majority of August and taking a game and a half lead in the Wild Card race, the Rays have gone 5-5 over their last 10...

The Rays Tank: Hurricanes, RNC, Birthdays, And The Paralympics

Jeff Passan has a fantastic new column up: 25 Things You Didn't Know About Baseball. The entire thing is one heck of an enjoyable read, but if you're looking for Rays-specific bullet points, check...

The Rays Tank: How Many Ways Can We Marvel At The Rays' Pitching?

This has been brought up on game broadcasts recently -- and it's been quite obvious to those following the team recently -- but it's remarkable enough to highlight again: the Rays' pitching staff...

The Rays Tank: Damn, It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta

After a four-game sweep of the Angels -- who, just a couple months ago, were considered nearly unassailable in the Wild Card race -- there's really only one possible way to respond: Thirteen games...

The Rays Tank: What's Up With All These Perfect Games?

In case you live under a rock and missed the news, Felix Hernandez threw a perfect game in yesterday's action against the Rays. He was dominating; he struck out 12 Rays, and shut down an offense...

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