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Lakendrick Ross to Bengals


Bengals signed DT Lakendrick Ross. Ross was not selected in the July supplemental draft despite a gargantuan 6-foot-5, 360-pound frame. He could be a practice squad candidate in Cincy.

Zach Mettenberger readying for the Chiefs Pass Rush


Zach Mettenberger has yet to take a hit in the NFL, but he's already proven he can take a punch. The Titans rookie quarterback was the victim of a sucker punch in the face during a Saturday incident at Losers Most Wanted Bar & Grill on Division Street, according to its owner.

Knile Davis


In his only career start, Davis blew away the Chargers in Week 17 -- a game San Diego needed to win, by the way -- with 27 carries, 81 yards and two touchdowns. He ended his first pro campaign with a disappointing yards per carry, which some could interpret as a lack of explosion. But I think it's more likely an indictment of the noise level inherent in YPC. If you take a step back and look at his 1st & 10 yards per carry, a different picture emerges, as Davis averaged 4.11 YPC on 41 totes. I like looking at 1st & 10 YPC to see what a runner is able to do when the defense is geared for the run, and when he's on an equal playing field to others at his position. Charles was of course better, with 5.54 1st & 10 YPC, but we should expect that. Charles is one of the best running backs in football.

Are the Seahawks like the Chiefs?


Wide receivers and tight ends have not had much fantasy success in Bevell’s offense. Last year Golden Tate had the best fantasy season of any Seahawks’ receiver under Bevell’s time there, with 64 receptions, 898 yards and five touchdowns. The receptions and yards were both highs under Bevell while the touchdowns didn’t quite meet the previous high of seven. Tate is gone and we will see the targets spread out once again. Percy Harvin should be in line for Tate’s role, while Doug Baldwin will get an uptick, but volume will not be their friend. Harvin should be used in the run game enough to buoy his stats, but he’ll need to average a decent amount of carries each week for him to truly break out in Bevell’s offense. We saw what the Seahawks offense could do on multiple occasions, including the Super Bowl, last year. Maybe they’ll ramp up their offense some, but I don’t believe they’ll change their whole system just to put up more points as long as they are winning.


As easy as Pie

The Kansas City Chiefs generated 5617 total yards of Offense in 2013. Jamaal Charles led the way with 35% of the total. That is 3% more yardage than Dwayne Bowe, Donnie Avery, and Dexter McCluster...

An interesting look at Peyton Manning


Manning's accuracy in the first five games last season was uncanny. Traditional stats agree -- he was 150-of-198 passing (75.8 percent) with 20 touchdowns and one interception. More than just the completion rate, his ball placement was on the mark. For general comparison (acknowledging the following isn't always true), let's consider the chest the sweet spot, over-the-shoulder plays good throws, and designate anything caught above the neck, below the waist or wide a "bad throw," then look at the start Manning had with his wide receivers compared to the finish.

The NFL divided $6 Billion in 2013


NFL teams each received $187.7 million in national revenue this year, reports ESPN's Darren Rovell. Since the revenue is split evenly, that means the league as a whole split more than $6 billion. The Green Bay Packers, the NFL's only publicly-owned team, released financial information Thursday showing that they received $187.7 million in national revenue, or 1/32 of the league's total national revenue. According to Rovell, that $6 billion pot is up 56%, factoring for inflation, since 2006.

The Las Vegas Raiders


How does the 10-year lease agreement between Major League Baseball’s Oakland Athletics and the Oakland Coliseum Authority to have the A’s keep playing for the next decade in Coliseum affect the Oakland Raiders? The knee-jerk reaction of the deal being approved by a 6-2 vote, under threat of MLB commissioner Bud Selig giving the A’s permission to move if the deal was not approved, is that 81 baseball home games is preferable to 10 NFL home games (two in the preseason, eight in the regular season). But the Raiders might now want to take their ball and go home ... wherever that might be -- Dublin, Concord, Los Angeles, Portland, San Antonio, Parts Unknown.

Chargers Toughness


Reich said that he believes the most important quality a NFL offense can possess is toughness. Several players for San Diego showed mental and physical toughness last season, with Ryan Mathews (ankle), Nick Hardwick (neck), Eddie Royal (toe), Jeromey Clary (clavicle), Chad Rinehart (toe), King Dunlap (head) and D.J. Fluker (knee) all playing with nagging injuries during the season. "You’ve just got to be mentally and physically tough," Reich said. "It’s a long season. It’s a tough game. So I think at the end of the day you need that physical and mental toughness to sustain and work hard every day, because really where you end up being successful is a consistent effort at getting better every day."

Broncos up against the Cap


Currently, at least until the rosters league wide are cut to 53 players following the fourth preseason game, teams only have to be under with their top 51 salary-cap figures. That puts the Broncos under the cap right now, but with their top 51 coming in at just over $132 million (the cap baseline is $133 million per team) they will have to do at least some work before the end of the preseason -- even with some accounting benefits like rolling over some unused cap space from 2013 -- to sign Thomas, get 53 players under the cap and have enough room to effectively deal with any potential players on injured reserve.


Fantasy Chiefs

Evan Silva breaks down his top-200 NFL fantasy players for the 2014 season. How Did the Chiefs rank? Jamaal Charles ran away from the competition. via 2. Jamaal...

Josh Gordon


Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon is already facing a potential one-year suspension from the NFL and that could get worse after his latest transgression. Gordon was arrested early Saturday morning in Raleigh, North Carolina and charged with DWI, according to


Eye of the Tiger

Philly does not Create Cheese-steak, they consume it. Andy has had the Eye via He Eyes it and then if not satisfactory, he trades it Andy Reid was the Guy that got Nick...


WalterFootball breaks down the Chiefs 2014

Walter hates us, but he does have many valid points to ponder. or Linky 2014 Kansas City Chiefs Offense: The Chiefs averaged nearly 28 points per...

Passing Tendancies


Describing Alex Smith A Play Action, scrambler, who is best with no pressure or while being blitzed.

A possibility?


MANNING (takes a deep breath to collect himself): Oh-bwa ... Sorry. (Takes a deep breath again.) Oma-bwahahaha ... Damn! (Coughs.) Sorry, sorry, sorry. My bad. Oma-haaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahaaaaaa! So maybe that's John Dorsey's master plan. Having failed with every conventional, over-the-counter route, he's going to get inside No. 18's head by making Manning laugh hard enough to soil his Underoos.


How deep are the Chiefs?

AP user Steve_Chiefs looks at 13 questions you ask to determine the depth of your football team.

Flowers goes under the bus


Other evaluators expressed concerns about Flowers' maturity level. A sampling: One coach: "He wants to be the leader of the secondary, but he belongs in the nickel position and he's more of a zone cover two guy than a man-to-man guy, and that will be a problem with his ego." Another position coach: "He tends to blame the coaches when things go bad." A scout: "Flowers wasn't particularly good to Romeo Crennel or Emmitt Thomas." Those comments raise doubts about coachability which need to be resolved in a day-long interview. A former teammate said, "There was a time when Flowers was the man. Now he's kind of out a gas." But another coach said, "I wish we signed him, because he is an upgrade." There is some debate about how many big plays he gave up last season, but the range is between 9 and 13.


The "Lame" Start to Andy Reids 2nd Job

Many have called into question the Chiefs fast start due to their "poor" finish. Would it be better to be the 2011 NY Giants limping into the playoffs with an 9-7 record? Winning games whenever...

Football Outsiders


Notable Undrafted Free Agents The Chiefs announced about the smallest class of undrafted free agents in the league, only six, though they have since added some others to get up to a more normal total of ten. Given the lack of additions at the position, the highlights may go to wideouts Albert Wilson, who averaged 18.2 yards per catch at Georgia State, and Darryl Surgent, who averaged 16.4 yards per catch for Louisiana-Lafayette and returned two punts and two kicks for touchdowns.



via Condon will point to Smith’s superlative win-loss total over the past three seasons, as both a 49er and Chief. Since 2011 Smith is 30-9-1 as a starter during the regular...


A Plethora of Good QB Contracts

But what is it about the Cutler contract? Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith also reportedly wants that much money from the Chiefs, even though his wife tweeted out that the report wasn't true. At...


A Game of Numbers

The German militarization of the 1930's was based on superiority of equipment and superiority of numbers in that equipment. The Germans had better military weapons in the hands of the Soldiers, the...

Chiefs Cap


Kansas City Chiefs 81 $4,189,904.00


Drafttek Grades on the Chiefs 2014 draft

Dee Ford OLB Tamba Hali will turn 31 years old this upcoming season and will carry a cap number of almost 12 Million Dollars in 2015. These days, the NFL is all about passing and rushing the QB....

Stephon Tuitt concerns


One scout told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel that Notre Dame DE Stephon Tuitt and Falcons DE Tyson Jackson are the "same guy." "That's all he is," the scout added. "Big dude. Zero pass rush." Opinions vary on Tuitt. Another scout called him "athletic for a big man" but questioned his effort by saying "he just kind of wallows around." A third scout said Tuitt plays too "stiff" and "is not elite." 6-foot-6, 300-pound Tuitt projects as a 3-4 end like Jackson, but has more pass-rush upside and will likely be a top-50 pick.

Eric Ebron concerns


Take North Carolina tight end Eric Ebron for example. Considered by many to be the top tight end available by leaps and bounds, Ebron’s negative qualities are being broadcasted for the world to hear. First it was the "drop rate" being higher than the other tight ends available in this year’s draft. Now, it centers around something you can’t measure on the field at the NFL Combine: his personality. Appearing on WGR Sports Radio 550 Tuesday morning, Tony Pauline of says the tight end’s act wears thin for some. "He's a high maintenance sort of personality. He's a me type of player and he always has been. He's a me type of person on the field and off the field, and I've known this since November. He's the kind of guy that was complaining when he didn't feel he was getting the ball enough. He's not well liked by all of his teammates. He's not a prima donna, but he's a bit self-centered. I don't know if it's just a maturity question, or that's the way it is. I hear it runs pretty deep." - Tony Pauline Pauline also mentioned that the New York Giants are backing off the idea of taking Ebron because of his personality, and that it’s something that has to be considered by any team thinking about drafting him. The draft analyst did say that his talent is top notch and that he’s the new NFL prototype for tight end.

Kony Ealy concerns


3. KONY EALY, Missouri (6-4, 265, 4.69, 1-2) — Fourth-year junior with 25 starts in 38 games at DE. "I think he could grow into a five-technique," said one scout. "I see him as a rush guy like Paul Kruger was in Baltimore. Where 80, 90% of the time he's rushing. He could do that and eventually grow into a D-end." The 4-3 teams view him as a base end. "I question his fire," another scout said. "If you got the right kind of coaching and put a boot into him, he might be a very good player. Whenever something doesn't work he just shuts her down. He's just kind of out of control. He gets washed out, then he'll make a big-time play." Finished with 93 tackles (27½ for loss) and 14 sacks. Wonderlic of 10. "He thinks he's already an Aldon Smith-type player," a third scout said. "Classic con man. I don't trust this kid. He will be just a big pain in the (expletive). He's one of those 'let somebody else draft him' guys." From New Madrid, Mo. Added a fourth scout: "There's no outstanding traits about him other than he gives you some versatility in a bad (defensive-line) draft. He's a mess. Somebody's going to draft him because they need a defensive end and overdraft him."


The Four Scenarios

First via Zack Martin is a Tackle for the Irish, But he could play any Offensive line position if needed. We need versatility. Martin lined up at both guard and...

WR or TE?


3. Jace Amaro, Texas Tech: Amaro had a breakout last season with over 100 receptions. He's a slot player with little to offer as a blocker. He is a solid route runner. The West Virginia and Oklahoma State games made me feel like he was a sure first-round pick with 24 receptions, 310 yards and three touchdowns. He tries to block effectively but he really is an oversized wide receiver and would be a great fit on a team playing 12 personnel (1 RB, 2TE, 2WR) as the move tight end. I see him as an early second-round pick.

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