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Stew is a journalism major that eats, sleeps, and breathes Colts football, while dishing out a grade of excellence that is only rivaled by Peyton Manning. That's been the story ever since he was a kid. He also enjoys spending time with his beautiful girlfriend and pointing out how great his favorite sports teams (Colts, Buckeyes, Reds) are, even if they really aren't.

Stew covered the 2012 NFL Combine for Stampede Blue and was subsequently almost blinded by St. Elmo's famous cocktail sauce. He also appears as a fan of the fictitious Gotham Rogues in the epic film, The Dark Knight Rises, so you know he's cool. You can follow Stew and his personal ramblings via Twitter at @stewblake22.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Cincinnati Reds
  • NBA Los Angeles Lakers
  • NFL Indianapolis Colts
  • NCAAF Ohio St. Buckeyes
  • NCAAB Ohio St. Buckeyes
  • Golf Tiger Woods, Keegan Bradley, Phil Mickelson, Ernie Els, Nick Price
  • Boxing Kid Dynamite
User Blog

Luke Links: 'It's Almost Combine Time!' Edition


Luke Links: 'It's Almost Combine Time!' Edition: Andrew Luck v. RG3 continues... Peyton Manning should join Gang Green... Bruce Arians is "back in blue"... and who will remain a Colt in 2012...?

Luke Links: 'Are You Guys Exhausted, Yet?' Edition


Luke Links: 'Are You Guys Exhausted, Yet?' Edition: The Colts coaching staff is ready to rock... Jim Irsay is catching some more flack... Peyton's neck just might fall off... and the Colts were once drama-free...

Mayock: Luck is great, but not a "once in a lifetime" prospect


Draft guru Mike Mayock offers a sobering view on Andrew Luck and the infatuation with the Stanford product. Furthermore, Mayock compares Luck's talent level to Sam Bradford's (this isn't a bad thing), claims that Peyton Manning was a better prospect in terms of pure talent, and raves about Robert Griffin III. Is the gap between Luck and RG3 quickly closing?

Jim Irsay: We Can Make It Work If Peyton Would Like To Remain A Colt


Well, Manning-Watch '12 certainly just got a little more interesting. If you happen to be rooting for Peyton Manning to finish his career as a Colt, Jim Irsay is doing his best to put a small smile on your face. The Colts want #18 back in the saddle.

Luke Links: 'We Already Miss You, Football' Edition


Luke Links: 'We Already Miss You, Football' Edition: Reggie Wayne could be a Patriot... Peyton likes the Texans... Pat Angerer wants perfection... and Jim Irsay is under a lot of pressure...

Bob Kravitz Backtracks From Peyton 'Noodle Arm' Comment


It seems the heat, specifically on Twittersphere, that Bob Kravitz was taking after calling Peyton Manning's right arm a "noodle", was just a little too much for the Indy Star journalist.

Bill Polian: Peyton Will Return At A 'High Level', Adam Vinatieri Says Peyton Is 'Not That Far Off'


The man who once pulled the strings in Indy for over a decade is now providing us with some encouraging words regarding the return of Peyton Manning.

Luke Links: 'Peyton Owns The News' Edition


Luke Links: 'Peyton Owns The News' Edition: Peyton-Watch '12 continues... Will he stay or will he go?... Peyton is a Cameron Crazy... and Jim Irsay's decision could be a huge surprise...

Tom Telesco Promoted To VP Of Football Operations


Colts general manager Ryan Grigson has made the decision to promote Tom Telesco to vice president of football operations.

Luke Links: 'Boom Goes The Brady' Edition


Luke Links: 'Boom Goes The Brady' Edition: Andrew Luck praises #18... Indianapolis should be a lock to get another Super Bowl... Jeff Saturday is a guy you want in your front office... and the Peyton saga continues...

Giants Clinch The Lombardi In Epic Fashion, Eli Grabs MVP


Congratulations to the 2012 Super Bowl Champions: The New York Giants.

Tom Condon: Peyton Was Cleared By 'Best Back And Neck Guy In The Country'


In an appearance with NFL Network, Peyton Manning's longtime agent Tom Condon made it clear that "Peyton's not done", along with some other goodies.

Luke Links: 'Supa Sunday: Go Giants!' Edition


Luke Links: 'Supa Sunday: Go Giants!' Edition: Reggie Wayne wants to stay a Colt... Pierre Garcon & Robert Mathis are off-season priorities... Bruce Arians love the 'Shoe... and Peyton Manning is a gifted man...

Peyton Manning: Rehab 'On Point', No Plans To Retire


After widespread speculation and "gut feelings" regarding the future and health of Peyton Manning, all of that has been laid to rest. At least for the next 24 hours...

Luke Links: 'Peyton Manning 24/7' Edition


Luke Links: 'Peyton Manning 24/7' Edition: Jim Irsay is realizing things... Eli loves his big bro... Peyton's arm might be a wet noodle... and Bruce Arians isn't getting much love from the city of Pittsburgh...

Report: Keith Butler Will Stay In Pittsburgh


According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazzette, Butler has decided to stay in Pittsburgh after meeting with Mike Tomlin and Steelers owner, Art Rooney II.

Jim Irsay Denies Report Of Impending Peyton Manning Release UPDATE Peter King: No Decision Has Been Made


The emotional roller coaster in Indy just keeps on trucking... At approximately 1 am EST Sunday, Irsay took to his Twitter account to dispel Jason La Canfora's exclusive report.

Chuck Pagano Hiring Could Mean Good Things For Robert Mathis


Chuck Pagano's vision for the Colts defense is far from crystal clear, but he certainly seemed to be excited about the opportunity to work with Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis (if he re-signs) in 2012.

Jim Irsay Tells Peyton Manning To 'Keep It In House', Manning Responds


The Manning situation in Indianapolis continues to unravel.

Peyton Manning: 'It Was Fun To Get Out Of Town.'


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 48 hours, you’ve probably come to the realization that Peyton Manning is not a very happy camper. Manning’s candid, but depressing perspective from Bob Kravitz really hit home for a lot of fans.

Luke Links: 'Good Luck Chuck' Edition


Luke Links: 'Good Luck Chuck' Edition: Chuck Pagano is the main man in blue... Is the Peyton Manning divorce inevitable?... Chuck likes to run... and Bill Polian still loves #18...

Luke Links: 'And Our New Head Coach Is...' Edition


Luke Links: 'And Our New Head Coach Is...' Edition: Jeff Saturday loves #18... Jim Tressel might be knitting his blue sweater vest... Irsay wants Andrew Luck or RG3... and Peyton Manning found a new day job...

Luke Links: 'New Era Certified' Edition


Luke Links: 'New Era Certified' Edition: A new era it is, Rob Lowe should stick to being irrelevant, The Colts may be cursed, and this really could be the end for Peyton Manning as a Colt...

Colts Request Permission To Interview Pete Carmichael, Will Interview Jerry Gray


The Colts have requested permission to interview Saints' offensive coordinator, Pete Carmichael, and have been granted permission to interview Titans' defensive coordinator Jerry Gray.

Luke Links: 'A New Era? Really?' Edition


Luke Links: 'A New Era? Really?' Edition: Jeff Saturday is a man's man, Eli Manning likes the idea of Peyton in NY, Peyton likes Indianapolis, and the Colts are "kidding themselves."

Anyone remember this?


Anyone remember this?

Dallas Clark and the Future of Indy at Tight End


With two back-to-back injury-riddled seasons for Dallas Clark, what will the future hold for the fan favorite and Indy at the tight end position?

Luke Links: 'The Boilermaker From Philly' Edition


Luke Links: 'The Boilermaker From Philly' Edition - Do you agree with Jim Irsay? Did we get "our man"? Don't be shy.

Peyton Manning And The New York Jets?


Will Peyton Manning join the New York Jets in search of another Super Bowl Ring? I wouldn't start buying your green #18's just yet, folks.

Archie Manning Is Talking About Peyton Again


What will Archie say about his son's future this time? Let's find out.

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