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Became aware of sports just in time for the magic of 1969 and 1970, when the Mets, Jets and Knicks won titles for the first time. (Since those three titles, they have combined for exactly two more over the following four decades plus.) Oh yeah -- my high school graduation was the night after the Midnight Massacre -- aka the day Tom Seaver lost it at a press conference for probably the only time in his life. In spite (because?) of this, I still live and die with the Mets. Oh, and the screen name? George (The Stork) Theodore was my favorite cult Met from 1973.

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  • MLB New York Mets
  • NFL New York Jets
  • NCAAB Columbia Lions
  • NHL New York Islanders
User Blog

Ralph Kiner: An Appreciation

Let's be honest: when I first became a Mets fan, I was not necessarily a Ralph Kiner fan. Lindsey Nelson and Bob Murphy were trained broadcasters who could excel at what Murph would call...


Past, Prologue and Piazza

Now that a week has passed since the Hall of Fame voting results for this year were announced, you may be sick of hearing about the voting. Or maybe you've simply moved on. So if you don't want...

Walking the Vineyards with Tom Seaver

Yes, there is some Get Off My Lawn here, but if anyone has earned the right to it, it's George Thomas Seaver.

40 Years Ago This Week...The Ball on the Wall Play

September 20, 1973 -- Jones to Garrett to Hodges in the 13th inning.

RIP Dave Jennings

Although most of his career was with the Giants, he became a Jet late in his career. His respect was such that he was given number 13, not worn since Don Maynard. After his retirement, he became the Jets' radio color commentary for over a decade.


Of Garretts and Gilkeys: Top 50 Comparisons

Amazin' Avenue member StorkFan compares the Top 50 players from each of the four early-sixties expansion franchises.


Talkin' Snowball

Minnesota was frozen Colorado was also chosen And Mets fans just stewed in it all the while April ball is a no go 'Cause every park is full of snow And down on the corner MLB went on trial W...


The Little Miracle of 1973 -- Part 4: The World Series

Previously: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 It would be very easy to use the cliche of Old Guard vs. New Breed for the 1973 World Series. But what the heck, let's use it anyway. Strangely, it was the...

Gary Cohen Also Broadcasts During His Time Off

For a guy who claims to hate advanced stats, he does seem to like a certain website.


The Little Miracle of 1973 -- Part 3: The NLCS

Previously: Part 1 Part 2 After going from last place to a division title in slightly over a month, the Mets were rewarded with a berth in the NLCS against the Cincinnati Reds. The Reds had...


The Little Miracle of 1973 -- Part 2: The Stretch Drive

Previously: Part 1 On Sunday, August 5, 1973, the Mets were swept by the Cardinals in a doubleheader at Shea Stadium. The team was in last place, 11 and a half games out of first, with one...


The Little Miracle of 1973 -- Part 1: April through August

In the family of Mets pennant winning teams, 1969 is the favorite son, 1986 is the badass-but-cool black sheep, 2000...well I'm not exactly sure where they fit in, and 1973 is the redheaded...


Meet the Mensch: A Brief Review of Jewish Players in New York Mets History

“Gentlemen, in order to be a success in the American rabbinate, you must be able to talk baseball.” - Solomon Schechter (1847-1915), early leader of Conservative Judaism in America P...


We'll Always Have Flushing

Dear R.A. Dickey: I hope you don't mind my writing a fan letter on the Internet. It's strange for me too: I've been a Mets fan since 1969 (at least consciously; I was probably watching games...


Terry and Dickey

By now, of course, the glory that is R.A. Dickey has spread from Amazin' Avenue to all baseball fans. But it is interesting to remember that exactly 25 years ago, another unheralded Mets pitcher...

Anna Benson In New Reality Series - Big League Stew

No word if Mrs. Claus outfit will be included.

Host Your Holiday Party at Citi Field

I lobby the first event be the We Re-Signed Jose Reyes Party. I'd even let DJ Carrasco provide the entertainment


Angel, Colitis and Me

It was the summer of 2000 when I first started feeling the symptoms.  I would go to the bathroom in the morning and, seemingly, as soon as I finished the urge would start up again...two, three,...

They waited 50 years for this?

Mother and daughter Mets fans, age 102 and 83, respectively, finally see the Mets in person for the first time at Sunday's loss to the Angels.

Home Depot worker ready for Opening Day

H/T to Big League Stew & Mets Police

R.I.P. Duke Snider

Not just one of the last surviving Boys of Summer, but also a 1963 Met.


Song Parody: Jeff Troop

(In honor of of our new manager -- sung to the tune of the Theme from F Troop)   The end of Minaya's reign had comeNow here were the nerds - all threeSandy, Paul DePo and JPRTo turn those Mets...

The Periodic Table of Hall of Famers

From Wezen Ball -- the place which brought you Charlie Brown's lifetime stats


Yet Another Song Parody: Oliver Perez

    To the tune of "Oliver's Army"   Don't start me talkingSigned up for thirty-six and threeAll this to see him walkingThe winning run that reached by HBPHe pitches high, he pitches lowWhy...

New Sporcle Quiz

Mets Lineups 1991- 2010. Note: this is not a Monday Midnight Mets Mind Boggler.

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