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Why An Extension Makes Sense for LaMarcus Aldridge


Why signing a contract extension could be the right financial move for Portland Trail Blazers forward LaMarcus Aldridge.

Durant wins MVP, Aldridge finishes 10th


Durant wins his first MVP. Not sure about Blake Griffin ending up 3rd in the voting, though....

Quick Poll - Would the Blazers better be served by:

  1. Keeping a low lottery (8-12) pick in the 2013 draft
  2. Losing their pick to CHA and having a little extra cap space

Batum: To Match Or Not To Match? How Does Portland's Team Salary Factor In?


The Trail Blazers have until July 18th to decide whether or not to match the offer sheet that Nicolas Batum received from the Timberwolves. Does looking at the decision purely from a financial perspective give us any insight into what they might do

Portland's Cap Position in 2012-13: Updated Post-Lottery


The NBA Draft Lottery is complete and we now know where each team will draft. How will this impact Portland's cap position for 2012-13?

Jason Quick comments on Blazers' cap situation this summer


Jason says that Portland will "have between $15 million and $20 million to sign free agents" and that this is "more free agent money than they have ever had". I just find it interesting considering that several years ago, looking forward to the summer of 2009, Quick told us that "Now that Miles' $9 million salary for the next two seasons is off the books, the Blazers will have between $25 million and $33 million to lure free agents" but then reported in July of 2009 that "The NBA salary cap has been set for the 2009-2010 season at $57.7 million, which puts the Trail Blazers $7.7 million under the cap." Granted, Miles' amount went back against the cap, but where did the other $8.3 to $16.3 million in cap space go? As I said, I just thought it interesting for him to claim that this summer's cap room will be "more than they ever had" given his track record of predicting cap room....

Did Thursday's Transactions Bring Portland More Cap Room?


Many Trail Blazer fans are already looking forward to a summer in which the team could have significant cap space. But did last Thursday's trades increase the amount of cap space that the franchise could have?


Milwaukee and Golden State: The Power Of The 150% + $100,000 Trade Rule

The new CBA has new trade rules for teams under the tax threshold. See how those new rules impacted today's trade between Milwaukee and Golden State.

Four Things That Nobody Seems To Be Talking About


This time of the season, there are always lots of rumors and suggestions regarding the Trail Blazers and what they might or might not do before the trade deadline. This year is no exception. ...

How The New CBA Rules Affect The Trail Blazers


The new Collective Bargaining Agreement in the NBA will affect each team in different ways. Here's how the Portland Trail Blazers look to be affected by changes from the previous agreement.

Where The Trail Blazers Stand Going Into The Free Agency Period


The end of the lockout means choices for each NBA franchise going into free agency. Where do the Trail Blazers stand and what kinds of personnel moves should we expect from them in the next few weeks?

Each NBA Team's Salary Position Going Into Free Agency


It appears that the NBA lockout will soon be over and teams will soon be able to sign free agents and make trades. This in-depth look at each team's salary position can help us make some educated guesses as to what types of personnel moves each team might make in the coming weeks.

The Trail Blazers And The New Luxury Tax Rules


Recent reports have given us a better idea of what the tax threshold for NBA teams will be in 2011-12 and 2012-13. How will the threat of paying luxury tax impact future personnel decisions by the Portland Trail Blazers?

Wojnarowski: A "Vast Gulf" Growing In Players Union

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports writes today that Billy Hunter's decision to walk away from the negotiations last Friday might be turning some members of the NBPA (the Players Union) against him: --------------------------------------- After Billy Hunter made the grand stand of marching out of Friday’s bargaining session, refusing to negotiate below 52 percent of the NBA’s revenue split, a strong movement within the Players Association emerged that vowed the union will never let him act so unilaterally again...Rest assured, there’s a vast gulf in the union, and it’s growing with the passing of every day. ---------------------------------------- The leadership of the NBPA has been very active during the last couple of days in their communication with the players. After Jason Whitlock of Fox Sports opined that Derek Fisher had been co-opted by David Stern, Fisher sent out a letter to union members yesterday refuting that charge. Then, Billy Hunter sent out his own letter today to the players with an update on the status of negotiations. Then, Stern issued a flat denial that he met with Fisher. Meanwhile, Ric Bucher of ESPN tweeted tonight that the "Players union will meet Thursday in NY to map out next move in negotiations". [Update: Derek Fisher has lawyered up and demanded a retraction from Wow. -- Ben]

Examining The Numbers: Kevin Murphy and NBA Franchise Values


Steve Aschburner's recent interview with Kevin Murphy raises some great questions regarding NBA franchise valuations. Let's take a closer look at the numbers...

Ex-NHL Player Bill Guerin: NBA Players, It's Not Worth It


Some very interesting quotes here from former NHL player Guerin and comments from Mac Engel of the Ft. Worth Star Telegram. It all starts with this one: ---------------------------- "It's not worth it. Get a deal done," former Dallas Stars forward Bill Guerin said during a phone call last week. There was not a single NHL player during the Great Lockout of 2004-05 who was a bigger proponent of the union's fight than this man. No one believed in the cause more than Guerin, and to hear him admit this is a bit stunning. ----------------------------

Billy Hunter and David Stern: Fact Check


How 'factual' were Billy Hunter and David Stern in their recent interviews with Mike Francesca? A quick fact check on the numbers they used.

Does This Sound Familiar?


Once upon a time, there was a professional sports league at odds with the players' union. The owners' position was that the league's financial model was broken and that they were losing hundreds...


The Importance of Interest Payments in the CBA Negotiations

During the last couple of weeks, I've tried to crunch some numbers in an attempt to get to the heart of what the owners seem to be asking for in the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA)...

NBA Basketball in the Tacoma Dome?


Sounds like some in Tacoma want to try to renovate the Dome to try to get an NBA franchise. BTW, epic fail by the RealGM editing team in their attempt to summarize this story. The original story says, "They're planning to spend $100,000 on a feasibility study to see what it would cost to renovate the aging dome, and determine whether there would be enough financial and public support to bring a team to town." RealGM reports it as "Members of the Tacoma City Council are planning to spend $100,000 on a feasibility study to see what it would cost to renovate the aging Tacoma Dome in an effort to bring the Sonics back to the Seattle area." Oh, yeah, those two are the same thing.....

Video of Stern and Silver talking about CBA negotiations today


The proposal by the owners now focuses on a 'flex' cap. Sounds like a target amount ($62 million) with ability to go above that up to a maximum ceiling to re-sign players. Players guaranteed at least $2 billion each year. That's a huge change in offer by the owners.

How did Blazer's Edge readers do in their predictions for the 2010-11 season?


Back in October, a number of BE posters made their predictions for the season in this post. The link above is my summary of how everyone did. Here's the rundown (I also included Bill Simmons' predictions), showing how far off each was: Bill Simmons – 172 (Best pick – Indiana, Worst – Philadelphia) Me – 174 (Best pick – LA Lakers, Worst – Milwaukee) thomasikehara – 179 (Best pick – LA Lakers, Worst – Sacramento) amlmart1 – 181 (Best pick – Golden State & Houston, Worst – Milwaukee and San Antonio) KnightBlazer – 185 (Best pick – Golden State, Worst – Milwaukee) jksnake 99 – 186 (Best pick – Atlanta & New York & Houston & Phoenix & Golden State, Worst – Chicago) BendTenor – 204 (Best pick – New Orleans, Worst – Milwaukee) MadBlaze – 206 (Best pick – Sacramento, Worst – Denver) billsfan4life – 208 (Best pick – New Jersey & New Orleans, Worst – Chicago & Philadelphia)


What options do the Blazers have with Greg Oden before June 30th?

As I listen to the radio, read articles on the Internet and discuss basketball with friends, it's clear to me that Trail Blazer fans still have questions about Greg Oden's status with the franchise...


Confession is good for the soul

OK, nobody's perfect.  Not in life, not in basketball, and certainly not in predicting what will happen in the NBA.  One of my recent predictions had to do with Dirk Nowitzki - and as it turns out,...


What we've been told about the Owner's recent proposal for a new CBA

ed: bumped to front page With an impending lockout in sight, as the current Collective Bargaining Agreement will expire on June 30th, there has been a lot of speculation both in the media and here...

Players not happy with owners new CBA proposal


Looks like the owners still want a hard cap, rollbacks of existing contracts and a larger share of Basketball Related Income. This does not bode well towards a quick resolution or a short lockout....

Chris Sheridan is more optimistic than I am about the prospect of a lockout


He makes some good points, but I still disagree with him. Plus, his last paragraph essentially calls the NHL and the NHL Player's Union "stupid"

Summer League cancelled


It was nearly inevitable that this would happen, but I'm surprised at how early the announcement is being made.


Why I Am Pessimistic About A 2011-12 Season

I am pessimistic about a 2011-12 season.  And let me be clear about what I’m trying to say.  It’s not that I’m pessimistic about the Blazers’ prospects for the 2011-12 season, I’m pessimistic that...

Did the coaches get it right when selecting the All Star reserves?


Justin Kubatko, who created (and has been known to consult for the Blazers) says that some of the coaches' selections "leave you scratching your head", including not putting Aldridge on the squad. A good read, IMO, for its use of advanced statistics without getting too technical for the average NBA fan.

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