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Basketball and Leadership

Lots of talk today around Blazer-dom about 'whose team is it?"  Roy's? Aldridge's? McMillan's? Allen's? In the midst of this discussion about who's the Alpha Dog, there is an inherent tone of...


A response to John Canzano's 1/26/11 column

I've been waiting for Forbes to publish their yearly valuation of NBA franchises, which are usually released in December but weren't made available this year until late January.  I've also been...


Aftermath, Part II: Greg Oden and the Qualifying Offer

During Jason Quick's interview with Larry Miller, the topic of a qualifying offer for Greg Oden was discussed, with Miller saying that "at this point, I don’t see us not giving the offer if Greg is...


Aftermath: Can Portland get a Disabled Player Exception?

  --------------------------------------- Editor's Note: A league source said Thursday morning the Blazers would pursue a disabled player exception in the aftermath of Greg Oden's microfracture...


Expiring contracts: The game show

And now it's time for America's favorite new sports-themed game show:  Know Your Contracts And here's your host with the most.....Guy Smiley!   Thank you, thank you, thank you everybody!  And...

Ken Berger gets confirmation that owners want to cut existing contracts in new CBA


This is huge. I've been contending for awhile that the NBA owners are looking at the 2005 NHL situation as something to emulate, that they want to get lower player salaries, even if it means an extended lockout. Short term damage for long term gain. Now Ken Berger has heard from Adam Silver that this is exactly what they want to achieve: The NHL got a 24% reduction in existing player salaries, plus the one time option to buyout any existing contract for 2/3 of their remaining value, minus the 24% reduction. Minimum salaries were increased slightly (with raises every other year instead of every year) to help the lowest tier players, but the 'stars' got their salaries cut big time. Given that Stern has publicly said that he wants to see player salaries cut by $800 million, can we really believe that the owners aren't going to hold tight to at least some reduction in player salaries, including existing contracts? I continue to be very scared about losing a significant part - if not all - of the 2011-12 because of an extended lockout....

Trying to understand salary cap exceptions - visually


For those interested in trying to understand how salary cap exceptions work, I've put together a chart to help explain how they operate. The chart can be viewed/downloaded in Word format or as a PDF (for now - I'm investigating other formats for future access). It's large - 17 x 22 - but walks you through the process of determining if a player transaction is legal or not. My hope is that it can serve as a educational tool that can supplement existing tools, such as Larry Coon's FAQ. Here's a direct link to the PDF, if you don't want to wade through the several paragraphs of explanation that are part of the full blog post (Special thanks to douglast, Norsktroll and Ben, whose suggestions regarding the 'beta' version of this chart were extremely helpful) EDIT: It's always one more thing, isn't it? I took another look at the chart this afternoon and realized that I had left off the option of using the disabled player exception in a trade. That error has been corrected. So, if you downloaded the chart either in Word format or in PDF format before 3:45 PM, you have the 'old' version. FYI....

NBA Predictions for 2010-11


The link only expands on my predictions (and shows how I did in my predictions last year) so don't feel like you have to click on it. But I did make a new post on my blog today with my annual predictions for the coming season: In the Eastern Conference Miami – 59 wins Orlando – 57 wins Boston – 52 wins Atlanta – 51 wins Milwaukee – 51 wins Chicago – 49 wins Charlotte – 46 wins New York – 38 wins ——————– Washington – 34 wins Indiana – 34 wins Philadelphia – 31 wins Detroit – 24 wins Cleveland – 22 wins Toronto – 21 wins New Jersey – 19 wins In the Western Conference LA Lakers – 57 wins Dallas – 53 wins Portland – 52 wins Utah – 50 wins San Antonio – 49 wins Oklahoma City – 49 wins Houston – 47 wins Denver – 43 wins —————— Memphis – 43 wins Phoenix – 41 wins LA Clippers – 40 wins New Orleans – 39 wins Golden State – 34 wins Sacramento – 27 wins Minnesota – 18 wins Post your own predictions for the coming year. I'll try to track all those who are brave enough to put up predictions and 'award' a winner at the end of the season. EDIT: The wins you list for the 30 teams should total 1,230. If they don't, it will be much more difficult for you to be correct....

Quick: Will Rudy Report Today?

A short piece by Jason Quick... ------------------------------------ Agent Andy Miller on Monday morning said he is unsure if his disgruntled client will report to the team’s media day activities, which start at 1 p.m. at the Rose Garden. "He is in Portland,’’ Miller said of Fernandez. "But whether he decides to show up or stay in his hotel - that’s up to him.’’ ------------------------------------

I want to see a team

As we draw close to the start of training camp, it's natural for me to start doing what I do every year at this time - setting my expectations for the Blazers.  And this year, as I reflect on what...

Comedy of Errors in regards to Oden


From the morning report at Hoopsworld. Where do I begin to point out the errors and fallacies in this short piece? (BTW, I've sent Steve Kyler an email on all of this). Oden, who was the top pick in in the 2007 NBA Draft, is actually in the final year of his contract. yet in the next sentence The Blazers do hold a team option year for one more season and have until October 31st to pick that option up or Oden will become an unrestricted free agent in July. The author then goes on to talk about Durant getting an extension, clearing trying to draw a comparison to Oden. Apparently he also thinks that the fate of Jeff Green and Daequan Cook with the Thunder is also is doubt as they have not yet signed extensions, either.... So which is it? Is Oden in the last year of his contract and eligible for an extension? Or does the team hold a team option for 2011-12? (The answer, of course, is the former) And to insinuate that Oden not having an extension yet is an indication that the end is 'near' for Greg's career with the Blazers is absolutely ridiculous.

I move away from Vegas and now they might get an NBA team?


From today's Las Vegas Sun: An investment group seeking to build an arena on the Las Vegas Strip claims it is on the cusp of purchasing an NBA team to play in the facility. For the deal to go through, said Chris Milam, CEO of International Development Management LLC, the group must strike a deal with the county to fund construction of the arena — dubbed the Silver State Arena — slated for the old Wet ’n Wild water park site. "We have an NBA team under contract," Milam said, declining to name the franchise. But the deal will take effect only if "other pieces of the puzzle fall into place: One of those pieces will be that a building (arena) is approved," he said.


NBA Sets New Salary Cap And Luxury Tax Numbers; What Does It Mean For The Blazers?

The NBA has set new salary cap and luxury tax numbers and they are slightly above most projections.  Check out this fanshot for full details. One major implication for the Blazers lies not in where...


Portland's salary situation going into the free agent period

OK, there's been some talk about this topic in various posts so I thought I'd try to consolidate all the bits of information.  The new salary cap year starts on Thursday, July 1st.  Understanding...


My final projection for how much cap space teams will have

Whew!  Well, once again, draft day provided drama and surprises – and a number of trades that will affect the amount of cap space that teams will have next week when the free agent period begins. I...


Free Agency in 2010 - Feast or Famine?

  The much-anticipated Summer of 2010 is nearly upon us.  Negotiations with free agents can begin on July 1st and all signings and trades can be commenced on July 8th (although a few minor...

OT: John Wooden passes away


I never met him but I heard him speak a couple of times. And I have heard his former players brag on him again and again and again. I don't know if we will ever see his like again. He will be missed...

Chad Ford thinks Philly might trade Brand + #2?


This from True Hoop: A number of teams have already looked into the availability of the Philadelphia 76ers' No. 2 pick in the June 24 draft. The asking price? Several sources said they were told that the Sixers want their trade partner to take Elton Brand off their hands. Przybilla + Webster + Pendergraph + #22 in exchange for Brand + #2 Przybilla + Aldridge + Fernandez in exchange for Brand + Meeks + #2 works after the July Moratorium. For the opportunity to draft either Wall or Turner? Sign me up! EDIT: Had to change the trade parameters because of Joel's trade kicker. And had to push the trade into July.

Tim Donaghy interviewed by Willamette Week


Interesting read - both the interview and his book. An interesting quote: " So are we fools here for believing the Blazers can ever win another championship? It would be very, very difficult. They would have to be in a position to get a guy with a big name, like a Shaquille or a LeBron, in the draft." All the more reason that Oden needs to come back 100%....


Is a major offseason move really necessary?

I wrote in another FanPost about the "Maverick mentality" - the (what I would label as) impatience of Mark Cuban and the Dallas front office that results in them making moves every summer and...


Interesting bench stats through 3 games

Game #1Portland bench scores 25 points in about 56 minutes of playing timePhoenix bench scores 39 points in about 102 minutes of playing timePortland winsGame #2Portland bench scores 44 points in...


POLL: What if worst case scenario comes to pass?

So if the worst case scenario comes to pass and Brandon is out for the playoffs, who should start at SG?  Rudy started tonight and did a decent job.  Martell not only seems to play better as a...


Which Teams Will Have Cap Room This Summer?

Click through to read a comprehensive summary of every NBA team's current salary cap situation and some excellent analysis regarding what each might be able to do this summer from Blazersedge's...

2 teams that have cap space as of today (10/27/09) and 3 that could

  1. Portland Trailblazers - $1,425,171 in cap space
  2. Memphis Grizzlies - $886,517 in cap space
  3. Oklahoma City Thunder - $9,291,899 in cap space if they renounce their exceptions
  4. Sacramento Kings - $4,211,952 in cap space if they renounce their exceptions
  5. New Jersey Nets - $26,665 in cap space if they renounce their exceptions

What teams look to have cap space in 2010?

This is, of course, a very preliminary guess as to which teams will have significant cap space next summer (ie, more than the expected MLE amount) to be able to make either free agent acquisitions...


Team Profits/Losses for 2009-10: My best guess

I've been using Forbes' data on NBA franchises from 2007-08 (  to try and make some predictions, not just on what teams made...


Top 5 misunderstandings about what the Blazers can do this summer with regards to the salary cap

I’ve seen some misunderstandings about salary cap issues posted here and on other forums over the last couple of weeks.  Just to be clear about these issues, here are the misconceptions, followed...


6/5/09 Junk Drawer : Congressman of the Year Edition

This Junk Drawer is dedicated to all the fine men and women who represent us in their role as elected officials.  Intelligent folks like Steve Cohen: From Yahoo Sports So Congressman Cohen says...

Summer League schedule - Blazers play 5 games


July 13th - Raptors July 15th - Rockets July 17th - Nuggets July 18th - Spurs July 19th - D League

Summer League Dates are set


I'm getting excited...... BTW, I don't get the price increase again this year. 2 summers ago it was $15 for a day's admission. Last year they raised it to $20. This year it's $25? I don't think (especially with the economy the way it is) that's the best way to increase attendance/exposure. In fact, I had friends who wouldn't go with me last year because of the price increase - I don't think they'll be jumping to go this year. I'll go because it's Summer League (a 12 year tradition for me) and my one real chance to catch the Blazers live, but as for others.....

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