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Phin fan since 1983. Grew up in South Florida but went to college in New York where I currently reside with my wife and kids. I am a doctoral student in religion. I love chicken wings. I am into Yoga and hope to meet Ricky Williams one day because of it.

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Tix for my 2nd phins game of the year!


Sadly, the other 3 are for pats fans, but I made sure we were in row 13 :) Actually, I will be sitting in seat 17 myself. Not superstitious, but just in case...

An apparent offer to Caserio


Offer has been made by the Dolphins to hire Caserio. He has yet to make decision. #dolphins #miami

— Dianna Marie Russini (@NBCdianna) January 26, 2014 We'll see if this gets confirmed, and if he accepts.

Omar Kelley on Women, the NFL, and the GM search


I was hesitant to conclude that Aponte being a woman has anything to do with it, and have said as much in discussion here. But, there is a section where Omar says as follows that is making me rethink that stance: "Is a woman really running the show down there?" one executive asked Wednesday night. That question has been echoed by men employed by four NFL teams this week." Of course, a quote of one NFL executive and "men employed by four NFL teams" (whoever they are), doesn't necessarily mean it is a widespread consideration, but it shows it isn't improbable either.

Rivera sentenced for Taylor murder


BREAKING: Eric Rivera must serve 57.5 years prison for murder of Redskins, UM star football player Sean Taylor, judge decides @MiamiHerald

— David Ovalle (@DavidOvalle305) January 23, 2014 RIP Taylor

And, maybe Ross didn't actually leave the country


One more thing: Stephen Ross has not left the country this week.

— Armando Salguero (@ArmandoSalguero) January 22, 2014 Just a friendly reminder about what we think we know

Report going around that Phins tried to hire Licht


NFL Network reports Dolphins made a late attempt to hire ex-Arizona player personnel man Jason Licht before he took Tampa Bay GM job.

— Barry Jackson (@flasportsbuzz) January 22, 2014 I want more confirmation first, but interesting if it happened.

If you see Tom Brady


Yes, it's an old story, but always funny

Lauren Tannehill likes big guns


Lauren T apparently forgot an AR-15 rifle in her rental car (although perhaps it was someone else in the car). Not really my business, but it should make for a few funny jokes

Statement from Ross and Peterson re: GM search


And, no, Peterson will not be the football Czar

Plausible inference: Sherman helping find his replacement


I believe there's a strong possibility Mike Sherman is helping Joe Philbin find his own replacement. Has ties with Kubiak, Lazor & Shanahan.

— Chris Kouffman (@ckparrot) January 9, 2014

Only OC candidate thus far that has Philbin ties is McAdoo. Kubiak, Sherman and Shanahan Jr coached together in HOU, Lazor a Holmgren guy.

— Chris Kouffman (@ckparrot) January 9, 2014 CK Interesting, Koufmann also notes that Sherman still has family there, so could be concerned. Speculative, but interesting. Some people are upset by this on twitter. Not sure why.

Profootballmock again


I like Lauren Tannehill‘s character

And in more important news...


Brandon Fields named second-team All-Pro by the AP: http://t.co/rPBIyGC1sk

— Jesse Agler (@finsjesse) January 3, 2014 Congratulations Brandon!

Turner: Read into it what you will


OL coach Jim Turner just left Dolphins camp without speaking to us media types.

— Hal Habib (@gunnerhal) January 2, 2014 Twit-ter

Philbin says Phins do not have Swagger


It's funny considering he said he would look it up, and now he started his press conference with the dictionary definition :)

EJ Manuel out, Lewis in


Thad Lewis will start at QB for Bills this week. EJ Manuel (knee) out and Steve Johnson likely out too.

— NFL: AroundTheLeague (@NFL_ATL) December 18, 2013 twitter

Profootball Mock Facebook QB Conversation: Week 15


This is not for everyone, but hilarious (especially Philip Rivers' introduction of Lauren Tannehill)

Pats @ Phins NFL Replay at 3:30 PM Tuesday


Just saw it on NFLN, so if you missed the game or want to re-watch it.


Fields had a great reason for missing practice


Well I am officially in trouble! After the hard work of @k2fields Skyler Kate Fields has blessed our lives today! pic.twitter.com/qH1eFl69Ef

— Brandon Fields (@b_fields2) December 14, 2013 Congratulations to a great punter and his family

Pouncey not at practice today


Mike Pouncey wasn't even on the sideline. Just not here.

— Andrew Abramson (@AbramsonPBP) December 11, 2013 some local beat writer

Belichick on Martin-Cog


Belichick on Martin-Incognito: "I think the media blew a lot of that out of proportion, all the hype and everything."

— Chris Perkins (@chrisperk) December 11, 2013 Chris Perkins Twitter

Clay 3rd among TEs in YAC


"He's not an elite blocker, but his 331 yards after the catch rank second to just Jimmy Graham and Antonio Gates. " [Of all the stats I have heard, this is the one that I find most interesting.]


ProfootballMock: QBs on Facebook Snow Plowed


While I don't think this was their best one, it still has its funny moments. Sam Bradford continues to provide the most demented laughs. I feel as if they based his character on Alpha.

Philbin a better player than Grimes... at ping pong


My meteoric rise in the world ping pong rankings suffered a major setback today when i lost to coach Philbin on the table.

— Brent Grimes (@BGrimey21) December 11, 2013 Grimes twitter

Nelson Mandela Died today at the age of 95


Not football related, but I thought it worth posting. RIP

It's official: just got tickets to my 3rd game this season


I got to see the phins in Foxboro, which was fun despite the loss. Got to see them at metlife. And now I have tickets to see Phins-Jets take 2 at the Stadium formerly known as Joe Robbie in a few weeks. Let me know if you plan on being there.


MetLife Takeover: A Strange Testimonial

A Miami Dolphins fan gives his perspective of the MetLife Takeover hosted by DolFans NYC.

Last Week's ProFootballMock Facebook QBs with a special Philbin ending!


It was before MNF in case you are worried. Movie themed. Guess who Philbin plays?

CKparrot's thoughts on Tannehill to Wallace


That underthrow of Tannehill's deep left to Wallace at the beginning of the the 2nd quarter...it isn't what people think it is.

— Chris Kouffman (@ckparrot) November 18, 2013

Problem more about synched timing and Wallace's fit into Sherman/Philbin's one-size-fits-all passing offense, than it is about an underthrow

— Chris Kouffman (@ckparrot) November 18, 2013

Bottom line if you want to work verticals to Wallace into this offense you've got to start adjusting the QB's drop and timing. IMO.

— Chris Kouffman (@ckparrot) November 18, 2013

Between the shotgun snap, play fake, 3 step drop and hitch step, that ball took too long to get put to a 4.28 speedster like Wallace.

— Chris Kouffman (@ckparrot) November 18, 2013

And since it was opposite hash, that just added to the distance, making it all the more difficult, awkwardly timed.

— Chris Kouffman (@ckparrot) November 18, 2013 Interesting

Is this an accurate portrayal of the locker room?


"Many veterans say the hardest thing to understand about the Dolphins situation is why teammates would rally around Incognito while essentially ostracizing Martin. It's worth wondering why nobody on that team has expressed concern for Martin."

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