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Phin fan since 1983. Grew up in South Florida but went to college in New York where I currently reside with my wife and kids. I am a doctoral student in religion. I love chicken wings. I am into Yoga and hope to meet Ricky Williams one day because of it.

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La Confora describing the investigation to come


Wells, according to sources, has a lengthy list of interview subjects and plans to be meticulous and diligent as he probes broader issues besides just the inter-personal dynamics between Martin and Incognito, including the larger locker room culture there, how pervasive issues of bullying and harassment might be, and what role, if any the coaching staff, management, and ownership may have played -- implicit or complicit -- in the team's handling and control of workplace issues.


Profootball Mock (comic relief)


This week, they even slip in an Incognito reference.

MetLife Takeover AGAIN!


BREAKING: We just broke the Jets group ticket sales record. We have 556 people going to the #MetLifeTakeover!

— Dolfans NYC (@DolfansNYC) October 18, 2013 I will be there as well

Ask ThePhinsider

Hello Saints fans! One of my favorite cities is New Orleans. I have been there a few times (including the Saturday night after your very first div. playoff victory. It felt like Mardi Gras......

ProfootballMock QBs


The Bradford line was disturbingly funny. Tannehill plays a role as well. I love these weekly posts.

Drive of the week


Nice breakdown. The final play was a fake to Clay. Last week's success carries over with the D biting hard.

Adrian Peterson LOL


So my daughter is laying here under me and just out the blue she says... I can't believe you lost to the Browns Daddy! Smh

— Adrian Peterson (@AdrianPeterson) September 23, 2013 Not Dolphin related, but funny anyway. The things kids say..

Expanded Route Tree for Wallace


Interesting. Leave it to Jeff Darlington to get good info. One of the few guys at NFL.com I like


Ask ThePhinsider

Hello Falcoholics! I hope you are enjoying the season two weeks in. I know you have some injuries, and hope those who can return will do so soon at 100% This is one of those posts where you...

Philbin's post game locker room speech


"I'll tell ya one thing... we've got a helluva team"

Mia @ Ind NFL Playbook


Even though he didn't pick us, I like the new guy

Ballard out for season


That sucks for the Colts. They liked him. I always prefer to play healthy opponents and beat them.

Chris Koufmann's piece on Jordan


Have to hand to BR. Smart move bringing CK parrot on board

Tannehill to Hartline was a Dolphins Historical Milestone


The TD pass from @ryantannehill1 to @brianhartline on Sunday was the 1,000th touchdown pass in @MiamiDolphins history. Neat note.

— Jesse Agler (@finsjesse) September 11, 2013 I agree with Jesse Agler, a "neat note"

Ask ThePhinsider

Hello Colts Fans, With the season under way, it's time for these cross-site posts, where you guys get to ask fans of the opposing team about their thoughts on their own team and the upcoming game....

Ross: No Blackouts


Steve Ross: there will be no blackouts this year.

— Jesse Agler (@finsjesse) September 9, 2013 Thought some might find this interesting

Why Your team sucks: Patriots (A deadspin article)


One of the early gems: "I honestly think Belichick is bored with the idea of winning Super Bowls. I think he takes much more pleasure out of running a tight-end quick kick on third down and seeing if it works. It's like when you win a video game and you decide to go back searching for hidden levels, not actually giving a shit about winning the game itself again. Let's see if I can make a decent H-back out of a potential murderer! KEWL."


Ask The Phinsider

In case you aren't familiar with these types of posts, you guys ask us questions about the Dolphins and, hopefully, a few different members of thephinsider.com come here to answer them.

Kovacs on PS


Starting my NFL career on the Miami Dolphins practice squad! Excited about the opportunity to continue to play ball! #FinsUp

— Jordan Kovacs (@JKovacs32) September 1, 2013 Ok.

AJ Francis is now an official Pat


RT @FieldYates The Patriots have claimed DT AJ Francis off of waivers, per a league source.

— Jesse Agler (@finsjesse) September 1, 2013 signed off of our PS

Francis to Phins PS


Not sure if it’s been reported yet or not, but AJ Francis will sign with the Dolphins’ practice squad.

— Adam Beasley (@AdamHBeasley) September 1, 2013 That's good news IMO

New York Area Phins Fans


We are going to buy another block of seats for the #MetLifeTakeover soon. Email DolfansNYC@gmail.com if you want to join us!

— Dolfans NYC (@DolfansNYC) August 31, 2013 They told me they currently have 430 Dolphins fans coming and sitting in the same section. The cost had been $65/seat for the first batch. I think it will probably be the same for the second. The tailgate is awesome, and the feeling is almost like a home game. They take over our stadium in So Fla, so let's return the favor!

Fulton Walker assaulted in home Robbery


Former #Miami #Dolphins player Fulton Walker beaten in home robbery - http://t.co/ZsUIkzHGML

— Alex Mena (@alexmenamiami) August 30, 2013 That sucks

And the Jets Suck Deadspin article


Of the many gems: "Christ. This is a team that had Tim Tebow listed as one of their QBs last season, and yet somehow they are now worse off." This one made my snarf up my drink "The Jets are the NFL's ruptured appendix."

Deadspin's Bills Suck article


Favorite line: "Why trade for Thad Lewis when you can make your own out of felt and Elmer's Glue?"

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