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I really like the Chargers and Padres, and also hypothetical situations. You'll see me offer a lot of input around drafts and trade deadlines.

Other than that I'm pretty boring, actually.

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MLB Releases Final Payrolls; Padres at $62.8M


This handy chart was just released by the commish's office. Apart from telling us what we already know (that the Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers, Angels, et al are spending like Charlie Sheen at an open bar), it demonstrates that this year's payroll sat just shy of $63 million. A certain amount of that has come off the books with Hudson and Bartlett being shown the door, but it remains that we're just a few Marquis-level one-year signings away from reaching the front office's promise of the payroll "starting with a 7".

Dodgers add Hanley Ramirez and Randy Choate


They give up prospect Nathan Eovaldi-- BBA's #96 heading into the season, and proud owner of a 1-6 record, 4.15 ERA, and 1.473 WHIP-- and an undisclosed minor leaguer [EDIT: The minor-leaguer is RHP Scott McGough, a non-prospect], along with taking on the bulk of Hanley's contract.

Brooks Conrad owns Cliff Lee, leads Rays to two wins


Nice to see that someone in the GLB extended family is doing well. Conrad (aka Dex's brother-in-law) was waived after a protracted slump in Milwaukee and apparently decided to debut in style for Tampa Bay. Excelsior, sir.

MTD Live Mock Recap-- Chargers

Hey guys, this is Luke from Bolts From The Blue. I represented my team in the live mock last weekend, and I'd like to think I did a pretty good job-- I would grade myself a solid B+. However, the...


Chargers War Room: MTD Live Draft Tonight

Hey guys, I signed up to GM for the Chargers in the Mocking The Draft live mock, which is schedule to go on tonight at 7:00 EST. There's about ten minutes left before showtime, and I think I have a...


NFL Draft Prospects: possible transition to SS?

Unfortunately, the draft class of 2012 is very thin at one of our need positions, strong safety. It's being increasingly projected for Mark Barron to go a few picks ahead of us to the...


Post-Combine Mock Draft

So after watching the NFL Combine (and seeing all the releases that have been made this year), my draft board has changed quite a bit. Of course, this is still pending signings and other personnel...


An Outsider Scouting for FA's-- Don't Worry, It's Not Mario

Hello all and greetings from Bolts From The Blue. Don't worry, I come in peace-- I'm just conducting a little research. Over at BFTB, we're in a state of disarray over whether to draft a...


Early Seven-Round Mock

Okay, so the offseason is just beginning. We haven't even seen the Combine yet, and a lot of the Chargers' needs will be decided by the free-agent moves we do or don't make. Will we re-sign Vincent...


Congratulations Drew Brees

Well, tonight, our old friend Breezy broke Dan Marino's single-season passing record, with not a little help from our other old friend Darren Sproles. It's a bit of a bitter pill to watch these two...

Huston Street's entrance music is "Hate Me Now" by Nas-- if possible, a step down from Heath Bell's...


Huston Street's entrance music is "Hate Me Now" by Nas-- if possible, a step down from Heath Bell's not-so-beloved "Blow Me Away". We'll have to make sure Boxberger has a decent theme song when he comes up in July...


The San Diego Padres: State of the Middle Infield

So we've all watched, often through our fingers, and shouted at the top of our foulweather lungs as Management continues to trade away fan favorites for the Rob Johnsons of the world. While the...


Mike Tolbert is now a proud poppa

Mike Tolbert and his wife Shianette welcomed their baby girl into the world this morning. According to my sources within UCSD Medical Center, who are extremely reputable, Mikaela Tolbert was born...


Hunting the Wild Linebacker

As we all know, the Chargers are in need of another starting ILB (how dire this need is depends on your opinion of the young and untested Butler/Mouton) and could stand to add depth at OLB too...


Last of the Free-Agent Pickings-- C, 1B, and SP

So it looks like we're probably set at SS and 2B if all goes well with the Hudson signing and the Bartlett trade. Good? Yes.   The problem is that we don't have a starting first baseman or backup...

Mike Cameron Reminds Us Why We Loved Him So Damn Much


Cameron, who now plays in Boston, was quoted in an interview saying that he's willing to let Adrian wear his #23... for a price. Mike wants Gonzo to divert a little chunk of his (reportedly) 7 year, $154 million dollar payday to the Boys & Girls Club of America in exchange for the jersey number. Bless you and your surgically-reconstructed face, Mike Cameron.

Padres among a few teams vying for Japanese SS Tsuyoshi Nishioka


I'm really hoping this one comes true-- he's looked good in the WBC and is a bona fide star in Japan. Plus he'll bring a whole other audience to the Padres (insatiable Japanese press, welcome!). Make it happen. In Jed we trust.


Are the Indians looking to sell?

Hey everyone, visiting semi-fan (I jumped on the bandwagon a few years ago) and die-hard Padres fan who finds myself in a very unusual situation: The Padres haven't opened with torrential suckage....

Find Chelsea King-- please help


Yes, I know this is a football blog, but we're trying to spread the word to everyone. Chelsea went missing sometime after 4:30 on Thursday night, last seen in Rancho Bernardo Community Park wearing running clothes. She is 5'5", 115 lbs., petite build, strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes. Anyone in the area who wants to help, volunteer at 9AM TODAY: 11858 Bernardo Plaza, Suite 200 in RB to search and distribute flyers.


The Case for Mark Loretta's Hall of Fame Enshrinement

We just rehired one of my all-time (well, all-time based on how many years I've been following them) favorite Padres, Mark Loretta, as a "special assistant to baseball operations". Now that he's...


What the PA Needs To Play: New Tunes

So in the comments section of Bolts and Dolts for the Cincinnati game, a bunch of us were going on about how they played "Bro Hymn" by Pennywise, which got the crowd seriously going bananas. Then...

Chief's Chambers out to prove Chargers made a mistake in letting him go


Who else hopes he leaves Sunday's game on a stretcher? Memo to Chris: You get to talk crap about your previous employer if they were not justified in letting you go.

Ali Villanueva Projection?

Where's Ali Villanueva, the 6'10", 283 lb. tackle/wideout from Army projected at going in this draft? The Chargers could use depth at both positions, and I would love to have a huge target like him...

This article postulates that our Bolts may be shopping for a running back... Not a fan of bringing...

This article postulates that our Bolts may be shopping for a running back... Not a fan of bringing Lynch onboard, but Steven Jackson, if willing, is one a very few guys I would consider shipping Merriman for. Maybe bundle him with Bennett and a pick?

Binn Packing It In?

Over at Cincy Jungle there's a quickie article [Link:] about the carousel of long-snappers the Bengals have going, wherein...


Who Are the San Diego Chargers?

That was the question on everyone's lips after a narrow win at Oakland and a disappointing loss at the Murph last week against Baltimore, but as always, an increased sample size yields a better...

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