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Bylsma told Godard, other Penguins not to leave bench Read more: Bylsma told Godard, other Penguins not to leave bench - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review


"We actually had a situation where I said, 'Don't go,' but I don't have my hands on every player on the bench," he said.

NHL Meeting Islanders; no quick decision expected in Penguins brawling


"Obviously, you never expect to get grabbed by the guy and get punched like that," Talbot said Saturday. "I don't think I'm a guy that would stand down if someone comes to my face and asks me." "Ten games is pretty long, especially when we're in a tough spot right now with a lot of guys out of the lineup," Godard told The Associated Press. "Yes, I regret it, but no, I am going to try to defend my teammates. I am kind of torn with that."

Wallace, a recent recall from the AHL, going at Steckel instead of bruisers such as Engelland,...


Wallace, a recent recall from the AHL, going at Steckel instead of bruisers such as Engelland, Godard or even forward Mike Rupp, seemed somewhat odd. A popular theory among those around the Penguins daily held that injuries to Rupp and Godard prevented them from challenging Steckel. "Nope," Rupp said. "It takes two guys, and (Steckel) just didn't want to fight."

Penguins aiming to get physical with opponents

Habs' Gill: 'You're an a**hole, P.K.'


Saw the article on Hockeyfights. Good for Gill!


A Quick Look : 2010-2011 Pens & 2008-2009 Stanley Cup Champion Pens

The 2010-2011 Penguins look like one of the best Penguins teams ever assembled.  Currently in the NHL we are 2nd in the league in GA/G at 2.21, 7th in the league in G/G at 3.02, 1st in the league...

Brent Johnson Vs. Rick DiPietro: The Most Disappointing Goalie Fight Ever


Yea.. for an NYI fan.. for everyone else, we're just happy to have a goalie fight.. and happy to see DiPietro get TKO'd(not knocked down)

The Prust Suckerpunch


Non-biased(at least partially) of the Prust/Staal incident last night... One of the better quotes. "Jordan Staal should be included in the Hardest Punchers of All-Time thread..."


My Ponderings on the 2010 Skills Competition

Fastest Skater - the backwards skating was really impressive... it's amazing how fast they skate backwards.  Kinda crazy that backwards, Kris Letang was less than a second slower than Mike Green...



Has some dirty language in it... Pretty funny for those of you(like me) that play beer league hockey.

Alex Ovechkin: Diver?


Just because it's always fun to poke a little fun at AO.

Caps’ Steckel can’t duck Crosby hit


I found this quote the most interesting... It has been almost three weeks since Pittsburgh Penguins captain Sidney Crosby curled into Washington Capitals center David Steckel, smacking his head into Steckel’s right shoulder.


Chris Kunitz VS Pascal Dupuis

Let me first start with saying, the reason for this post is that many people think that Pascal Dupuis isn't performing to a level that he should be performing being that he's on a line with Sidney...

Weather threatens puck-drop : Game moved back to 8:00 PM


Unseasonal temperatures in Pittsburgh may force the NHL to push its start time on the New Year's Day Winter Classic back to 7 p.m. ET, sources told Sportsnet. The annual outdoor game is scheduled to begin at 1 p.m. ET, but temperatures creeping in to double-digits Friday have officials concerned that the ice surface will not be safe for play. The issue of 60,000-plus spectators showing up early may force the league to make a decision as soon as Friday evening. In a news conference Thursday, John Collins, the NHL's chief operating officer, said the league's priority remains to have the game begin at the planned 1 p.m. start time on Saturday, with an option to delay the contest until as late as 8 p.m. "We're planning to play at 1 o'clock," Collins said. "We've got maximum flexibility to do what we need to do to get that game in on Saturday. If for some reason it was completely unplayable, we have other options. But we fully expect to get the game in on Saturday." /update The game has been moved back to 8:00PM Pittsburgh time.

HBO 24/7 Episode 3

Episode 3, Part 1 Episode 3, Part 2 Episode 3, Part 3 Episode 3, Part 4 These aren't my videos... :) Link to Episode 2 in case you missed it : Link

HBO 24/7 Pens VS Caps : Episode 2 4 parts on youtube, episode one attached, click to get to the...


HBO 24/7 Pens VS Caps : Episode 2 4 parts on youtube, episode one attached, click to get to the other 3

Statistical Analysis: Do the refs favor the Pittsburgh Penguins?


Wrap up from the article "Two-thirds of the season looms ahead and the sample from which to draw conclusions is small. The current data set lacks a "smoking gun" that would definitively support claims of referee favoritism, especially in the latter half of the games studied, wherein the Penguins were penalized equally to or more than the competition for three-quarters of the stretch. If any conclusion negative to the officiating could be drawn, it is this: The Penguins were given the benefit of the doubt to open the season, but that advantage (and a largely unfruitful advantage at that) eroded as the season developed. However, even that conclusion is a difficult one to credibly draw, as several other explanations may be possible (i.e. the Penguins played a less physical game to open the season, so were less penalized but ultimately less successful / the Penguins started the year with more seasoned players but began inserting rookies and otherwise inexperienced players, due to injury, as the season progressed, etc.). I'm curious to find out what the numbers say to you, the hockey fans, and what other arguments you'd make for either side."

"Top KHL squad Avangard managed to finish their home game against league underdogs Vityaz, 3-2,...


"Top KHL squad Avangard managed to finish their home game against league underdogs Vityaz, 3-2, despite a mass brawl. The incident occurred almost immediately after face-off. The Vityaz players went on the offensive after only six seconds of play. Avangard's management says the brawl was a pre-planned act against their team. They have demanded that Vityaz be excluded from the KHL, and also want a lifetime disqualification for the club's management. In January 2010, a similar brawl occurred during the clubs' meeting in the Moscow region. Back then, the game was suspended, while Vityaz were considered to have struck the first blow, but avoided serious sanction from the KHL."

Lemieux to skate in Winter Classic alumni game


I think I would rather watch this game than the All-Star game!

Sizzling Crosby tops NHL's 'Three Stars'


Would have been more surprised if he wasn't on the list... I called this after the last hat trick(not like I was going out on a limb in doing so).


Should the Penguins Look Into Trading Johnson?

Let me 1st say that I am not saying they should... I'm just throwing this out there to see what you all think.   Johnson currently sits 4th in the league with a .931 save %, T-4th in the league...


Pens - Youtube

I know some of these(maybe all) have been posted before... but my kid is sick so I'm at home today and have nothing better to do so....   Max Talbot "Translates" For Marc-Andre Fleury 10-10-2009...

DJ King & Godard talk about their battles on the ice.


DJ King & Godard talk about their battles on the ice.

Playing with Crosby and Malkin... it's not as easy as you think


Presumptions aren’t always accurate in the NHL. A relatable example with the Penguins is the conventional opinion that playing alongside centers Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin should be easy.

Rossi: Picture perfect night for Talbot


I have a man-crush on Talbot, just saying... If I were to get a jersey with someone's name on it, it would definitely be Talbot... I just love the guy... great sense of humor and a great heart to go with it...

Crosby checking out the new RBK 11k Stick. I jumped at the end... did you?


Crosby checking out the new RBK 11k Stick. I jumped at the end... did you?

Picking Fights on Twitter, Sidney Crosby Edition


Pretty funny... obviously fake, but it gave me a laugh nonetheless.

Crosby's solo career


Basically ragging on everyone who gets put on Crosby's line.

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