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Top QBs & winning (consistently)

Mind as well get right into it: I feel (and have felt for some time now) that QB play is so important in the NFL recently, that an organization with a top-notch QB has a huge advantage over those...



I sit here, watching hours upon hours of pregame shows, before week 1 and I should be giddy about the prospect of real football in just an hour.  In years past I would not be able to sleep easily...

SI mock draft with Gabbert going #1st overall


Also, some good draft nuggets in this link, courtesy of Don Banks at SI:

Schefter on Bills trading up for Andrew Luck


From ESPN Insider: Q: Assuming the Buffalo Bills are placing a high priority on getting a franchise QB in the draft, do you think there is a realistic chance they could trade up with the Carolina Panthers to get Andrew Luck? Alternatively, do you think they would pull the trigger on Cam Newton, Blaine Gabbert, or Ryan Mallet at three? Would any of the latter be good value, in your opinion? -- Jack (Buffalo, N.Y.) A: Jack: If Andrew Luck comes out -- and that's a huge if; a lot of people doubt he will -- he will be the No. 1 pick. And the price to get him would be exorbitant, even for Buffalo to go from the third overall pick to the top overall pick. Any team with a quarterback need, including Carolina, would want to draft Luck, who has drawn comparisons to Matt Ryan. So it'll be challenging and pricey for Buffalo, or any team, to get to No. 1. As for the other quarterbacks, I haven't studied them or asked scouts about them enough yet to form a qualified opinion. But at No. 3, my sense is that Buffalo would have its choice of any of them. Not exactly groundbreaking analysis....


NFL teams & QB position entering 2010 season

NOTE:  I posted this a few days ago, but it was deleted because it was off topic…but it was received well in that short time, so mind as well re-post. A look at teams and their quarterback...


Ideas from Rumblers on autograph collection

Okay, so I need some help from my Rumblings Brothers... I just got back into collecting sports autographs after collecting autos and cards as a kid.  I find it to be a fun hobby and a cool way to...


Second Edition: "I said that?" (2009 NFL Draft - Day One)

I'm glad that my first edition of "I said that?" was so well received.  Since we are currently in a "down time" for NFL news...I thought we could use another version.  This time, I went back to the...


Inaugural version of: "I said that?" (Pre-NFL Draft Edition)

Ok, so we all know that the months leading up to the NFL draft is a time filled with predictions, strong opinions and heated arguments.  So I decided to go back in the archives, pick out a few of...


Buffalo Bills and Tim Tebow need each other

Before today I was genuinely undecided as to if Tim Tebow would be a good draft pick for the Buffalo Bills. But after reading Brian’s latest article about intangibles at the QB position, I believe...


Analysis- Free Agent QB or Draft a QB?

 In light of the QB article Brian wrote today (good one, too), I thought I would take a look to see if I could find some recent trends on how successful teams acquired their quarterbacks.  Please...


Expectations for next few months

As we all know, being a Bills fan is often difficult.  We haven't made the playoffs in 10 years, only 1 of our past 3 head coaches ("HC") has had HC experience, and our biggest ticket free agent...


After further review- (Comments on Tampa game)

Okay, so I watched yesterday’s game on tv after being there in person.  As I am giving somewhat of a late review, I will give some awards based on what I saw: Under-rated play-  (These guys played...


Hypothetical- Michael Crabtree?

Hi Everyone, new to the board and being a "dreamer" (my first post was about getting Julius Peppers in here) and hearing the news about Michael Crabtree's foot stress fracture injury today I pose...

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