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Angels beat Rangers 7-3


The Angels defeated the Rangers 7-3 behind a strong start from Garrett Richards to start a three-game series.

Anadromous Ichthyolatry! Angels Rally On Sale


The Angels exploded Chris Sale's three-hit shutout with an unexpected six-run rally in the eighth inning to beat the White Sox 6-5 on Saturday, headlined by Mike Trout's grand slam.

Mythical Sean Burnett Sighted In 6-1 Victory


The Angels lineup overpowered a weak showing from the Royals offense Friday night, winning 6-1 despite a wild start from CJ Wilson.

F-Bomb: Another Ninth-Inning Homer


The Angels got the short end of a close game with the Yankees, losing 4-3 when Ernesto Frieri allowed a late homer to Brian Roberts.

Angels Win Quiet Battle In Seattle


This time, Albert Pujols' early home run was enough for Garrett Richards and the Angels bullpen, who one-hit the Mariners on Wednesday night.

2014 Angels Still 0-For-Mariners


The Angels took a 3-0 lead on back-to-back homers in the first inning, but ultimately surrendered the Mariners' home opener as the home team scored five runs unanswered.

Angels Defeat Mariners 5-1


Mike Trout's two-run homer and Kole Calhoun's run-scoring triple backed Jason Vargas in a winning effort for the Angels on Saturday night.

The Rains of Baltimore: Orioles Wash Weaver Away


The Angels lost a wet game with the Orioles after a two-hour rain delay.

Angels Defeat White Sox 3-2


Jerome Williams and the Angels bullpen pitched just well enough to turn a close, low-scoring game into a rare, and very much needed Angels' victory on Saturday night in Chicago.

Scioscia Flushed After Frieri's Royal Dump


The Angels turned a 2-0 victory into a 3-2 defeat in less than a minute. With one out in the ninth inning, Ernesto Frieri gave up back to back homers to end the game in a walk-off win for the Royals.

Thanks Albert: Angels Win On Nine Runs, Thirteen Hits

The Los Angeles Angels defeated the Cleveland Indians 9-6 in Anaheim on Tuesday night, scoring more than enough runs to back Zack Greinke's first win in an Angels uniform.

Angels Stumped By Former Farm Hand, Lose 3-2


CJ Wilson and the Los Angeles Angels lost a close 3-2 ballgame to the Baltimore Orioles and one of their own minor-league castaways, making his first major-league start.

Not Close Enough: Angels Lose 6-5, End Win Streak At Eight


The Angels lost the final game in a three-game series with the New York Yankees by the score of 6-5.

Wilson Allows One Hit, Offense Rewards Him Tenfold


CJ Wilson shut down the Oakland Athletics on Tuesday night, leading the way to a much needed 5-0 win for the struggling Los Angeles Angels.

Down 2-0 Early, Angels Rally To An Exciting 2-1 Loss


The Angels played another nine innings of dull, low-scoring baseball on Monday night--not because they wanted to, but because the game was on the schedule.

Arte meeting with AEG


That's the sports conglomerate that owns the Staples Center, the Kings, and part of the Lakers, with major plans to redevelop downtown LA to accommodate, among other things, a pro football team. Arte's angle is uncertain, but smart money says he might exercise his opt-out clause on the Angel Stadium lease and move the team to a new downtown facility in 2016.

Mark Trumbo, Left Fielder


New strategy, as of tonight. Unfortunately, Mike is still benching Bourjos instead of Wells.

Bourjos has a hip problem


Apparently it's been bothering him for several years, but it hasn't slowed him down yet. Still, Bourjos thinks he'll probably need surgery as soon as the season is over. Let's hope he makes it, although it worries me that we're already hearing about this in February.

MLB Stands With SOPA


Just in case you were wondering with all the news going on, MLB didn't go dark today because the Commissioner's Office has pumped about $1.5 million into congressional lobbying and campaign financing over the last two election cycles, with the distribution titled toward legislators friendly to the unpopular legislation. MLB is also listed as one of SOPA/PIPA's official supporters. Angels Baseball has not made any publicly disclosed contributions to an elected federal official, although Arte recently gave $2,500 each to Mitt Romney and Matt Salmon, a Republican candidate for Arizona's 6th. He probably spent more lobbying CJ Wilson's agent.

CJ Wilson slumber party!


Amusing rumors du jour: Jerry Dipoto has invited the future Most Overpaid Pitcher In Baseball over to his house for hot chocolate, ghost stories, and Monty Python's Life of Brian. Also, Jerry says "Kuroda is cool."

Measuring catcher defense: Problem solved?


Catchers are sort of the final frontier for defensive metrics, but some interesting results have come out in the last year or so. Today Bojan Koprivica at The Hardball Times went Isaac Newton on the problem of pitch-blocking. In summary, it looks like an actual skill, and over the course of a full season, someone who is really good at might win an entire game more than someone who isn't. This could be a final move toward overall scores for catcher defense, some of which the article breaks down by components. I'm sure what everyone most wants to know is what this will do for Jeff Mathis's case for a Gold Glove. Well, he comes out at as just about average: 23rd out of 60 qualifying players over the last four years. Although better than previously believed, the metrics suggest that in exchange for tolerating his miserable bat, Mathis has rewarded the Angels with all of two runs better than the average defensive catcher, and six runs better than Mike Napoli. That's spread out over nearly 650 games. Considering that Napoli has been almost 150 runs better with the stick during the same time, Mike Scioscia and the astroCERAlogists are still off by a factor of 25.

Angels nearing new TV deal?


Bill Shaikin thinks so, but we've known for awhile that the Angels have had ongoing discussions with Fox over the last few years. This article seems less like a scoop than a dagger aimed at Frank McCourt's corrupt bargain.

Sportswriter proclaims "Year of the Napoli"


We already produce discussions about Mike Napoli in bulk supply, but this article is a chance to observe a common theme in sports journalism. Remember when Napoli was a "clubhouse cancer" with a "poor work ethic", a "choker" and "defensive liability"? Suddenly after one monstrous season and two clutch playoff games, he's praised as a hard worker, an ideal teammate, a complete player, and a big-time performer. Did the man really change, or just the stories people tell about him? And these stories just happened to change right along with his Triple Crown stats (AVG, HR, RBI). In the moralistic jargon of professional sportswriting, being a successful player is the same as being a good person. Too bad Lyle Spencer's heart has always belonged to Jeff Mathis. Update. No sooner had I typed this, a further case in point: LyleMSpencer The value of a strong, supportive nuclear family in evidence with the Uptons. #Rays#Diamondbacks

Child plays with loaded weapon


Tony promises to be "creative" and "aggressive" by "not going to sit back and let things come." More likely that means trading Aybar and/or Kendrick for pitching, or playing Trumbo at 3B, than pursuing a major free agent, according to Mike D. Unsurprisingly, Scioscia actually has more to say about offseason plans than Reagins.

Mr. Moreno, Accounting Has Something To Show You


With the book closed on 2011, we can make finally tally the relative value of the commodities exchanged on January 21.... Assets ----- Not paying Mike Napoli $5.8M Not paying Juan Rivera ...

Scioscia-bashing triggers passive-aggressive manfight on Rangers broadcast


After calling Napoli's second homer of the night, Rangers' play-by-play announcer Dave Barnett became the first man with a microphone to actually question Mike Scioscia. Old-timey baseball fratboy and ex-terrible-GM-turned-color-commentator Tom Grieve shut him up and then shut it down. Awkward...

I stumbled upon this while wandering an unfamiliar section of the library. Lyle M. Spencer has seen...


I stumbled upon this while wandering an unfamiliar section of the library. Lyle M. Spencer has seen so many games live, he actually wrote the book on competence. Among his other bestsellers: Calculating Human Resource Costs and Benefits: Cutting Costs and Improving Productivity.

Blue Jays Rock The Cassevah, Encarnacion Tightens The Garrett On Angels' Season


The Angels lost a critical road game in Toronto 4-3 in 12 innings on Thursday, falling to three games behind idle Boston in the Wild Card standings.

Dodger buyout offer may be a sham


MLB worries that yesterday's announcement might be just a "show bid" to up the buy-in price for minority investors. Someone should write up the McCourt saga as a coloring book to teach young children the cruel realities of the global financial system.

Mike Scioscia explains why Trout went to AA, not AAA


Supposedly it's for the "playoff experience," although he also says there's not much difference in the quality of the pitching between the two levels. Do you buy it outright, or is it just code for suspicions about the PCL?

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