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An Xbox accessory as a scouting tool?


The imaging technology inside the newly released Microsoft Kinect could provide cost-effective analysis of pitching mechanics. While the article bills this as "preventative medicine," it would more likely be used to screen draft picks and free agents for injury risks, introducing another source of tension between players and management.

10/31 Postseason Review: Forbidden Fruit


Giants 4, Rangers 0 (San Francisco leads series 3-1) The thrill of victory is always accompanied by the agony of defeat. If you want to be a baseball fan in October, you have to be willing to take...

10/30 Postseaon Review: Who Needs College?


Rangers 4, Giants 2 (San Francisco leads series 2-1) Well, that was a little more...conventional. Not that there wasn't some weirdness, like all runs scoring via home runs. Or how about this one: V...

10/28 Postseason Review: Improbable Cause


Giants 9, Rangers 0 (San Francisco leads series 2-0) I admire baseball because it has patterns and regularities in the long term while being totally unpredictable from day to day. Over the course...

Jose Guillen linked to federal PED investigation


Wondering where everyone's favorite ex-Angel, Jose Guillen, has been this postseason instead of playing with the Giants? Well, apparently he's under the hammer again for receiving large shipments of HGH. Is this guy ever not in trouble?

10/27 Postseason Review: Rangers Trade Smoak For Choke


Giants 11, Rangers 7 (San Francisco leads series 1-0) What can I say? Despite my gloomy outlook before yesterday's game, I did enjoy it tremendously. How can you not love watching a hyperbolic...

Make Joe Buck and Tim McCarver shut up


Deadspin runs down a few methods for syncing a radio feed/broadcast to the TV image. No more McBuckver! Brilliant.

Postseason Review: Eve of Destruction


So here we are, Rangers vs. Giants in the World Series. Ugh. Out of all 16 possible World Series match-ups when the postseason started, this one would have been #16 on my list of series I wanted...

Mariners hire Eric Wedge as new manager


The carousel of recently fired managers keeps turning. You'd think if these guys were bad enough at their jobs to get fired (more than once in many cases), they would stay fired. Not so! Baseball Old Boys' Club representative and chief actuary Jack Zduriencik is the latest to say, "no hard feelings." Makes me wonder if coaching means anything.

10/16 Postseason Review: Excited For Conan Yet?


I didn't catch much of the action yesterday. I spent the afternoon driving to New York, so I got some of the early game on the radio and a little more over dinner. Phil Hughes' meatball sandwich...

10/15 Postseason Review: Joe Girardi Wants To Chew Your Chalupa


I couldn't have been more wrong about tonight. I thought this was the ALCS match-up from hell. I thought there as no way I would enjoy any of these games. But tonight was pure awesome. Most of us...

10/12 Postseason Review: Death Rays


Well, gee howdy fell'ers 'n fell'gals! How 'bout our boys grabbin' the bull by the headlights 'n stayin' in the saddle no matter how hard that ornery ol' beast buck 'n kick 'n try to knock 'em...

10/11 Postseason Review: Brooks Was Here


After 139 regular season games and 254 plate appearances, Brooks Conrad's Atlanta Braves career is probably over. Guys like him are readily replaced, hence the term replacement player. His...

10/10 Postseason Review: Rays "Claw" Their Way Back Into The Series


I know, I know. Har har. But I had to address these hand signals which, if the announcers are to be believed, led the Rangers to their 90 wins this season. Should I have to guess the meaning of...

10/9 Postseason Review: Who Will Stop The Yankees?


Bud Selig is on the record saying that MLB has the best competitive balance of any professional sport. There's so much randomness in the game that Bud is almost right. If the Yankees played the P...

10/8 Postseason Review: At Least We Know One Team Won't Get Swept


We were five outs away from four 2-0 division series. Even with just three, this is still a boring and uncompetitive state of affairs. Is it me, or does this happen all the time now? Seems like in...

10/7 Postseason Review: Evil Prevails!


Just incredible. The winning run in not one, but two of today's games scored immediately following a rather obviously blown call. What else is there to say? "This aggression will not stand, man!"...

10/6 Postseason Review: DOCuments, I Has It


Whoever brutally shoe-horned Doc Holliday into "Doc Halladay" regrettably launched a thousand cringe-inducing puns. "Doctober" is the new favorite of course. I just thought I'd throw "Document" out...


October Baseball Is Great, But Could Be Better

I like baseball. Kind of a lot, really. I like it so much that I'm not going to get any work done today so that I can watch a bunch of teams I don't care about compete for a commendation I don't...

Angels Add Artificial Sweetener To Bitter End


The Angels won their final game of the 2010 season against the Texas Rangers. The team now has the entire offseason to think through their mistakes.

Ervin Santana Loses Final Start Of 2010; Angels Close In On Protected Pick


The Angels suffered a 6-2 defeat against the Texas Rangers on the second-to-last game of the 2010 season. They can no longer finish with a .500 record, but they can still earn a valuable protected draft pick next June.

League revises offseason policy


Looking through the list of changes, it seems like both MLB and the players' union decided they were sick of the "let's all sit around and do nothing until Scott Boras's big client signs" character of recent offseasons.

Angels Beat CB Bucknor


The Angels won a wild game with questionable officiating against the Oakland Athletics 6-5 on Monday night. The eventual winning run came across on a bases-loaded walk by rookie Hank Conger.

Jered Weaver Wants You To Know That Pitching Wins Are Stupid


The Angels' offense and defense spoiled a spectacular start from Jered Weaver, in which he struck out nine White Sox batters. The 4-3 loss completed a sweep at home.

Kazmir Defeats Danks


Final Score in Anaheim: White Sox Many, Angels Few Scott Kazmir forgot his headset when he took the mound tonight and couldn't hear Mark Gubicza cheering him on from the booth. He consequently...

Mark Saxon Restates All The Wrong Reasons To Trade Mike Napoli


Mark saxon of ESPN-LA revealed a shocking incomprehension of player value when he editorialized on behalf of trading Angels catcher Mike Napoli.

Angels Mathematically Eliminated On "Play The Kids" Night


The Angels were mathematically eliminated with a 2-1 home loss to the White Sox on Friday night.

Who Is Andrew Romine?


The Angels are playing a couple of entertaining games this season. The first is called "let's stack the roster with slap-hitting middle-infielders." I think they won that game. The second is a...

Jered Weaver Strikeout Title Unlikely


Felix Hernandez pitched a complete-game two-hitter today, which he also lost 1-0. He struck out 5 Blue Jays, increasing his league-leading strikeout total to 227. Weaver is sitting at 220 with two...

Angels Defeat Rangers 7-4


The Angels won a baseball game. Tonight. Against the Texas Rangers. Red Team scored 7, Blue Team scored 4. So Texas will not clinch in Anaheim, but Jered Weaver will probably not win a strikeout...

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