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President Obama Meets With John Elway


President Obama, recently in Colorado for a fundraiser, met Denver GM John Elway.

I Feel Dirty Doing This


But apparently we made it onto TMZ. We're like big time and stuff now.

Chiefs Chances of Winning Super Bowl: 1 in 8


Per the link, the last four Super Bowl Champions were the teams that played in the home opener for the Philadelphia Eagles. We are scheduled to play at Philly next year, and given the new Chip Kelly offense there and the Andy Reid homecoming, I could see the NFL scheduling us for a prime time home opener at Philly.


The Official Start Ricky Stanzi Petition (for America)

Dear Romeo, We, the undersigned fans of the Kansas City Chiefs, do hereby register our lack of content with the current situation at QB for the 2012 Kansas City Chiefs. While we recognize that...


Blame Game: The Fans

Last week, we faced a Ravens team that was very good on offense, 2nd in the league coming into the game. We held them in check. We out-physicaled them. We should’ve won that game. At the same...

11. Matt Cassel won't be the Chiefs' starting quarterback by midseason If you believe some of the...

11. Matt Cassel won't be the Chiefs' starting quarterback by midseason If you believe some of the garbage that has come out of Kansas City the past couple of years, you think that former offensive coordinator Charlie Weis was the reason for Cassel's stunning success in 2010, when Tom Brady's ex-backup made the Pro Bowl and helped K.C. to an unlikely AFC West crown. If you know the real story, you regard Weis as a fraud, ex-Chiefs coach Todd Haley as a miracle worker (at least for that one season, which began with Weis reluctant to coach Cassel, causing Haley to step in) and Cassel as a disaster waiting to happen. With the ever-delicate Brian Daboll now on the job as new coach Romeo Crennel's offensive coordinator, count on it happening. Link

Now Testify

To testify is to solemnly attest to the truth of a matter. This weekend with the Atlanta Falcons coming into town, the Chiefs have the ability to give their first testimony. The Chiefs are a...


Carr to Visit Cowboys

Per Schefter, just heard it on ESPN NFL Live.


The Pitch For Peyton Manning To The Kansas City Chiefs

From the FanPosts. -Chris Mr. Manning, I’d like to just start by acknowledging how much I respect you as a QB. You’re a thinking man’s QB, a meticulous student of the game with an innate cerebral...

Peyton's Agency and the Effect on Where He Lands


Interesting PFT article talking about how Manning's next destination might be steered away from NFL cities where the current QB is represented by his sport agency, CAA. Notable QBs currently represented by CAA: Alex Smith, Tim Tebow, Blaine Gabbert, and Tony Romo.

Charlie Weis Hired as Head Coach at KU


Makes you wonder if him leaving the Chiefs was less about joining his son at Florida and more about being unhappy and having trouble dealing with Todd Haley.

The Great Corholio: Todd Haley.


The Great Corholio: Todd Haley.

For Jerome


Jerome, I just want to let you know that things will turn out alright. My wife (just married her last weekend) had a brain tumor around two years ago. The link above is the post I wrote at the time, the day after I found out she had a brain tumor. It was the hardest thing I ever had to write. When you first hear those words, you get overwhelmed with bad thoughts. But things work out in this world and miracles do happen. My thoughts and prayers are with your and your family. I might still be a little upset over how badly you guys beat my Chiefs up in week 2, but at the end of the day, we're all on the same team when fighting against tumors.

Lessons in Leadership From Braveheart Matt Cassel: Wait! I respect what you said, but remember...

Lessons in Leadership From Braveheart Matt Cassel: Wait! I respect what you said, but remember that these players have lands and cars. It's much to risk. Sudden: And the common man who bleeds in the seats at Arrowhead and on the couch as he watches, does he risk less? Matt Cassel: No, but from top to bottom this team has no sense of itself. Its players share allegiance with players from other teams. Its players war with each other. If you make enemies on both sides of coaches and players, you'll end up out of football. Sudden: We all end up out of football; it's just a question of how and why. Matt Cassel: I'm not a coward. I want what you want, but we need the coaches to lead. Sudden: We need them? Matt Cassel: Aye. Sudden: Now tell me, what does that mean to be a starting QB? Your title gives you claim to the most important position of our team, but men don't follow titles, they follow courage. Now our people know you. Players, coaches, and fans alike, they respect you. And if you would just lead them to victory, they'd follow you. And so would I. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for leading this team this week Matt. In watching the games in the past, you've always struck me as just another player on the team, and what we've always needed is a leader. I'm now starting to see that in you, keep it up.

The 48 Laws of Power: Scott Pioli and Mastering the Art of Timing

This is something I’ve been toying with off and on for some time now, based on the magnum opus by Robert Greene entitled The 48 Laws of Power.  It’s a great read, especially for history buffs or...


Confessions Of An Out Of Market Chiefs Fan

From the FanPosts. We feel for you, out-of-town Chiefs fans. -Joel

Brady Quinn Outplays Tim Tebow at Broncos Practice


Technically, the article is about Kyle Orton outplaying Tebow (and wondering why they still plan on trading Orton). But the money quote is: "Klis writes that not only did Orton look better than Tebow, but Brady Quinn looked better than Tebow, too. Tebow seemed to think he played well, which isn’t necessarily a good sign."

Football Outsiders Free Chapter Giveaway: Predicting Chiefs to Win AFC West


At the start of the season, Football Outsiders predicted the Chiefs would win the AFC West on the basis of an easy schedule and the Chargers decline. They were right about us winning the AFC West, although the Chargers actually got better statistically this season on the basis of FO DVOA stats. Also, not sure the weaker schedule thing applies all that much, we faced 12 common opponents as the Chargers and going into the season, many people would've though Buffalo and Cleveland were at least as tough as KC twice and that NE and CIN were about as tough as SD twice. Either way, free chapter giveaway so FO can bask in their prediction coming true.

A Message for All Chiefs Fans Traveling to Road Games


NFL games are turning into full out brawls. It seems my home state of California is particularly prone to such douchebaggery (I am not surprised in the slightest). I know a lot of us will be traveling to the game at SD next week, so I wanted to give everyone fair warning of what to expect from the fair-weather fanbase.


Chiefs @ DEN, Arrowhead Pride Represent

The NFL stadium tour is an annual tradition for my old college roommate and I.  Every year, we visit a new city, see the Chiefs conquer a new stadium, and leave with a new experience.  I highly...

Chiefs Super Bowl Winning Odds Changed


Just a week or two ago, I had checked the odds of the Chiefs winning the Super Bowl and it was the max BetUSA gives at 100:1. Then, on my way to Vegas on Friday I checked again and it said 60:1. The only way that we drop from 100:1 to 60:1 that quickly is if the early wagers (i.e. the smart money) starts taking that line. Well, it looks like the smart money took the 100:1 line and ran with it. It's a mixed blessing, because it gives me more confidence in our team, but now it makes it a little harder for me to justify putting money on it.

A Boy Named Suh


I was listening to some country music on youtube, and came across the greatest rendition of Cash's classic I've ever seen.

No Fine for Dirty Tackle By Ayers


The NFL failed to protect one of its most exciting players by failing to fine Ayers for his dirty and malicious slam of Jamaal Charles into the ground. Oh well, can't wait to see an angry Branden Albert maul Ayers pathetic ass to the ground next season. (Edit by Joel: Ayers was fined $5,000.)


Fun With Restaurant Names

A friend of mine who's a Raiders fan was talking about starting a bar and restaurant and we started throwing around potential names.  Somehow, it evolved into naming restaurants for players in the...


Some Good News on an Otherwise Rough Day

The Chiefs no longer have A. Toomer, and neither does my girlfriend.


Things Aren't Always As Bad As They Seem

From the FanPosts. -Chris I was at Big Charlie's Saloon on Saturday night. I had the rare opportunity to meet Scott Pioli. I originally intended to do a lengthy post about my trip to philly, how...


Roll Call: Philadelphia

  In less than 24 hours, I will board a flight from Los Angeles, CA to Philadelphia, PA.  That's a hell of a long trip and an expensive overall experience to see a game that all those pundits and...

Clark Hunt NFL's 15th Best Owner


The Cryptkeeper is dead last. And you have to suck bad to finish below William Clay Ford and Mike Brown. Clark also has the hottest wife. Nice.


Thank You DT

I wanted to create this thread to thank Derrick Thomas for everything he means to me, to us, and to the entire world.  Feel free to share your own thanks.  Its days like this that I am overwhelmed...

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