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Outlook for Terp Basketball, 2012 and Beyond

Hey, all. I just committed to UMD two weeks ago as a journalism major. I've been passively interested in the Terrapins and have a decent base of college basketball knowledge, but I'm trying to...

Brandon Allen DFA'd by Oakland


Several of the commenters here have been interested in Allen before. I'm not endorsing signing him or not signing him, but it's interesting food for thought, isn't it?


Pirates Should Consider Re-Signing Chris Snyder

Former Pirate Chris Snyder has quietly gone unsigned since free agency started last month. The Pirates rightly declined a $6.75M option on his deal with them. Snyder is worth nowhere near that,...

The Reds Just Got Mat Latos


According to various national and local reporters and now on MLBTR, the Reds just traded a package around Yonder Alonso for San Diego ace Mat Latos. Latos is a tremendous pitcher, although it'll be interesting to see if he has any problems going from PETCO to the Little League field they have in Cincy. Looking at his splits on Fangraphs, he's done just as well with homers on the road as at home, so maybe Cincy isn't too worried. EDIT: Troy Renck (@troyrenck) says the Padres are also getting Edinson Volquez. EDIT #2: Grandal, Boxberger also going to SD.

Pirates to Sign Ryota Igarashi


MLBTR reporting a link from the NPB Tracker. It is a split deal. Igarashi has had huge strikeout numbers and huge walk numbers with the Mets. At first glance, Huntington seems to be trying to replicate the Veras signing from last year. I'd take that.

Biertempfel: Pirates closing in on Betemit, McLouth


@BiertempfelTrib "#Pirates move closer to deals with INF Wilson Betemit, OF Nate McLouth" For what it's worth, I get pretty into the preseason projection engine over at Fangraphs, and a few days ago, I pegged Betemit for exactly 1 WAR over about 375 plate appearances. Not that I'm very smart, but again FWIW, I had McLouth at exactly replacement level.

Pirates Sign Nick Evans


Adam Rubin of ESPN tweets that, via the NY Post, the Pirates have agreed to term with Evans. We're in trouble if he's anything but AAA filler, but seeing as the Pirates probably are in trouble, I doubt it would shock anyone if he started 40 games for this club in some horrible platoon at first base. Evans was moderately useful for the Mets in a bench role last year, but his 0.7 WAR figure is probably a bit high. He's a replacement-level player who, ideally, will help Indy a good bit. UPDATE by Charlie: Essentially, Evans is a lot like Matt Hague. He's about the same age, he's right-handed, and he hits for average, but not enough power for a first baseman. Suffering Buc's writeup is pretty reasonable, but I'm a bit more optimistic than he or she is - Evans has had massive platoon splits for his career (with an .849 OPS against lefties), and he's had a terrible time in the Mets' home park (he has an .825 career OPS on the road), so there's at least some reason to hope the Pirates could get some good work out of him by platooning him with Garrett Jones. Of course, the same could be said of Hague. But I could see Evans getting a fair amount of playing time, particularly if the Pirates can't find a deal they like on a first baseman this winter. It's a minor-league deal, so there's no harm in it either way. Here's his profile at FanGraphs.

Zack Greinke delivers the quote of the decade


"It would have been nice if they [#Pirates] would have just got their bunts down." That's what Greinke told Jen Langosch after several Pirates, most noticeably Josh Harrison, failed miserably when Clint Hurdle told them to bunt and then actually did good things after not bunting, fueling the Pirates' seven-run outburst in the seventh inning that propelled them to an actual "win" against the Milwaukee Brewers. Who'd of thunk it, that Major League players could occasionally do good things when swinging their bats.


The Pedro Alvarez - Alex Gordon Parallel

Pedro Alvarez isn't the only excellent college hitter to struggle mightily his first few years in the Majors. There have been dozens more, and while many have flamed out, none pose a better hopeful...


Reasonable Trade Season Addition: Juan Rivera

First off, it's good to be on Bucs Dugout again.  I don't have much computer access for the summer, and I don't like posting comments from a phone, so it's nice to read some of the comment threads...


Pirates Free Agents And Possible Type A/B Status

The Pirates haven't gotten anything out of MLB's compensation system since they've traded all their impending Type A/B free agents before they've reached free agency. This year, though, it seems...

5 Blackout Question -- Morgantown, WV

I'm going to be spending nine weeks this summer working in Morgantown.  I want to be able to watch the Pirates during this timeframe.  I am looking for help from the Morgantown-or-thereabouts...

Jayson Stark on the Pirates


A fairly interesting, informed read on the current state of the team.

Problem with Andrew McCutchen?


Rob Biertempfel tweets that McCutchen has left the team "for personal reasons." I don't like the sound of that. Let's hope it's nothing serious.


Pirates Defense: First 2011 UZR Numbers Released

Fangraphs has the first two weeks worth of 2011 UZR data up on its leaderboards today.  Obviously, such a small sample size is inconsequential in the long term, but it does tell us a little bit...


Pirates-Orioles Game Thread - 3/10

Since this game's on TV, I figure a game thread is acceptable, right?  Now I'm going to make it so that this post reaches 75 words. go bucs go bucs go bucs go bucs go bucs go bucs yeah yeah go bucs...

Tony Sanchez starting 2011 in AAA?


He seems to think so: "@indyindians i definitely need indy's followers to follow an incoming catcher. Help me outtt"


Ryan Sweeney's on the market...

Word has come out today that Billy Beane has acquired Josh Willingham in a trade.  Willingham will now be Oakland's starting left fielder and, though he has injury concerns, will play pretty much...

Fangraphs opens 2011 Fan Projections!


Do the baseball community a favor, and go over there, make an account if you don't have one, and enter your projections. They're simple and fun.

Forget Jorge De La Rosa


From Troy Renck's Twitter, the beat writer for the Rockies. --Now Rockies priorities are finding a reliever, like Jesse Crain, and a right-handed bat. Getting De La Rosa is huge part of offseason

Duke, Young, LaRoche designated for assignment


Well, there you have it. It was nice knowing you guys, sort of.


Early Rule 5 Speculation

Over the winter here, the Pirates will have the first pick in the Rule 5 Draft.  Huntington has so far taken a player each year on the job, hitting big on Evan Meek, getting a player of mild...

Alvarez named NL Player of the Week


(Note that the link comes from the Plus site). Best player, not rookie, on the Senior Circuit for the week.


Trade targets: James Shields and Matt Garza

I'm going to neglect the Zack Greinke-type trade talk for now, and we all the Pirates aren't going to be in on Jayson Werth or Cliff Lee in free agency.  An increase in payroll is inevitable.  We...

Dodgers ship Dotel to Rockies


Thanks for McDonald and Lambo, Ned. Much appreciated. We sincerely hope you enjoyed your month and a half of greatness from Octavio Dotel.


The Young Pirates: What to Expect Individually in 2011

The Major League product this year has been terrible.  We all know this, and there's no sense in not getting it out of the way early on in this post.  With that in mind, the Pirates could have a...


Would it be a good idea to reacquire Nate McLouth?

Muffle your laughter, please.   I've been a pretty vocal critic of McLouth for a few years, even when he was on what is now clear was a very flukey ride to an All-Star season and Gold Glove in...

Ryan Doumit placed on 15-day DL


There goes the possibility of trading him. Jaramillo recalled.


By the numbers: Pirates' optimal lineup

Let's ignore platoon splits and trade possibilities for a second.  With the players they have in place right now on their roster, what is the most statistically effective lineup John Russell could...

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