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The Thursday Line


Over/Under: 5 years Mike Shanahan is the head coach of the Washington RedskinsI am going with the over. Snyder held on to Cerrato for a decade. So...if Allen/Shanahan can eclipse the "Cerrato...

Daily Slop - Jason Campbell Delays Signing of Redskins Tender


As we discussed a couple weeks ago, Jason Campbell will wait until the last second to sign his tender. (Insider)Our expectation was that he would sign his contract in conjunction with a trade to...

Washington Redskins Partner With Sony for PS3 Madden Tournament on New HD Screens


The Washington Redskins and Sony are teaming up to put on a PS3 Madden tournament to inaugurate the new HD screens that Dan Snyder is installing.

Pour Some Sugar On Me - Redskins Memories Gone Hollywood


In the offseason, we find ourselves looking back over the recent years of our favorite team. What better way to do that than by using classic movie quotes to conjure good (and not so good) memories?

Washington Redskins All-Decade Team - Honest-To-God Football Talk


We are wrapping up our All-Decade roster with a spirited debate over the last handful of positions.

Pour Some Sugar On Me - Cautious Optimism Without the Caution


There has been little to base unbridled optimism on in Washington, D.C...unless of course you don't mind glossing over recent history. That could all be changing for Redskins fans this offseason.

Is There A Draft In Here? Washington Redskins Draft Theory #134,769


Time to start conjuring up exciting draft trade possibilities. Here is our attempt to get Cleveland interested so we can get our hands on some of those precious draft picks.

Redskins Draft Prospect: Running Back At the Top of the 2nd Round?


If the Redskins are targeting a RB at the top of the 2nd round, these guys will most likely be the ones Mike Shanahan and Bruce Allen will choose between.

Pour Some Sugar On Me - Only One Year Without A Cap? Not So Fast...The Golden Age For the Washington Redskins Hinges On Life Without the Cap


We don't think the salary cap is coming back to the NFL any time soon, and this is great news for Redskins fans.

Finally, A Mock Draft That Makes Sense


Our friend over at CNNSI, Don Banks, is among the first of the big boys to send Okung to the Skins at #4. Thank God. I really needed to see this and when I did, it made me feel pretty good. Hopefully it will ease some of the stress around Redskins nation today.

Pour Some Sugar On Me - Who Stood Out At the Combine (Good or Bad)...From a Redskins Standpoint


We look at 10 players that may very have turned the heads of Redskins Front Office members.

Bring Me Your Finest Meats And Cheeses! Hogs Haven Interviews Kenny Mayne


We had a chance to sit down with Kenny Mayne to dance around a variety of issues, including which of his famous home run calls he would apply to certain Redskins scenarios.

Pour Some Sugar On Me - Why I Love The NFL Combine


Despite many good reasons, we can still make excuses to watch the NFL Combine. Here are some of ours.

Pour Some Sugar On Me - Sugar's Big Board: Washington Redskins 1st Round Draft Rankings


Our first Big Board attacks the upcoming draft as if the Redskins picked at each of the Top 10 spots. Based on need, wish, and whim, we make the picks we think make the most sense...to us.

Washington Redskins All-Decade Team - Easy Friday Decisions


Like many of you in the D.C. area, I have been fighting my way through extended power outages, marathon snow-shovelling sessions, and cabin fever. I thought it worth noting in this space that when...

Are We Going To Talk About This Clinton Portis vs Lavar Arrington Debacle?


I love the fire coming out of Lavar. Anyone who saw him play recognizes that fire. Unfortunately for Clinton Portis, Lavar is both hard to ignore and hard to doubt. It is unsettling to think we...

Washington Redskins All-Decade Team - Time To Talk Running Backs


The Washington Redskins have a proud history of running backs. Even in a down decade, we still boast a few Pro Bowlers that crack our All-Decade roster.

The Business of Happiness


Want to read about the man behind the resurgence of the Washington Capitals? His "6 Secrets to Extraordinary Success in Life and Work" offer a compelling look at what has driven the outrageously positive results in both his personal life as welll as as his professional life. **We all love Ted here at Hogs Haven. Not just because of the amazing interview he gave us last year, but also because he is a minority owner in our parent company, SB Nation.

Washington Redskins All-Decade Team - Offensive Line


Wow...selecting the guys for this spot on our team has been quite the walk down Memory Lane...if Memory Lane was a dark, dark alley in the middle of Gotham City. The good news is I think is that we...

The Revolution - Redskins Fans Should Consider TicketShare Program Before Renewing Season Tickets They May Not Use


FedEx Field has, at times, been a tough place to play...for the HOME team. We suggest an alternative to selling your season tickets on Ebay: TicketShare

Washington Redskins All-Decade Team - Constructing An Offensive Line


Today we start construction of the heart of our All-Decade Team offense: the offensive line. Three guys are in and the debate begins now to fill out the battery.

Washington Redskins All-Decade Team - Locking Down the Corners


In Part Two of our All-Decade Team creation, we focus on the cornerbacks. Sorry Deion, but we want guys who are willing to play against the run.

Washington Redskins All-Decade Team of the 2000's - Quarterback


We are building our All-Decade Team one position at a time, today focusing on the quarterback position. Wow...Jeff George, Danny Wuerffel, Tony Banks...this is going to hurt.

Washington Redskins All-Decade Team Roster - Now Accepting Calls From Jeff George


More often than not, All-Decade teams just meaningless lists. As we create our Redskins Team of the 2000's, we set out to build a roster with a specific philosophy and strategy in mind (something...

Pour Some Sugar On Me - Why the Redskins Should NOT Draft a Quarterback #4 Overall


The Redskins have the #4 draft pick and speculation is rampant they will take a quarterback. We look at some reasons why they should NOT adopt that strategy.

The Revolution - Redskins Fans Start To See Results...In HD!


Redskins fans continue to press for improvements to their team and their gameday experience. The Redskins have listened and are taking action.

Boldly Hoping - Why the Redskins Loss to Kansas City in 2009 Saved Our Future


A look back in history why a loss to a bad team can end up saving your future. The Colts loss to the Chargers in 1997 is very similar.

Washington Redskins, Mike Shanahan Can Win With Jason Campbell - Interview With Mike Lombardi


We interviewed Mike Lombardi, NFL Network analyst and writer to get his take on the latest developments coming out of Redskins Park.

Pour Some Sugar On Me - Washington Redskins GM Bruce Allen's Blueprint


Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan have a monumental task ahead of them. We attempt to assist them with a blueprint for success to changing this franchise's perception and fate.

Hogs Haven Offseason Primer: Help Frame the Debate


Kevin and I wanted to get the word out on our offseason plans. Thanks to the magic of Dan Snyder and his propensity to keep things exciting all year round, we will have no shortage of topics to...

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