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"Well, there's a lot of other cheats and liars out there. It's not just Lance."

And thus the 60 Minutes  interview with Tyler Hamilton gets teased.  EDT & CDT people, it's on your CBS affiliate right now.  Everyone else, it's here (for now). EDIT: Full program can now be found...

Uh oh


Tyler Hamilton talks about Lance Armstrong.  On 60 Minutes:  

Giro d'Italia Stage 12: Two for Cavendish


HTC's Mark Cavendish took advantage of his likely last opportunity for a Giro d'Italia stage win this year.  Despite Cav's showing his usual post-race confidence in the interview, he just beat out...

Giro Stage 3: Wouter Weylandt Dies in Tragic Crash


[Chris here, a few words...] Leopard-Trek's Wouter Weylandt died in today's third stage of the Giro d'Italia in a crash on a hairpin turn descending the Passo del Bocco. The crash was not captured...

Moffat Gets Published in Velonews


From now on, we call him Big Media Moffat. No?


Floyd's Goin' To Worlds!

Well, okay, just as a likely spectator.  But still.  And anyway, that's not the *actually* interesting part here: In the meantime here at Deakin University we have been completing our New Cycling...

DCRainmaker on the Garmin 800


Everything you ever wanted to know about the Garmin 800.

More 2011 Signings - BMC and Garmin


This morning BMC announced the addition of "Belgians Yannick Eijssen and Greg Van Avermaet, Italians Manuel Quinziato and Ivan Santaromita, Frenchman Amaël Moinard and Swiss Johann Tschopp."  As...


Say what you will about

the quotes of a decade-old movie, at least it's a field of study. via

Levi Wins Leadville


No one likes to mock the Little Bald Nugget of Santa Rosa more than me, but even I was happy to see Levi take a decisive win at Leadville *while* blowing away the course record. Well done, Bottle.

Hitting for the Cycle: Americans on bikes still pedaling uphill when it comes to acceptance


A rather thoughtful piece on bikes and bike culture in America. From ESPN, of all places.


O/T Eng/Ger, Arg/Mex, etc.

Keep calm and carry on.

You Need to Race/Volunteer For/Watch Fitchburg


[This is a full cut and paste from an email recently circulated. I don't think the author will mind.] The Longsjo is Hurting It’s with a heavy heart that I type this letter. This may turn out to be one of those Jerry Maguire mission statement situations that I will really regret in the morning. The Longsjo is in rough shape. We’re hurting. In 2009 we pulled off an amazing event, with a lot of incredible memories relived, and a lot of new memories made. The amount of work that went into last year’s race was staggering. Our tiny staff tore themselves apart to make the race a success, and it was. At least in terms of dynamic racing. One of my favorite memories was of the Raleigh Boys looking at photos of themselves from 30 years ago, and going over the details of those races as if it were yesterday. I’ll never forget that. We haven’t had that many spectators during the downtown criterium in so many years. Volunteers We had an unprecedented number of volunteers sign up to help in 2009. Deb, our volunteer coordinator worked herself into the ground recruiting folks from community organizations and clubs and it showed! We had so many new faces with us last year. It was incredible. That number has fallen off a cliff in 2010. We’ve tried to reach out to the same groups, new folks, volunteers from years ago, and we’ve had no luck. People are volunteered out. It’s important to know that 99% of the Longsjo is run by volunteers. Everyone from our packet stuffers, to stage directors, to first aid doctors. They are all volunteers. We can’t run this event without volunteers. We just can’t do it. We need volunteers of all sorts: people who can work one or more half-day shifts as marshals, and those who'd prefer to work a few hours during a morning or evening to do set-up or tear-down. If you’ve got an early TT start, give us a few hours in the afternoon. If you’re going to watch the afternoon races at Wachusett, watch as a marshal. Head to: We also need drivers for July 2 & 3. Anyone interested in being a driver should contact Bill Chiarchiaro directly: Finances The financial struggles that have hit other races over the past couple of years are finally catching up with us. We’ve done a lot of of cutting and gotten really creative, and we’re confident that we're going to be able to handle that challenge in 2010. I don’t think folks realize that we are a non-profit organization. If we have any money left over at the end of the race, it goes right back into the Longsjo. For the last several years especially, and to a larger extent for the race’s entire history, we’ve only ever broken even at best. That’s often with our operations folks putting in thousands of dollars of their own money. We have two paid staffers, and those staffers, myself included, are working as volunteers in 2010. Sponsors who stepped up for the 50th, have stepped back down. Folks who we expected money from in 2010 aren’t returning calls. We’ve had a few folks cut way back in just the last couple weeks. The economy is tough on everyone. If anyone knows how to get through to New England based cycling companies, please let us know, ‘cause we’ve tried. We’ve been dialing for dollars since January, and people are tapped out. We’ve had good luck with our Fifty for 50 campaign, but we’re just a little bit more than half full. That’s a $250 donation, and we are calling everyone we know. We’ve set up a donation box through No one wants things to come down to this, but I’m afraid it’s one of our only options with two weeks to go. If you have benefited from the Longsjo, please consider donating what you can. If you have a fond memory of the race, think about that when you make a donation. We’re letting folks know these financial details partly in the hopes that our fans might think about opening their wallets, and to at least understand where we’re coming from. What we ask of you: 1. Please don’t ask for free entries. We really and truly can’t afford it. If you want a chance at prize money, it’s only fair that you pay your entry fee. 2. Register early, before June 29th. We’ve always been in a tough spot when it comes to rider registration revenue. Because we have such a relatively small sponsor pool to draw from in this area, we rely so heavily on racer entry fees to pay our bills. If you don’t register until late June, we get into the situation we’re in now (this letter) 3. Support our sponsors when you’re here. Look at our sponsor list, and if you’re going to buy a sandwich or pizza while here, buy it from one of our sponsors, and thank them for sponsoring the race. Where do we go from here? We at the Longsjo are doing some soul searching. Can we continue this race in 2011? In what form? Do we go back to a one day criterium? Do we have to move all or part of it out of Fitchburg to find new sponsors? Are the racers going to come? What do we tell the Longsjo family? We don’t have the answers to these questions yet. We’ll probably have some of the answers on July 6th. This is a lot to let out there, and it’s painful to even think about these things. This current crew has been working so hard, and so well together for so long now that it’s almost unbearable to think that we haven’t worked hard enough. One thing that needs to be clear however, is that there will be a race in 2010. Make sure it isn’t our last. I want to thank folks for taking the time to read this, and when you comment or share your opinions, please go easy on us. It’s been a rough couple of weeks. Best Regards, Ed Collier Executive Director 51st Fitchburg Longsjo Classic July 2-5, 2010


Less Than 20 Days . . .

Tour de France 2009 - The best bits (from Norwegian TV2) 

More Manayunk!


Some of you asked for more Manyunk Wall from the TD Bank Philadelphia International Cycling Championship, and we've got it. While I was out on course, PdC's Megabeth was gathering footage and put...

TD Bank Philadelphia Int'l Cycling Championship - In Pictures


PodiumCafe brought you the preview, an excellent live thread, and a bit of post-race analysis.  And now, the photos.  Hit the jump for a bit of an experiment in photo presentation format here at...


2010 TD Bank Philadelphia International Cycling Championship Preview

Out of the ashes of the Commerce Bank Triple Crown Series - once known as "Philly week" - has arisen a one day event in the form of TD Bank Philadelphia International Cycling Championship, with...


(DC) PdC Invitational: June 12th - Clarendon Cup

Update: yes, we're still doing this.  Not going to think about it in detail until after Philly (Sunday), but all indications of interest (send to are appreciated.  Friends and...


TD Bank Philadelphia Int'l Championship - Televised in HD!

No word on streaming outside of the US, but good news for many of those inside: Comcast SportsNet’s coverage is scheduled for Sunday, June 6, live in high definition from 12 Noon to 3:30 p.m....

TD Bank Philly Int'l Cycling Championship: Teams & Riders


I don't have a full start list to pass along, but thought I'd share this release highlighting some of the riders that will be in Philly next Sunday, in case it tips any of you in the direction of...

Giro d'Italia Stage 11: Post-Stage* Thread


*Post-stage for the front group, anyway. Word is that the (former) GC contenders may still be out on course.  Big dose of luck and guts brought us these top three stage finishers: Evgeni Petrov...

Tour of California: Stage One Results


So, this is how it starts: Stage 1 results 1  Mark Cavendish (HTC-Columbia) 2  J.J. Haedo (Saxo Bank) 3  Alexander Kristoff (BMC) 4  Robbie Hunter (Garmin-Transitions)   5  Jonathan Cantwell (Fly...


Criminalizing Sporting Misconduct

Every American reader (and lots of those who aren't American) knows about the Leadville 100.  Crazy 100 mile MTB race at 12,000 feet, right?  Where Dave Wiens beat Armstrong a couple years ago? A...


Say Hello, 4.0

In past few years, there's usually been a massive influx of new members here at the PodiumCafe as the Grand Tour season kicks off.  This year I think we've managed to pick up quite a few new folks...


Did You Order a Kit? Check Your Mailbox, Because . . .

The kits are on their way:

Frank Schleck went mountain biking this past weekend.


Frank Schleck went mountain biking this past weekend.


BMC's Thomas Frei Confesses to Doping

There's been lots of talk around here lately about what fans want out of cyclists who have doped.  While I'm sure we all would have preferred Thomas Frei to not dope in the first place, his...

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