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Armed with nothing but a graphing calculator and an antipathy for postmodernism, I write stridently about Texas football in a refreshingly context-free prose.

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Marcus Johnson doing good football things. Pretty spin move and speed. Let's hope our secondary doesn't let that happen too often. This kid is looking good.

"I don't want this to be the best thing that's ever happened in your life"


Probably my favorite Mack Brown moment. Literally minutes after winning the greatest college football game of all time, how many coaches would take a step back like this? Pretty incredible, if you ask me. I'm sure many of you have seen this many times, but it's worth another look.

My Longhorns "I've seen them live" all star team.


What's the best Texas Longhorn team that you could assemble with players that you have seen in person?

A Longhorn Always Pays His Debts


Which Game of Thrones character is your Big 12 team?

Cash money? Texas Inc. leads in revenue, spending


Texas may no longer be the Joneses in terms of leveraging its resources on the football personnel side, but the athletic department does still lead in revenue and spending.

2012 Texas Football: Quarterback Progress Report


What a difference a year makes. Over the first three games of this season, David Ash is putting up career numbers. His cumulative stat line of 55/72 for 703 yards and 7 TDs and 0 INTs is of course...

Texas Football: QB Progress Report

Tracking the development of Texas Longhorns starting quarterback David Ash, who struggled notably as a freshman at times, but turned in a solid performance against Wyoming in the 2012 season opener...

CFB Offenses Ranked by Drive Outcomes


On the last possible day that it is justifiably okay to review last season, I present to you the ranking of 2011 offenses by drive outcomes. Happy Football Eve, everyone. Some thoughts of mine (yours welcome): 1. SPOILER ALERT: Texas is ranked 63rd, amongst titans of offense Fresno St. and Vanderbilt. Yikes. 2. Although Stanford scored on an absurd 60% of their drives, they don't take the top spot from Wisconsin, which has a slight edge in TDs. 3. Alabama is ninth on the list. Given their #1 overall ranking on the defensive side, a case can be made for them being the national champion. You just might have to spot them a mulligan. 4. Texas sets up for an absurdly easy opening three games, playing no team better than #81 Wyoming on offense. Manny Diaz is going to go to town. And Kenny Vaccaro might actually kill someone. 5. New Mexico has managed the distinction of being ranked dead last on defense and second-to-last on offense. Week two should be fun folks. 6. What did I miss? Thoughts?

The 2011 Texas Defense: How does it compare?


A numbers-based look at how the 2011 Texas Longhorns defense compares to other top defenses around the country.

CFB Defenses Ranked by Drive Outcomes


After months of plugging away at my abacus, I've ranked 118 NCAA defenses by how drives ended against them. Think of this like a batting average for college football defenses. No surprises, Alabama and LSU are #1 and #2 in terms of stopping scores, Kansas is by far the worst (allowing a score 60% of the time!), and Texas is middle of the road at #31 #29. Note: I haven't corrected for opponent quality, so its probably just best to look within a conference. Also, the attached image is biiiiig. And lastly, I'll be writing this up in a bigger analysis post of Texas' defense, but I thought I'd get your input on this. Plus its a neat looking picture. Final Note: I should have also mentioned that the teams are ranked by fraction of drives ending in a score, with a greater weighting given to touchdowns than field goals.

GTFO Countdown, T-19 Days: Counting on Aggie Football


During the month of June, BON authors will memorialize the final days of the UT-A&M rivalry through a series of perspectives, as seen through The Eyes of Texas, to include essays, personal...

Texas Scores 99 Overall in NCAA 13 Ratings


99 overall with 99 defense (accurate) and 91 offense (not accurate).

Bill Powers' Salary vs. Other Presidents


Lots of interesting stuff to say about this. Powers makes $667k/year which is 17th in the country. Other Notables: Mike McKinney (ex A&M president): $1.9 million Gordon Gee (tOSU): $1.9 million Kent Hance (Texas Tech, general douchebag): $757k Also interesting to note that last year Powers oversaw $353 million in fundraising which is 4th in the country. I imagine fundraising is where a university president can make the biggest impact, so I think this is to his credit. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Plenty more to say about this; it's a worth a look.

Manny Diaz By The Numbers


Our defensive coordinator understands sample size issues, advanced defensive statistics, arbitrariness of recovering fumbles, and calls Kenny Vaccaro "a pack of rattlesnakes". My love affair continues. Must read for rabid Manny Diaz fans like myself. Do yourself a favor.

Real solid effort there, Ags


News: North Carolina now to be in the SEC. Texas and Mizzou nowhere in sight.

D.J. Monroe: Career 7.1 yards per carry.


After reading this on EDSBS, I thought I'd take a look to see what our old friend D.J. Monroe was averaging for his career. At 8.5 yards per rush in 2010, it is absolutely criminal we didn't get D.J. more than 23(!) rushes all season. I hope we can find use for him in the running game this season -- a 7 yard per rush career average is nothing to sneeze at, but I recall that there are already some rumors about moving him to WR.

2011 Texas Football Offensive Statistical Summary


This is the one I've been excited about. As I pointed out in the previous post on the defense, Texas football was in relative turmoil at the end of the 2010 season with a veritable Help Wanted sign...

Dear Sirs, I am aghast that this is no longer readable.


Dear Sirs, I humbly request this glorious, glorious piece of undercover journalism be returned to its rightful place in the Texas pantheon. What gives?

2011 Texas Football: Defensive Statistical Summary


What an internet meltdown looks like. It's easy to forget, sometimes, the uncertainty surrounding the Texas football program in December of 2010. At one point, attrition of the staff left the...

Happy Birthday to Bob Stoops. Apropos of nothing, and it's not really his birthday. courtesy...


Happy Birthday to Bob Stoops. Apropos of nothing, and it's not really his birthday. courtesy EDSBS.

Texas A&M: This is how we leave. From Land Theives comes a video celebrating A&M's glorious...


Texas A&M: This is how we leave. From Land Theives comes a video celebrating A&M's glorious exit from the Big 12, alluding to the "That's How We Play" Big 12 commercials.

Texas Longhorns Offense 2010 vs 2011: Three Games In


Will Muschamp is gone, right?  We can be losers again?  While I’m as guilty as any of you of the unfettered adulation of Muschamp, as a soon-to-be professional loser myself, I definitely bristled...

BYU Blog on A&M/SEC


Saw this in a comment thread (can't remember who posted it) and thought it deserved a fanshot.

Watch how quickly Jeff Fisher pulls Vince


Jeff Fisher was mic'ed during the game against the Redskins. Its astonishing to me that he calls for a rookie to replace Vince immediately, without even asking if Vince can throw. edit: Upon a second/third viewing, maybe Fisher did the right thing here. Thoughts?

"At that point in time, we knew he was good, but we didn’t know he was that good. In high school, y...


"At that point in time, we knew he was good, but we didn’t know he was that good. In high school, you didn’t single cover Kirkendoll," Estes said. "We put Aaron in there early in the second quarter and matched him up on him man to man. Kirkendoll didn’t catch another pass, As a matter of fact, he didn’t get open again. There were some things when they tried to throw the ball to him, some of the things Aaron did, you just can’t do that."

Jack Estes, his high school defensive coordinater, on Williams being matched up man-to-man on Kirkendoll, back when Kirkendoll demanded bracket coverage.
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