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My name is Christopher Imes and, once seen as a rarity, I was born and raised in Phoenix, AZ. I'm a hometown fan through and through! Cheering passionately for the Cardinals, Suns, and Diamondbacks consumes my sports life and feel that Arizona boasts the best, most personality filled sports teams in the nation! Though I've only been writing for ROTB for a short while, I enjoy every moment that I'm blessed with the ability to post blogs in regards to the teams I love.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Arizona Diamondbacks
  • NBA Phoenix Suns
  • NFL Arizona Cardinals
  • NCAAF Arizona St. Sun Devils
  • NCAAB Duke Blue Devils
  • NHL Phoenix Coyotes
User Blog

Get Together

Just wondering if you guys have ever met up?  Or do you ever?  Thinking it may have been fun for people to meet up at a Buffalo Wild Wings for an away game sometime or something...just a thought... ...


Great Moments in Cardinals History: 16 Seconds to Glory

  Sixteen seconds.  In the grand scheme of things, sixteen seconds seems so miniscule that most of us regularly waste away much more time than that merely deciding upon how to spend our day.  But...

Great Moments In Cardinals History: The Tandem


  On December 29, 2002 the Arizona Cardinals wrapped up another dismal season by way of a 37-7 vicious beat down by the Denver Broncos.  The Cardinals would end the 2002 season at a pathetic 5-11...


Joey Porter Released!

Dolphins Release Joey Porter In a move that, hopefully, has the Arizona Cardinals salivating, the Miami Dolphins have granted Joey Porter his wish and terminated his contract. The soon-to-be 33...


Dansby to the Giants?

Giants release Antonio Pierce According to the Newark Star-Ledger, the N.Y. Giants have released Middle Linebacker Antonio Pierce.  Pierce injured his neck in the middle of the 2009 season causing...


Great Moments In Cardinals History: 1947 Title Game

Hail Chicago Cardinals, crimson and white, We'll back you ever, down the field, we'll fight, fight, fight! We'll whip the Green Bay Packers, Rams, and the Bears, We'll take Detroit and...


McNabb in Red?

This may be a stretch and I have yet to decide exactly where I stand on this idea, but ESPN radio was discussing this morning the idea that the Eagles could be entertaining the thought of trading D...


NFL Week in Review: Week 16

It's time to put an end to the 16th week of the NFL regular season and head into the final week before the playoffs.  Once again, wins and losses appear to be piling up in the proper columns to...


Ifs...Buts...Candies...Nuts: Week 16

A unique perspective from the Cardinals win over the Rams this past weekend.


NFL Week in Review: Week 15

While watching the Giants bury the Redskins during the Monday night laugher, I prepared to wrap up the 15th week of the NFL regular season.  In doing so, my thoughts had ventured towards naming...


Ifs...Buts...Candies...Nuts: Week 15

It's time again for the weekly segment dedicated to thoughts, questions, and oddball ideas that come to mind while watching and reading about the Arizona Cardinals.  While ROTB does a fantastic job...


NFL Week in Review: Week 14

  As though it were a sign of things to come, Week 14 kicked off with an upset leading us towards the hope that there was some magic in the air.  Perhaps, just perhaps, this was going to be the...



As a child, years ago, I picked up a catchy saying that would wind up staying with me for the rest of my life.  The saying goes:  "If If’s and But’s were Candies and Nuts, oh what a Christmas we’d...

NFL Week in Review: Week 13


The settings were on the table for Week 13 to dine on a delicious dinner full of supposed, and seemingly possible upsets.  Here at ROTB, we all had that feeling that at least one possible upset,...

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