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Lauranitis and Ogletree video at


I didn't see anyone else post this, but thought it was a fun clip. Lauranitis checks Ogletree's knowledge of Rams trivia.

A Patriot player destroyed evidence?


Is it just me or is the recent news about Hernandez wrecking security tapes rich? I should add that I don't mean to make light of a crime and that I hope justice is served.


Rams dissed by Groupon (goofy Rams news)

It's enough to make you mad as Belichick! Grumble grumble! Groupon has a sale for NFL toasters. It's too cute, these toasters that burn an image of your favorite NFL team's logo into the bread. B...


Why Super Bowl 46 is bittersweet for Rams fans

So, the game is over and congratulations to NFL parity for it being a close one, with the excitement coming down to the last second of the game. The halftime show was also great. But the game...

CNNSI's Peter King interviews James Laurinaitis (video)


Peter King catches up with Rams LB James Laurinaitis to discuss his early career success, the Rams' playoff loss to Seattle last season and expectations for this season

CNNSI's Don Banks is betting on Sam Bradford


Sportswriter Don Banks is expecting Sam Bradford to be the top of the NFC West QB class for the second year in a row. "...if there's anything I'm certain about in the formative stages of the 2011 season, it's that Bradford is going to have a monster second season in the NFL..."

CNNSI's Peter King writes about Bradford


"This is not the second coming of JaMarcus Russell" Well, ain't that a relief!

CNNSI's Don Banks on Sam Bradford and the Rams


Don Banks with a nice writeup on the new Rams QB.

CNNSI Peter King Monday Morning QB


In the last installment, King has a couple things for Rams fans. 1) He discusses top tackles in the last 20 years after the retirement of Walter Jones. Orlando Pace is included. 2) There's an interesting "Stat of the Week" section where the top running backs that broke tackles last year are listed. SJ39 is number 5 on the list. 3) King has a little fun at Mike Martz's expense after Martz's bold prediction that the Chicago receivers will be the team's strength.

Houston Chronicle's NFC 2010 Draft Grades

Good news: The Houston Chronicle's John McClain gives the Rams a B. Bad news: McClain gives the Seahawks an A and the 49ers an A-.
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