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Pedro Alvarez earns NL Player of the Week honors

I was surprised not to see this here, yet: Pedro Alvarez earns NL Player of the Week honors From the article: Alvarez hit .414 (12-for-29) for the week with an NL-best 10 RBIs. His four...

Quinn, ESPN - MLB Seeks to Suspend A-Rod, Braun


Big piece where MLB has apparently flipped Tony Bosch, the guy who was running South Florida's Biogenesis clinic.


2011/2012 Pirates who found success/failure somewhere else in 2012

I originally posted this as a response to a comment in another thread, but wanted to reproduce it here.


Relatively new stuff (from this summer) on Miguel Sano

I've been a lot less present since the format switch here and this is my first FanPost since that switch, so I apologize in advance for any formatting errors I make or if this was covered and I...


Jim Tracy

Is Jim Tracy still maddening to watch? I'm a Pirates fan here visiting (just activated my account for here, strictly to pose this question).

MLB Depth Charts focus on Gregory Polanco


Weekly focus piece landed on Polanco for the Week of July 18-24. Nifty, quirky little site.

Jonah Keri: Deadline Trades You Meet in Hell


Nothing particularly special: an average Jonah Keri Grantland piece about several deadline deals. Nice to see some Pirate love for J-Mac, nice list of interesting players Octavio Dotel was traded for, and a snippet from when DK was a good journalist... but it's the last line that made me laugh.

Dodgers get Hanley


Thanks to Pghfan987 for the link. Hanley and Randy Choate to the Dodgers for Nathan Eovaldi and an unnamed MiLBer. I'm honestly torn as to whether or not I like this deal for the Marlins or for the Dodgers...

Horrible Bleacher Report article blasting the Pirates for not signing Appel


I'm not normally a Bleacher Report guy, but someone sent me this and it's legitimately making me angry. It's basically a cut-and-paste "Pirates are cheap" piece about the Pirates not signing Appel because they're too cheap to. The writer starts to explain the consequences of paying what Boras wanted, then takes more "notoriously cheap" shots. This is why I won't talk about baseball with most people I know.

Red Sox sign Deven Marrero for $2.05MM


$331,700 over slot. There would be some beautiful irony if he ends up as either the highest overslot bonus or the highest picked player to go over slot (if Appel and Giolito sign at slot or don't sign at all, that seems likely). Linking this because of all the attention paid to a link between Marrero and the Pirates pre-draft. What level would he start at if he were a Pirate?


The Last Month or So of Draft Drama

I follow college baseball a little for the actual baseball, but mostly for the MLB draft. Like many of the rest of you, I've been completely immersed in draft coverage for the past month or so. I...

I still have nightmares about this game. Maybe next year, the Mets will make bobbleheads featuring...


I still have nightmares about this game. Maybe next year, the Mets will make bobbleheads featuring a ball getting through Bill Buckner's legs. Or maybe the Marlins will make one of Steve Bartman interfering with Moises Alou. Those are the closest comps I've got off the top of my head... and neither of those happened in a deciding Game 7.

The Jason Bay story Eno Sarris mentioned on the podcast


Not sure if this was posted when it was written two weeks ago, but I never saw it. This is for any of you who listened and thought "Sure, Bay seemed like a good enough cat; I'll check that story out" like I did.

Rant Sports mock draft


I scrolled down to see that this guy had San Diego taking Marrero at #7 ahead of Pittsburgh. I was excited about this, but then the author has the Pirates taking Trey Williams. has Williams at #50 and BA has him at #99, but he's the son of former Pirate Eddie Williams (this sounds like a wheelhouse DL pick). He also compares Mark Appel to Andrew Luck and says "In my mind, Appel is the best pitching prospect to enter the MLB Draft since Stephen Strasburg." He also groups Marrero in with Buxton, Zunino, and Correa as the "cream of the crop" amongst hitters. Good information overall and nice to get some kind of other perspective than what we've been reading the past few weeks.


Over/Under Justin Verlander K's vs. Pittsburgh next Friday

Justin Verlander is scheduled to pitch against the Pirates in Detroit next Friday. With such a prolific strikeout pitcher and such a strikeout-happy lineup, I was curious as to how many Bucs...


Pedro Alvarez and his K rates

Like many of the rest of you, I'm excited to the point of giddy about Petey's recent hot streak. Also, like many of the rest of you, I'm a little worried about his ability to sustain a high level...

Red Sox place Jason Repko on DL, bring up LARS ANDERSON


I'm a little behind on my news, but... LARS!!!!!!!!

Rays claim Brandon Allen


Buccos didn't get a chance to claim. Is this still a player that Pittsburgh should be looking to acquire? I trust pretty fully in the Rays' FO and feel like this is almost validation for anyone who thought Pittsburgh should have tried to acquire him on the cheap. I don't think the Bucs have an impact player come up through the system and doubt that they make any substantial deal; I think moves like this are going to be the major way that the Pirates improve their team, especially this season.

D-Backs Trevor Bauer to start Friday


Holy crap that was fast. I can't find anything to point in either direction, but Gibson's non-committal attitude here makes me think he'll be given a chance to win a spot in the rotation.

Garrett Maines (Jays C prospect) Interview


I was reading this tonight; nice little "getting to know you" piece that sees a lot of run right now before Spring Training really gets into gear. I know and love Garrett and his family (local Tampa peoples), but something sat weird with me: "Drafted by the Pirates in 2009, Garrett chose to finish in school and finish his degree" Here's Garrett's MiLB BBRef page and here's the 2009 Pirates June Amateur Draft; did I miss something?


Jeff Karstens 2011 month-by-month

Mr. E made an observation on Jeff Karstens on a thread earlier (that Hurdle was cautious with him after the 4th inning after being inserted into the starting rotation), which got me started looking...

Bill James on the 100 best pitchers' duels of 2011


No real analysis or anything hard-hitting, just an interesting little list that I spent an hour or so reminiscing over this morning; looking up box scores, remembering fist pumps because some of these pitchers were on my fantasy team, or just recalling how much I enjoyed watching some of these games. Even three appearances by Pirate pitchers (#'s 8, 57, 74 respectively) and a negative comparison for Kevin Correia. Grantland's a little too kitschy for me most of the time, but I like some of the snark and had no idea Bill James ever wrote there. Bringing up another topic: this seems like a really odd thing for Bill James to produce. Anyone else get that feeling?


Taking Ryan Braun's MVP Award

It drives me insane when people debate whether or not to strip awards, add asterisks, etc. You could test Bonds' urine from 2001 on live tv and find that he was freebasing Chuck Norris' sweat... ...


Why the Pirates won the Nate McLouth - Gorkys Hernandez trade

I just read Charlie's post about Why the Pirates won the Joel Hanrahan - Nyjer Morgan trade and was putting together a comment. The comment rambled on and on (like I do when I'm talking), so I...


Andrew McCutchen Extension Numbers?

I was reading this FanShot just now and really started wondering about any potential terms of an extension for Andrew McCutchen. I did a little digging (spent 5 minutes Googling) and came up with t...


Pirates Opening Day Lineups

I saw someone post the Pirates opening day lineups from the past few years and wanted to do a little more with it. Neal Huntington was hired on September 27, 2007. I arbitrarily decided to start...


New 1B Options

I'm kind of tired of talking about the same seven players as potential acquisitions for the Pirates for next year (Kendry Morales, Mark Trumbo, C.J. Cron, Billy Butler, Ike Davis, Yonder Alonso,...

Miami Marlins, Jose Reyes agree to terms on 6-year, $102 million deal


6 years, $102 million with a team option for a 7th year or a $4 million buyout. I don't think $17 million/year is outrageous for Reyes. I think that 6 years is more than I'd like. I know I'm reasonably alone on this, but I would have loved to see him in black and gold for 5 years/$100 million. No idea what other offers he was considering, but at least publicly chasing a high profile guy like Reyes would be good for the Bucs.


Why not Reyes?

I don't hate Clint Barmes; I actually like his glove and I'm assuming that Hurdle thinks he can repeat the type of offensive success he saw in Colorado. The money seems a little steep to me, but...

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