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Lukaku deal - 18 months more at WB

"Chelsea, who will receive a loan fee, have already given their blessing for him to continue his development in the West Midlands beyond the end of this season, which the Belgian is happy to do." Apparently if Lukaku gets enough appearances, the loan deal extends his stay at the club for next season as well. Why on earth would we do this when we have the steaming pile of Torres left, set on fire, on our doorstep...? I don't know, and I have no idea why we would leave Lukaku out on loan when we very obviously are going to have to bring in another striker this season. It just seems silly to me, especially in the world of FFP where recalling Lukaku is free, and another striker costs a transfer fee.

Chelsea dressing room - Rafa doomed

This manager culture really isn't good for our players or results. God I can't wait until next season.

Just found this gem of a video: Oscar and David Luiz hanging out in David's apartment, super cute,...

Just found this gem of a video: Oscar and David Luiz hanging out in David's apartment, super cute, I love these two so much.


Short Schurrle post

Andre Schurrle has been linked to the club since at least the summer, with bids of around £22 million rejected back then, but with Chelsea's current problems, would Schurrle really be a wise...

Real Premier League Table

Worth a look. I was just thinking about all the penalty calls we've had turned down. Turns out, we should still be top of the league (might have changed since West Brom game). *Sadface*


Video Replays and how to make it work

We all know video replays have been a highly contentious issue in football, with many conservative minded stakeholders attacking such suggestions, claiming that football should be kept 'pure' and...

What Ashley Cole should have tweeted.


What Ashley Cole should have tweeted.

Jeremie Boga scoring at a 7:41 chance, this 15 year old is playing for the under 21s and is looking...

Jeremie Boga scoring at a 7:41 chance, this 15 year old is playing for the under 21s and is looking an amazing talent, at such a young age. For anyone interested, he's born on the 3rd of January, 1997. I hope Charly Musonda Jr. starts playing for the U21s soon as well, but for now it's Boga making a stupendous break through. *The commentators got it wrong because the squad numbers are wrong, Boga is actually wearing the number 14.


Hazard was not at all arrogant during his transfer saga.

Everyone was talking about how arrogant Hazard was during his transfer, and about how 'a player with that kind of attitude wouldn't be welcome at United' or other such crap. I've never understood...


The Future Chelsea - Possible Future Line-ups

So I got bored and decided to field a few future Chelsea line-ups for us, or at least myself, to drool over. De Bruyne is looking very likely to be a big part of the new chelsea, if his...

Oscar To Wear 11 -

We all knew it already, but they finally got around to putting it on their website. Coolios.


Speculative Analysis - Olivier Giroud

This will be an analysis of new Arsenal signing Olivier Giroud, a player Chelsea were also interested in. I'm curious; did we miss out on a potential great, or was our more feeble attempt at...


Oscar 11 - Confirmed

It was posted somewhere on the blog that Oscar's number was leaked on the ChelseaFC Megastore, though its prompt removal from the website may have had some question the legitimacy of the leak and...

Luka Modric saga still not over

It seems like Tottenham are still holding out for more money from Real Madrid, and Mourinho is reportedly considering alternative targets. That being said, this is from the Daily Fail, but the fact that a deal hasn't been announced yet might be enough evidence to suggest that the clubs are still trying to come to an agreement.

Gourlay: Oscar will go straight into the first team

"Hazard and Oscar are two players that will definitely feature in the first team." While it's obvious that both will play in the first team this season, might Oscar being put into the same category as Hazard be a hint that Oscar will be in our first XI more often than we now expect? His estimated cost of transfer might suggest as much, however it remains to be seen just how quickly Oscar can adapt to the Premier League, perhaps a new position, and how exactly he will affect our playing style and standard.

Kula Rodmic filmed while AWOL from Spurs. Obviously fake, hilarious regardless.

Kula Rodmic filmed while AWOL from Spurs. Obviously fake, hilarious regardless.

Two new Chelsea signings: Ferrell and Galifianakis

Chelsea got two new signings today in the form of Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis. Good to see City aren't the only club with a couple of awesome fans.

Malouda to see out his contract

Still not sure about everything, but it looks like he wants to run out his contract before moving to Brazil. I love Malouda, he's a great guy, but I think we all agree he's a bit old and slow for the new-look Chelsea. It's great him being a Chelsea player, I just feel sorry for him that he's probably not going to get that much game time.


Recommended: Chelsea Vlogger

I've just got a recommendation for everyone today. I love Chelsea news; I don't care what it is, I can't get enough of it. That's the reason I'm here and constantly checking up on new stories and...


AVB giving us money for Modric?

I had a quick thought while reading the paper round on Eurosport news, as something that we were trying to put to the back of our minds might have an effect on our summer transfers! We have...


Line-up; how can we best maximise the players we have?

via There has been much discussion regarding the possible line-ups for next season, however I haven't yet seen one that truly optimises the talent with which our team...

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