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Projecting Jake Locker - The Conclusion


This will be the fourth post in a four part series that analyzes Jake Locker.

Titans-Packers: A Review of McCluster's Runs


Incredibly limited sample size, but McCluster showed some flash against the Packers.

Projecting Jake Locker - The Details


This will be the third post in a four part series that analyzes Jake Locker.

Projecting Jake Locker - Accuracy


This will be the second post in a four part series that analyzes Jake Locker.

Projecting Jake Locker - Introduction and Skillset


This post will be one of a four part series that analyzes Jake Locker.

A Gap Pressure and Zach Brown


A look at schematic success within Horton's system at Inside Linebacker, and how current players on this roster fit into Horton's madness.

Ray Horton Blitz of the Week: Fire Zone


This week we'll look at a common staple of the Ray Horton defense - the Fire Zone.

Film Review: The Option Route


A quick look at one of the plays found in Whisenhunt's playbook.

Ray Horton Blitz of the Week: Cat Pressure


Another week, another Ray Horton Pressure Package.

Ray Horton Blitz of the Week: Delayed Pressure


A look at one of the many ways Ray Horton brings pressure.

Ray Horton's Hybrid Defense - The Base Front Seven


This article will attempt to understand what the base formation of our front seven might look like in 2014.

Tommy Smith: Avoid Becoming a Meddling Owner


Whatever decision Tommy Smith arrives at, it needs to come swiftly.

Titans-Rams: Film Review


A look at a handful of the impactful plays from Sundays game.

Titans Film Review: Repairing the Run Game


This week's film review will focus on the Titans struggles in the run game, and a look around the league for possible answers.

Titans-Chiefs: Film Review


A look at a few pivotal plays from Sundays game.

Titans-Chargers: Film Review


A look at some important plays from the Titans - Chargers game.

Titans-Texans: Film Review - Second Half


There's a lot to like from the Texans game, but some questionable playcalling and lack of execution in critical moments ultimately cost the Titans a game they should have won.

Titans-Texans: Film Review - First Half


Analysis of important first half plays from the Titans vs. Texans game.

Titans-Steelers Film Review: Locker on 3rd Down


Locker's success on third down will be critical to the Titans winning this season. In this post, we'll look at how he fared against one of the NFL's best defenses in third down situations.

First QB Starts against a Dick Lebeau Defense


Most quarterbacks in this league are challenged when facing a Dick Lebeau defense. I was particularly interested in how QBs fared in their first matchup against one of the NFLs best defensive...

Titans vs Falcons - Evaluating Jake Locker


Comparatively, this preseason game gave us the best glimpse of what will be expected of Jake Locker in this offense.

Film Review - Titans/Redskins: The Counter


Fantastic execution on a basic playcall led to one of the most explosive plays of the game against the Redskins.

Pre-Season Film Review - Titans/Redskins: The 5-2


The Titans showed a defensive look against the Redskins that helps give a little clarity into offseason personnel moves.

Jake Locker's Offseason Work


In interviews this offseason, Jake has touched on a couple of issues - things we noticed here at MCM during film review - that he's been working on this offseason.

Mike Munchak and The Pistol


After Tuesday's practice, Mike Munchak talked a little bit about the pistol look they showed.

2013 Tennessee Titans Offense - The Zone Read


With training camp under way, the thing that has me the most intrigued will be the new looks that this offense shows, and whether they maximize the talents of our young QB with the installation of...

Titans Film Review: What's Wrong with This Image?


I doubt this will be part of a series, but I thought this might be an interesting community exercise.

Titans GIF Dump: Find the Safety


At all levels of football, finding the safety is one of the best indicators of coverage for the quarterback position.

Titans GIF Dump: Hitchin' Ain't Easy


If Locker's going to take the next step in his game, his ability to move within the pocket will be a key point he'll have to improve on.

Titans GIF Dump: Sifting Through The Wash


Zach Brown showed flashes of combining his incredible athleticism with good football savvy, which could lead to him becoming a bright spot on this defense.

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