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Kenny Britt Evaluation: A Monster Lurking


In revisiting the 2012 tape of Kenny Britt, the progression from the beginning to the end of the year is shows the potential for a breakout season in 2013.

Quick Film Analysis: Andy Levitre Signing


The Levitre signing is an excellent one for this organization. While it came with a hefty price tag, Levitre is one of the better guards in the game that should improve this line significantly for the next few years (or longer).

Kenny Britt Evaluation: Revisiting the 2011 Flash


This will begin a series of one or two posts that seek to understand our young, enigmatic WR - Kenny Britt.

Why I'm Cheering for the 49ers and You Should Too


This Super Bowl isn't about Baltimore or San Francisco. It's about legitimizing innovative concepts within NFL circles.

Film Study: Jerry Gray's Defense


On paper, some of the things Jerry Gray tries to do make sense. It could create confusion, potentially. In practice, it's unnecessary complications on a team that struggles with just the basics.

Titans vs Jags Film Review: Climb and Throw


Plays like this are what we'll want to see more of out of our young quarterback in the future.

An Open Letter to Bud Adams: It's Time for Change


In a situation with better coordinators, and less injuries, things might have been different. Yet, here we are in one of the worst seasons in franchise history, and changes need to be made.

Titans vs. Jets Film Review: Slide in the Pocket


Sliding in the pocket and getting through progressions are a couple of things Locker will need to work on this offseason in order to take the next step in his game.

Mike Reinfeldt, Ruston Webster, and Our Identity


What type of team is this franchise trying to build?

Titans vs. Jaguars: The No Huddle


Needing a spark, the Titans looked to the no huddle for a spark and it yielded positive results.

Titans vs Dolphins: The Diamond Formation


The Titans ran a handful of plays out of the Diamond formation on Sunday, and, for the most part, had success.

2012 Tennessee Titans - A Historical Perspective


It's not just that we're losing. It's how we're losing.

Titans vs. Colts Film Review: The Checkdown


Sometimes checking down is the best option.

Titans vs. Colts Film Review: Gray's Just Guessing


Jerry Gray doesn't have any idea what is going on out there.

Titans vs. Bills Film Review: CJ's Evolution


Call it confidence inspired by consistent runs from the past few games, or commitment to the play as called that's borne out of trusting his blockers against an inferior opponent. However, you see it, Chris Johnson is running differently today.

Titans vs. Bills Film Review


With the game on the line, Hasselbeck and Nate delivered when it mattered the most.

Texans-Titans Film Review: Identifying the Blitz


Breaking down the the blitz that sidelined Jake Locker.

So....I was curious about productivity offensively from shotgun vs under center. Here's what I...


So....I was curious about productivity offensively from shotgun vs under center. Here's what I found: Shotgun: Totals plays – 35 – 332 yards – 9.48 YPP Runs – 6 – 38 yards – 6.33 YPP – One of which was a 31 yard scramble by Locker (so…keep that in mind). Passes – 29 – 294 (21/29) – 10.13 YPP Under center: Total plays – 21 – 97 yards – 4.62 YPP Runs – 10 – 15 yards – 1.5 YPP Passes – 11 – 82 yards (8/11) – 7.45 YPP Note: There were no penaltied plays charted. If you go back and add up the plays, that’s why there’s 6 missing from this vs. final stat line. Also, I’m basing this off’s play by play. On at least one play, they had shotgun vs. under center wrong (Nate Washington bomb), so there could be others.

Tennessee Titans Offense - Fixing The Damage


These past two losses have been painful. It's created polarization among the fanbase. CJ's camp. O-line's camp. Locker's the problem. Locker needs help. Regardless of where you stand on all...

Titans - Chargers: Knee Jerk Film Review - Locker's Interception


On the first drive of the game, Locker threw a horrible, head scratching interception. I'll save you the pre-play narrative, and just cut to the meat and potatoes. Through the link for the pretty...

Titans - Patriots Film Review: A Microcosm of Chris Johnson's Problems


Titans film review looks at the yards that Chris Johnson left on the field Sunday.


Ash to Shipley Touchdown

After watching the game a few times, the touchdown pass from David Ash to Jordan Shipley kept jumping out at me. Texas came out in a 2 x 2 set just inside the 20. To the field side Texas lined up...

Locker to Wright - Alert to Single Coverage


I'll have my thoughts on Locker in the coming days. Today, I just wanted to check out the highlights again while I had my morning coffee. With the first offensive highlight of the night,...

Quick React - Jake Locker's Performance


NFLN is now airing the Titans game. I'll just leave my notes as I go through each drop back, and then we can draw some conclusions at the end. 1st and 10 - 8 Yard Line - Titans are in 21...


Playbook Spotlight: Inside Zone

The fine folks over at SB Nation's Barking Carnival have a must see video up that breaks down the fundamentals of a zone run. While the tools used are Texas Longhorn footage, the lesson remains a...

Knee Jerk "Film" Review: Hasselbeck's 2nd Interception


Breaking down the film from Matt Hasselbeck's second interception.

Tennessee Titans and the No Huddle Offense


Should the Titans go to a full blown, no huddle offense?

Charting Jake Locker - Route Patterns and Revised Distance Thrown


Charting Jake Locker - Route Patterns and Revised Distance Thrown

Titans X's and O's: The Verticals Concept


Titans X's and O's: The Verticals Concept

Titans X's and O's: The Smash Concept


Titans X's and O's: The Smash Concept

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