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Computer science graduate student at the University of Missouri. Chiefs football is my crack. Guinness is my beer.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB St. Louis Cardinals
  • NFL Kansas City Chiefs
  • NCAAB Missouri Tigers
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User Blog

The plan for next season, as Super_G sees it

So like most of us, I have been Jonesing hardcore for football season to start. My mind has been reeling every day with thoughts of Chiefs football past, present, and future. I won't focus much...


Chat feature for SB Nation?

This is a a non-football post (BLASPHEMY!) - but lately I have been curious about how well a chat feature would be accepted in the community here. A lot of times the comment sections floweth over...


The Chiefs Ability to Win is SO Clear...

I am surprised this hasn't been written about yet... I am a formulaic person. And the formula for the Chief's success is so simple; even Romeo Crennel could figure it out. The Chiefs win when...


What this Game Really Means to Chiefs fans.....

I remember back in '93 the Chiefs won their last playoff game. I was 8 years old. I came into the kingdom through my father. I remember Sunday afternoons sitting in front of the old...


'Succ it'

via www3.pictures.zimbio.com I would like to begin by apologizing for my last post. I went on a drunken rant that I could only describe as kissing my own ass. This is not how I do things. ...


It's Time to Let Your Gaurd Down...

via a.espncdn.com So I have written a few posts on this site, and a lot of them have been met with 'moot'ness. I won't choose to show the fact that I mentioned that Alex Smith can win...


HELP!!! Fox says they're playing the Rams game on Sunday in Columbia

Hey there fellow Arrowhead Priders. I live in Columbia and my Mediacom guide is telling me that they will be playing the Rams vs Falcons game instead of the Chiefs game. What should I do? I've...


The Perfect Storm: A Cyclical History of Chiefness and Proof We Will Dominate.... Soon

So as anyone knows history tends to run in circles, and it is the belief of this humble fan that we are approaching a perfect storm for Chief's success. Not just a little success, but a full blown...


Stupid Rebuttles For Even More Stupid Arguments: Alex Smith

So I am sure everyone is tired of the whole Alex Smith trade discussion, but I wanted to bring up some of the ignorant things I have heard over the past few weeks as well as provide just as...


The Logic Behind the Alex Smith Trade

Assuming rumors are true and the Chiefs indeed gave up their 2nd round pick (and possibly another similar pick in the future), here is the reason why the move is a good one. It is quite simple. ...


Matt Cassel was in this Kenny Powers video...

He hit that chairman with unseen accuracy... well at least unseen to any wide receiver during the 2012 season.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjc5LFThDTQ If you want to know why I want Dee...

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