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Charger fan with DFS, somewhere in Virginia. Please help.

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Defensive Analysis: New Players, Same Result

The Chargers hosted the Bengals and scored more points on defense than on offense. With several key players out, new players would have to step up. Did they?

Defensive Analysis: Welcome Back, Antonoio Garay!

The Chargers hosted the Ravens in a battle of defenses. One significant play cast a mighty shadow over a great game by the powder blue squad that summed up the season's struggle and merciless end simultaneously.

Defensive Analysis: Gilchrist the Blitzer

Peyton Manning had his second worst game of the season when his team hosted the Chargers. Find out why as we look into the defense and their blitz happy gameplan.

San Diego Chargers at Denver Broncos Injury Report

There are some key injuries for Sunday's divisional match-up at Denver. Find out who and why and what may be done about it.

Defensive Analysis: Shaun Phillips May Be Through

The Chargers went into Tampa Bay with yet another must win game. While Philip Rivers did what he could to throw the game away, the defense also struggled. Let's examine their failures.

Defensive Analysis: How to Beat the Chiefs

One of the top run defenses faced one of the top run offenses on Thursday night football. Find out how the Chargers came out on top.

How Bad Was San Diego's Defense Against Denver?

Find out how poorly the Charger defense played to allow one of the greatest NFL comebacks ever.

Defensive Analysis: Blitzing Brees Didn't Work

The Saints hosted the Chargers on Sunday Night Football and emerged victorious. While questionable officiating gave the Saints an advantage, the Charger defense also made a few mistakes of their own.

Chargers Defensive Analysis, at Chiefs

The San Diego Chargers went into Arrowhead and completely dominated the Chiefs with an attacking defense that took the ball away six times. Learn how it happened examining the front seven, where it all starts.

" I assume it was done so the Offense could get the ball back and take a few knees. If "the game is...

" I assume it was done so the Offense could get the ball back and take a few knees. If "the game is essentially over" is a valid argument for the Chargers kicking off normally and not doing the "unsportsmanlike" onside kick, then the Chiefs shouldn’t be trying to score when the "game is essentially over", instead just take a few knees and not run plays like they have a chance to come back and win. When it’s in the closing minutes of the 4th quarter and a team is up by 3 or more scores and the game is "essentially over", it’s a silly argument against the winning team going for it on 4th down or passing to extend a drive or attempting a surprise onside kick to be criticized. Why does the losing team have more of a right to keep running plays and trying to score when the game is almost over? Shouldn't the "sportsmanlike" thing be to take knees and accept the defeat? It’s only logical. But then, logic is sometimes overlooked in Football…"

A revelation I thought I'd share

Defensive Analysis: Chargers vs Falcons

Hosting the Atlanta Falcons, the San Diego Chargers defense had a tough test, one they ultimately failed. See why they failed by examining the defense where it starts, the front line.

AJ Smith drops a bomb on Ryan Mathews

"Third, when you get the call to go back on the field and the fumbling continues, then you will be somebody else's fumbler." Ryan Mathews is very talented, no doubt, but needs to improve his ball security.

Charging Back: Atlanta Falcons at San Diego Chargers, 2008

Bolts from the Blue takes a look back to 2008, the last time the Atlanta Falcons visited the San Diego Chargers, a game they won 22-16.

SD Chargers Defensive Analysis: Week 2 (vs. Tennessee Titans)

The San Diego Chargers have the league's best run defense, and showed why against the Tennessee Titans. Here's an analysis of the front seven against the run, and pass.

Seriously, NFL Network? Is that how he spelled his name on his job application? Funny how after 11...


Seriously, NFL Network? Is that how he spelled his name on his job application? Funny how after 11 years, people still get it wrong.

Eres fan o admirador de los Cargadores de San Diego? Esto es para ti!

Noticias y articulos de los Cargadores de San Diego en español.

Defensive analysis: Chargers at Raiders

The Raiders lost to the Chargers week 1 on MNF, much due to their special teams mistakes, but they got into punting situations thanks to good defense. Learn how the Chargers' front seven dominated the Raiders.

Charging Back: San Diego Chargers vs. Tennessee Titans, 2010

Before the Chargers vs Titans week 2 matchup we'll take a look at their last matchup in 2010.

Jammer has broken hand, Wright a sprained ankle

Per the UT, Cornerback Quentin Jammer broke his hand during the Raiders game, and Shareece Wright sprained his ankle covering the opening kickoff. Eric Weddle took snaps at slot coverage, which is probably why Corey Lynch was seen at safety. UPDATE:Per the silver fox, Jammer had surgery and he'll wear a cast for Sunday's game.

Chargers defensive analysis: Re-visiting the Jets games (with GIF breakdowns)

The San Diego Chargers have lost two consecutive games to the New York Jets, once each of the last two years. What can they do defensively to prevent a loss in the 2012 season?

San Diego Chargers Vs Denver Broncos Defensive Analysis Preview

Reviewing the San Diego Chargers' overtime loss to the Denver Broncos in 2011 and how the Chargers can win in the future.

Chargers Defensive Analysis: Introduction

Every week, has a defensive review of the previous Charger game. Learn more about what went on during said game.

Scouting Report: WR Robert Meachem

After losing Vincent Jackson, the San Diego Chargers picked up Robert Meachem from the Saints. Will he be a good fit for the team?

Tim Tebow traded to the Jets for 4th round pick

per everyone, the Tebow Train (plane?) has docked in New York

Strong Safety assessment: Did Bob Sanders Help the Chargers Defense?

Bob Sanders played just two games for the Chargers in 2011. Did he provide an impact, and did his backups do any better when he was lost for the season?

LaDainian Tomlinson named 7th greatest player never to play in Super Bowl

Disasterous playoff games in 2004 and 2006 were his best chances before the 2010 season in New York. Sadly, he will probably retire having never played in the Championship.

Should Quentin Jammer move to Strong Safety?

San Diego cornerback Quentin Jammer had one of his worst years ever. Should he be moved back to his original spot of safety?

Was Greg Manusky a scapegoat?

The San Diego Chargers fired Defensive Coordinator Greg Manusky, but was he just a scapegoat used to cover up bigger issues?

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