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I posted this at Arrowhead Pride yesterday


Since we're going to be playing all the AFC West teams in the coming weeks, who better to give us insight into them than a team from that division? (Sorry to Management if toes were stepped on or feelings were hurt)


Looking for some insight

Greetings Chiefs fans!  This is my first post over here, so please don't haze me too badly!  I joined Arrowhead Pride back in April when you drafted Ricky Stanzi and have been checking in this week...


So you've drafted a fantasy football team!

Over at Windy City Gridiron (the SBN's Chicago Bears site), they have an open thread for grading your fantasy football drafts.  While this doesn't directly relate to Hawkeye football, there are...

SI's B1G preview


Coker as league MVP? I sure as hell hope AIRBHG doesn't read SI!!

If UNC is busted cheating by the NCAA, will anyone notice?


Another week, another NCAA scandal. Nothing new this off season. So many schools have been busted this winter/spring, from the harmless (JoePa walking around campus and happening upon his players working out and then talking about it) to Tressel-gate. UNC is one of the latest, with Oregon already queued up to steal the headlines, but not the most severe. Something did jump out at me when reading Stewie's article: "Check your players' Twitter accounts. Seriously. That's one of the three things UNC is cited for failing to monitor." Seems like the good Captain Kirk may not be so out of line in shutting down social media for his players. To that end, its nice to see that a certain DB from the East Coast has been silent. Not a word. It seems that young Mr. Law has gotten with the program, which is a good thing. Maybe being anti-technology like Ferentz is isn't such a bad thing.

Another similarity between Stanzi and Brady


Most of us probably read SI. Most of us probably read Peter King's MMQB. For those that don't, he had some tidbits from Ricky Stanzi after it was discovered that the man that helped Stanzi is gravely ill.



  We open inside Carver Hawkeye, where the BHBIGS wrestlers have been doing buddy stairs for an hour.  PackerHawk, BHNP and SMKS are all taking turns puking in the garbage cans stationed around...


BHBIGS Dual - Corn Nation

Due to the Big Ten Network airing Women’s Lacrosse, today’s dual with Corn Nation will not be shown live.  Be sure to catch the replay on June 7th at 3:30 A.M.   Delanybot 9000 has assured us...


BHBIGS: Know Your Opponent - Corn Nation

Note that I have never met any of these people.  None of the names were made up.  I pulled them from various postings on Corn Nation.  Grixxly posts here and Wolvie showed up during...

Most NFL Ready QB


Here's another draft report for Stanzi. I like the end, where it says he could be an eventual starter AND winner in the NFL.


BHBIGS Team Meeting and Coaches Notes

After the stunning events of the last day, Coach Brands and Coach Hamds called a team meeting to get everyone’s head right.             Listen up!  I know you sad sacks are torn up about the...


BHBIGS Wrestling: Notes from Strength and Conditioning

  Location:  Weight room, approximately 6:30 A.M. Everyone is here, doing light calastenics.  Chazz seems to get winded after about 15 jumping jacks.  We’re going to have to work with him a...


We're winding down

With the men's basketball team likely done for the year, the wrestlers having only nationals next weekend and the women's basketball team prepping for the NCAA's, the winter sports are almost...

TCU gives Ohio State the proverbial bird!!


Remember when The Inconsolable One tried something similar? I guess its funnier when it happens to someone else. Oh, who am I kidding? It was laughable when Inconsolable did it too!


Hester's feats

Bear with me everybody, this is my first crack at a post here at WCG.  Thanks! After sitting in the cold and snow at TCF Bank last Monday and watching Hester break the return record, I got to...

SI revisits the 2010 NFL Draft


Three of our boys make the cut into the first round after 3/4ths of the season. Shows what kind of people the coaching staff churns out!


I need the help of the Pants community!!!

I live in NW Minnesota (rodent country, to be sure!) and bleed black and gold.  According to Directv, the damn Oklahoma/Florida State game is the one that is going to be carried up here Saturday at...

Horner back to Iowa?


First Andre, now maybe Jeff. We'd be the first team in history to have to assistants that are actually better than the guys on the floor. Anybody have Oliver's phone number???

Larson not part of the Master Fran


Basketball recruit Cody Larson does not want to be part of the program and has been released from his letter of intent, according to the Des Moines Register.

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