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UFC Welcomes ALL CHEATERS and LIARS. OJ SIMPSON to make his in-ring debut at UFC 174.

Mainiacs, it is I, the Swedish and Chefish one COMING at you HARD and FAST. I have a lot of things I want to discuss in this fanpost and the n00bs and dispshits on this site better listen well. ...


I am NOT a fan of Greg Jackson and his CHEATING gameplans

I am watching Fight Master and what a load of bullshit I am seeing from the sport-killer. He spends the whole round saying shit like: "Oh nice takedown you got SOOOO many points off that" "You're...


Tonight I, me MF-ers, defended the HONOR of our DOUCHEBAG sport!!

Tonight I watched UFC 162 in some shithole "sports bar" called buffalo wild wings. So Anderson Silva comes on and they are suckin his balls talking about how he's the GOAT and then he loses like...


UFC!! Now showing in Betamax!!! Happy Independence Day and a Breakdown of Silva vs Winehouse

This entire post is going to be red, white, and blue so if you don't like it you better start sucking a gaylord. Why Can't UFC Put Shows on Normal-ass TV Channels? Why are all the UFC shows being...


It Burns When I Pee. (The state of mmamania and its posters)

Return of the CHEF! Quick Question Time Quick question unrelated to today's fanpost: If you have come into sexual contact with a chinchilla and now have a downtown 209 jungle rash what kind of...

Nick Newell becomes first one-armed MMA Champion


Nick Newell becomes first one-armed MMA Champion


Video Footage of JEREMY STEPHENS ASSAULT! WARNING!! Not for the squeamish!

Here it is. Jeremy Stephens disgusting, unprovoked attack upon a person of the retarded persuasion. Let me just say that MMA will never be accepted as long as this type of behavior is accepted. UFC...


COME IN HERE to find out WHO IS RESPONSIBLE for the new site layout changes!!!

It was GREG FUCKING JACKSON! It's not enough that son of a bitch has killed our sport with his CHEATING GAMEPLANS but NO! NO! Now he's redesigned the site to try and GET SOME FANS!! He even...


2012 Olympic Events in Review (A Guide to Make You Better Looking and Not Dumb)

Hello, pricks. It's me, Swedish Chef, the smartest and most handsome poster on mania. And as part of my community service Outreach program I am writing this article to enlighten those of you who...


Nick Diaz drives Stockton, CA right into bankrupcy. THANKS, JERK!

You heard me right. Today the city of Stockton set a record for the largest city in the United States to file for bankruptcy. Once something catastrophic like this happens everyone is left asking...


Paul Williams paralyzed in motorcycle wreck

This is the kind of news I hate and I hate posting but I just stumbled upon it. Paul Williams had a motorcycle wreck last Sunday and his spinal cord was severed. He is only 30 years old and he has...


WEC up in this MUTHA FAKKA (Down with UFC)

Hello, scrotes. In case you didn't catch the prelims tonight Jamie Varner KTFO'd the hottest new LW prospect, Edsel Barbizol. That's right another former WEC standout has whipped the ass of a...


Things that are pissing me off RIGHT NOW! Episode 1

MY FUCKING DVR DVR, you son of a bitch. You used to be my homie; used to be my ace. Now I wanna slap your face. We had this to choose from tonight: Bellator: McFly vs Enrique Iglesias The...


My Friend Flicka: The top 9 reasons Alistair Overeem is going to defeat Crock Lester at UFC 141

It was well known that before Zuffa's acquisition of Strikeforce Alistair Overreem was the #1 heavywight Mixed Martial Artist outside of the UFC. Everyone online liked to take time away from...


Nick Newell has 1.5 arms which is all you need for a heel hook (gif inside)

Nick Newell fought in XFC 15 last night. This guy only has a small portion of his left forearm and he used it to create a heel hook submission. via

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